His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 241 - Lin Zhou: Fainted

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Chapter 241 - Lin Zhou: Fainted

They found the right moment, then they attacked in one swift movement. In a few moment, they already subdued the enemies and they were surprised by their so-so skills. They felt suspicious and thought that it was too easy. Somehow, Yao Ying felt uneasy. They didn\'t believe that the Han Emperor would want to be robbed the second time easily. Yao Ying took a peek at the treasure chests and he realized something was amiss.

Yao Ying was going to open his mouth and warn Lin Jian about the abnormality. Because of this, Lin Jian was distracted and he didn\'t feel that someone was sneakily getting closer to him from behind. Yao Ying looked up and surprised when he saw someone was going to attack Lin Jian from behind. Without a second thought, he pushed Lin Jian away to save him and his previous words to warn Lin Jian about the treasure chests were choked in his throat.

Yao Ying tried not to shout when he felt the pain in his chest. He bit his lower lips tightly until it bleeds but he didn\'t make any sounds.

Yao Ying was pierced by the assassin\'s swords and Yao Ying didn\'t hesitate to kick the man so that the latter couldn\'t pierce deeper. He ended the assassin\'s life by piercing his own sword\'s back. Blood spurted out from his wound and Yao Ying quickly covered up his wound while panting heavily. \'Hah! No wonder Yao Ling was very worried. It seems like her gut feeling is right once again,\' Yao Ying thought to himself.

However, he didn\'t have time to tend to his wound. There was more pressing matter to attend to...

Lin Jian was surprised but he couldn\'t yell Yao Ying\'s name, afraid of exposing their identities. He quickly helped Yao Ying by kicking the man away. He was going to ask whether Yao Ying was okay or not, when the latter shook his head and told him to be quiet. Lin Jian quickly gave orders to the others to stop moving and pay attention to their surroundings.

Yao Ying pointed at the treasure chests, telling him the abnormality. Lin Jian understood his meaning that something was wrong with the treasure chests.

Yao Ying used his inner qi to make his sword harder so it could pierce into the treasure chest. After he finished channeling his energy, he quickly pierce it with one swift movement. There was muffled sound from inside of the treasure chest and there was a stain of blood flowing down from inside.

Lin Jian didn\'t seem surprised, but his army brothers\' eyes were widened. They were confused why they didn\'t feel those people\'s presence. No wonder there were more than one hundred treasure chests this time, previously the Han Emperor only sent less than that. They followed Yao Ying\'s movement and tried to pierce the treasure chests one by one. When they counted the ratio of the real treasure chests and the one with the people inside, they were 3:1.

When they were finished halfway, one of the men inside yelled quite loudly and it attracted the attention of the rest of the people inside the treasure chests who were still alive. They quickly jumped out of their treasure chests and were surprised by the condition outside. They were given the orders to let them be brought to the enemies\' lair, hence when their comrades were attacked, they didn\'t make a move.

Fortunately, Yao Ying was able to see through their plan. Otherwise, the consequences would be dire. It could involve General Lin\'s manor, after all, the treasure chests were going to be put there.

Another round of fight started once again, Yao Ying still moved with the same agility as before, however his strength was gradually weakened due to his injuries. He persisted even though a pearl-sized beaded sweat started to form on his body and his face became paler. However, he didn\'t dare to slack off. Probably because of the adrenaline, he didn\'t feel the pain... He became a killing machine.

It was lucky for them that they had already killed half of these assassins, because their skill surpassed the previous ones. They had roughly the same numbers of people, but they were on par with each other. It took quite some times for them to finish killing the enemies.

After everything had calm down and the loud clashing sounds turned into silent, they sighed in relief. They checked on the treasure chests one by one and there were no assassins left. They left the bodies and the empty treasure chests there, but took the rest away. It contained a lot of treasures and the prices were much higher than the previous ones. Lin Jian grinned when he saw that. It seemed like they won big ah~!

Probably because he ran out of his adrenaline, Yao Ying started to feel the pain on his chest. He looked down and the blood was actually leaking quite heavily. Before he could call Lin Jian, he felt dizzy. In the end, he fainted.

When Lin Jian heard the loud bang behind him, he turned around. Lin Jian jumped up in surprise when he saw Yao Ying laying on the ground, unconscious. When he saw Yao Ying\'s condition, Lin Jian felt angry... really angry. If it wasn\'t because of his carelessness, Yao Ying wouldn\'t be pierced by a sword! Not only that, he forgot to check on his condition after they finished killing the enemies.

They had promised Yao Ling that they would be back safely and it made him feel guiltier. No one waited for him, so it would be fine if he was the one that was hurt. However, it was different for Yao Ying --- he had a wife! Lin Jian quickly asked two of his army brothers to take care of Yao Ying and bring him back to the inn. He told them to secretly search for Yao Ling.

Lin Jian couldn\'t personally bring Yao Ying back, because he needed to handle the treasure chests --- dividing the profits and also hiding the rest. He sighed in worried, but there was nothing he could do at the moment.

The army brothers, who were in charge of Yao Ying, quickly helped him binding his wound first. They knew basic medical treatment but they had no suitable medicine, but at least, it could help slowing down the flowing blood. By the time they arrived at the inn, Yao Ying\'s face was paler than before and he already lost a lot of blood.

Yao Ling found him in this condition and she almost fainted when she saw Yao Ying didn\'t move at all! She wanted to cry but she knew she had to be strong. Yao Ling slapped her own face to make her calmer. This act made Xiao Yu surprised and bewildered, however, she couldn\'t prevent her young mistress.

Yao Ling glanced at Xiao Yu before the latter could say anything else. She quickly ordered, "Xiao Yu, bring me a basin of clean water. I need to clean his wound. Xiu, please tend to the two saviors and ask them what\'s going on."

She quickly opened the bandage and saw that it was already cleaned, although probably because they were in a haste, it wasn\'t clean to her satisfaction. She didn\'t want to risk infection, so she quickly cleaned it once more. Yao Ling frowned when she saw that the wound was quite deep, luckily, it didn\'t pierce any vital point.

While Yao Ling gave him a powdered medicine, Xiu gave her the summary. She sighed in relief when she knew that the mission had been successful and she turned her anger towards that despicable Han Emperor. She told Xiao Yu to brew several ingredients for Yao Ying in order to replenish his blood loss.

When everything had finished and she could feel her heart started to calm down. When they were already alone, Yao Ling poked Yao Ying\'s forehead and pouted. "You said that you will come back just fine... but, look at you! Why did you let the enemy hurt you!"

She could feel hot tears rolling down on her cheeks. All her pent up emotion came out... "You really make me worried! What would I do if you die, huh?"