His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 238 - Lin Zhou: They Led Her Astray

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Chapter 238 - Lin Zhou: They Led Her Astray

Yao Ling nodded and it made her feel impressed towards the boy\'s ability. Despite his young age, Yu Wen had a smart mine and matured early. "I don\'t think I will involve myself with both of your organizations\' internal matter, besides, I need to handle some other important matters." She already had too much problems at hand and she didn\'t want to add some troubles anymore.

Hei Yue laughed. "You already helped us a lot and this old man is beyond thankful." He also didn\'t want Yao Ling to be implicated in their business, because he knew that it would get messy. Hei Yue took a token out of his sleeves and gave it to Yao Ling.

"This...?" Yao Ling asked in confusion. Why did he suddenly give her a token out of nowhere?

"I owe you three secret information, right? Once you want to get some important news, you can show this token to our branches at Han Kingdom, or any other kingdoms," Hei Yue said.

"Thank You, Uncle Hei Yue," Yao Ling grinned widely while cupping both of her hands politely. This token was a great bargain for her.

Hei Yue laughed when looking at the girl\'s excited face. "Not only limited to that, if you have an urgent help or in immediate danger, you can also use this token. It represents me in our organization," Hei Yue said.

"But... I don\'t want to take advantage of you, Uncle..." Yao Ling said hesitantly. Three secret information were already good enough for them, but he suddenly gave her more benefits and she felt a bit embarrassed.

"You have to let me show you my gratitude for saving Qing Hui. No need to feel burdened," Hei Yue smiled. Without her, he would have a fall out with his long-time friend and die in regret.

Qing Hui was confused by Hei Yue\'s generosity. After all, that token was really important in their organization, but he didn\'t say anything. He would ask the details later because he always trusted Hei Yue\'s judgment and decision.

Before they parted ways, Hei Yue teased her, "What if Yu Wen are looking for his Pretty Jie-Jie?"

Yao Ling laughed and shyly answered, "For now, he can look for me at the Han Kingdom. If we have fate, we certainly will meet each other again..."

Hei Yue laughed and asked, "Can he search for you at Wang Fu?"

Yao Ling was quite surprised but she masked her feelings quite well. She knew that no information could escape Hei Yue. While she was busy treating Qing Hui, he must have started looking for her background to know whether she could be trusted or not. She calmly smiled and said, "Yu Wen is a friend of mine and I treat him as younger brother, of course, he will always be welcomed at Wang Fu."

Hei Yue just tested the water and he liked her calmness. She didn\'t deliberately cover her identity anymore and it seemed like they indeed started to form a friendship. "Good," Hei Yue laughed. They had a tacit understanding about their conversations --- even though this was a goodbye for now, but they were still friends.

Yao Ling left them after she gave Hei Yue the prescriptions that should be drunk continuously by Qing Hui for a few months --- until his body was fully healed. Despite the side effects, he was able to live his life like a normal person after the treatment had finished. After Yao Ling left, Hei Yue explained everything to Qing Hui and the latter understood why Hei Yue treated this girl in a special way. She indeed had helped him and saved his life ah~

This certainly wasn\'t the last time they would meet with each other.


Back in their room, they held a meeting. Yao Ying asked Xiao Fang, "What exactly do you want us to help you with?" He asked about how Xiao Fang wanted them to help her family. If she said that she wanted to bring down the Han Emperor, it would be a wishful thinking. Even though Yao Ying had agreed to help her before, he would change his mind and directly refused to help her. They didn\'t want to involve themselves in a useless losing battle.

"I just want my father to know the truth and... if they really have a fallout with the Han Emperor, please help me save them... Also... I want to get revenge for Han Xiang..." Xiao Fang quickly told them what she wanted to do.

"Telling your father the truth is easy, because we have the blood letter as a proof... If they have a fall out, what do you plan to do?" Yao Ying asked curiously.

"Bring them out of the kingdom..." Xiao Fang trailed off, but remembering his father and brother\'s stubborn personality, she didn\'t know whether they would agree or not.

Yao Ying furrowed his eyebrows and he asked what Xiao Fang just thought about, "Will they agree? If they are loyal to the kingdom, it will be hard for them to leave the kingdom behind..."

"I know..." Xiao Fang answered hesitantly, "Leave this matter to me! I will be the one who will convince them." She nodded confidently, but then, she added, "If they didn\'t want to, just use Yao Ling\'s sleeping powder and we will kidnap them..."

The trio was dumbfounded when they heard what Xiao Fang said. Did she just plan a kidnapping using Yao Ling\'s powder? And the target was her own family? This woman had been led astray by them ah~ After they were sober, they couldn\'t help but laugh out loud, making Xiao Fang feel ashamed of herself.

Yao Ling wiped the tears on the corner of her eyes, asking, "Why do you suddenly become so naughty? Where do you learn ah~?"

Xiao Fang shyly said, "The three of you ah~ I saw how all of you cleverly made up so many brilliant plans, so the three of you should be responsible for teaching me bad stuff." After that she puffed her cheeks, making her look cuter and just like a little girl.

The trio almost forgot that even if Xiao Fang had matured overnight, but after all, she was still her childish self. No one could change her or his personality that fast, so they understood that she was finally back to her old self. They could only shake their head helplessly but nodded in agreement. They were indeed responsible for it ah~.

"Then... how about your revenge?" Yao Ying asked. He took a look at his tired wife and felt like they should quickly finish this meeting. She had been treating patient here and there, while executing their plan. It seemed like it took a toll on her... After everything had finished, the tiredness started to catch up to her.

Yao Ling winked at him and smiled, mouthing that she was okay. Although feeling unreconciled, he could only follow her wish to continue this discussion. After all, tomorrow they have to set off. They had achieved their goal at Lin Zhou and they heard from Mi Hui\'s network that the news spread like fire... Maybe because the letter\'s content was too juicy and shocking, everyone excitedly recited everything inside the letter at a fast speed.

They didn\'t care whether it was involving the royals or not, with so many people talking at once, there was no chance for the Han Emperor to do anything. He took a hit on his reputation and it was irreparable, because the nature of his wrongdoing was too vicious.

If around this time he was still trying to get rid of his loyal subordinates just based on his suspicion, it was highly likely his civilians and the officials who were mentioned in the letter would revolt. After all, he would become a notorious and cruel Monarch in their eyes... This would give them more times, after all, the journey to the capital of the Han Kingdom was quite far.

There was even a probability that they would consummate the marriage there. Even though they preferred to be intimate in their own home, they weren\'t going to wait that long. Yao Ling didn\'t have the heart to let his husband become a monk any longer... They didn\'t talk it out loud, but when the times came, they would just go with the flow.