His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 242 - Lin Zhou: Angry Yao Ling

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Chapter 242 - Lin Zhou: Angry Yao Ling

Yao Ling didn\'t dare to sleep beside Yao Ying --- just in case, she accidentally touched his wounds. So, she slept quietly on his side while sitting down on the chair. She didn\'t care whether it was comfortable or not. She didn\'t want to make it more painful for Yao Ying, besides, she had to stay vigilance, just in case he got a fever.

When Yao Ying woke up the next day, he felt the pain on his chest. "Ugh..." he muttered to himself. The last thing he remembered was how they successfully did their mission. His lips curled up for a little bit but then he realized that he was back to their inn. He wanted to quickly sit down. Would Yao Ling be worried about him? Somehow, he felt guilty.

He turned his gaze to the side and was surprised when he found Yao Ling sleep uncomfortably in the chair. Her head rested on the bed beside him and he could see a hint of tears there. How could he not feel guilty after seeing that? He brushed away her messy hair that slightly covered her face and saw her creasing brows --- even in her dream, she was worried about him.

Yao Ying caressed her face gently and he didn\'t forget to wipe the trace of tears away. He felt a pang on his chest... he didn\'t want her to feel sad.

Yao Ling felt the callused hand caressing her face and it woke her out of her slumber. When she found that Yao Ying already woke up, she quickly jumped up and asked worriedly despite her numb body, "How are you feeling? Are you okay?"

She had been waiting for him to wake up and because she was too tired, she unknowingly fell asleep.

Last night, Yao Ying did have a fever. After drinking medicine, he was finally better and able to sleep peacefully. She knew that he should already be fine, but in her muddled state, she seemed at a loss and couldn\'t help but fuss over him.

Her care made Yao Ying feel warmth. He patted Yao Ling\'s hand and said, "Don\'t worry! I\'m fine... It\'s just a minor injury... See? I\'m alive, right?" He tried to lighten the mood by joking.

What Yao Ying said made Yao Ling scowl in displeasure. The usually calm Yao Ling yelled at him in anger, "Yao Ying! You lied to me! You said that you are going to be just fine! It\'s just an easy task! But... look at you?! You came back bleeding and lost a lot of blood! You... you... liar!"

Yao Ying was amazed by what he saw. His little kitten started to show him her claws ah~. Her face were red in anger, her small mouth made a cute pout. Yao Ling\'s fiery eyes made her look more lively than usual --- this was her side that he rarely saw and unconsciously, he smiled widely. She was too cute!

When Yao Ling saw him smile widely, she almost throttled him. She was so angry at him and yet, he had the gall to smile?! What did he take her for?! It made her feel angrier and she pointed at Yao Ying while yelling louder, "Yao Ying! You still dare to laugh?!"

Yao Ling didn\'t know that her loud yell was heard by the people outside --- Lin Jian, Xiao Fang, Xiao Yu, Xiu, Han Yi, Han Er, and even General Hu. They were worried about Yao Ying and wanted to see him, but they never thought that they would be welcomed by such a loud shout! They couldn\'t believe that Yao Ling was able to get angry! The woman was usually behaving maturely and serenely ah~

They couldn\'t help but grin to each other. This side of Yao Ling was indeed too cute. They wondered how Yao Ying\'s expression would be. Oh... they really wanted to see the scene, but they couldn\'t. They didn\'t dare to barge in and held back the thought of visiting Yao Ying. To join in with the fun, they could only try to listen from the outside.

If Yao Ling knew that they eavesdropped their conversations, she would certainly be embarrassed to death! She could only see red at the moment and she really wanted to erase Yao Ying\'s smile. If he had a little bit remorse, then her anger would have been subsided. She didn\'t want him to belittle his own life ah~!

Yao Ying blinked at her innocently, "I finally see my beautiful wife. How do you expect me not to smile ah~?"

The people outside thought that Yao Ying was indeed a smooth-talker ah~!

When Yao Ling heard what she said, she could only blush shyly. Why did he suddenly become so good with words ah~? Somehow, she didn\'t know what else to say. She behaved childishly and sat down in a thump on the chair once more, while pouting. This Yao Ying was too hateful ah~!

"Come here!" Yao Ying called her.

Yao Ling only turned her head away but she didn\'t answer him.

Yao Ying knew that she was still angry... He tried once again, "Come here!"

Still, there was no response. She only took a peek at him, but then turn her gaze away once more. She didn\'t have a slight inclination to go to him. Who wanted to listen to his order?!

Yao Ying knew her weakness. He pretended to close one of his eyes, but he actually peeking with one of them. "Ouchh..." He groaned loudly, pretending that the wound started to hurt once more.

Yao Ling looked up in surprise and quickly stood by his side, asking worriedly, "Are you okay? Does the wound start to hurt again?" She touched his wound lightly, trying to see why it was hurting again.

However, before she could take a look at it, Yao Ying quickly catch Yao Ling\'s hand and he pulled her down so she could land on him softly. Yao Ling quickly dodged to avoid his wound, fortunately, she didn\'t fall directly there or his wound would accidentally be opened once again. She admonished him softly, "Look at you! What are you doing? Why are you behaving so childishly? Why did you pull me all of a sudden?" Her heart almost stopped when imagining that his wound would open once again.

Yao Ying didn\'t give her a chance to move or dodge him, he directly grabbed the back of her head and pulled her for a kiss. He didn\'t care about anything else, he just wanted to taste this sweet woman. Yao Ying gave her a soft loving kiss unlike his usual wild one.

Yao Ling, who had been scared to death, was surprised at first. However, she couldn\'t resist him. She thought that this was the way to prove that he was still here --- beside her. He didn\'t leave her... After that, she could feel herself start to calm down. She kissed him back with the same loving emotion.

When the people outside felt the sudden change of atmosphere --- from being scolded to kissing crazily, they looked at each other awkwardly. However, they had the same thing in mind... Yao Ying was very good at coaxing his wife ah~! They were too embarrassed to stay any longer there!

Xiu and Xiao Yu had mentally prepared to this and it became a usual occurrence for them, after all, their masters had quite vigorous intimate life. However, for Lin Jian and Xiao Fang who were listening to this for the second time, they still felt bashful. They looked at each other and when their eyes were accidentally met, they quickly looked away.

Due the the awkwardness, they knew that they wouldn\'t be able to visit Yao Ying. In the end, they decided to scatter away and back to their own routine. They could enjoy a few days here, after all, Yao Ying was still hurt and they would wait until he got better before they left to the Han Kingdom.

While they were happily going out, Yao Ying and Yao Ling were still busy kissing each other lovingly...