His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 237 - Lin Zhou: Qing Hui Woke Up

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Chapter 237 - Lin Zhou: Qing Hui Woke Up

When Wang Luo Hai received their secret letter, Lin Zheng was sitting beside him while calmly drinking a cup of tea. They read together Yao Ying\'s letter along with Lin Jian\'s letter. They sighed, knowing that the hot-blooded youngsters must have wanted to do something big at Han Kingdom. They were worried, but at the same time, they also couldn\'t forbid them. After all, they understood who they were trying to help.

"Aren\'t you going to visit Xiao Fang?" Wang Luo Hai asked curiously. "I heard she\'s your beloved wife\'s daughter." When Wang Luo Hai heard the news, he was worried about Lin Zheng. Thus, he quickly tried to find the stoic man and comfort him. Although they kept bantering, they really cared about each other deeply. He had been trying to find a trace of his beloved... however, he didn\'t know whether Lin Zheng would be happy with the news.

Wang Luo Hai sighed. He understood that the woman wasn\'t willing, but it still hurt to know that his beloved was forced until she went into deep depression.

Lin Zheng shook his head. "No, I\'m not. She\'s currently living happily with her own family and I don\'t want to make her choose between us and them --- after all, we are also in the same position as the Left Prime Minister of the Han Kingdom. We both aren\'t related to her by blood." The only connection between them was actually his wife... How could he bear making the child feel confused? She never knew Lin Jian and him beforehand, it would be awkward to ask her to live with them. It was different matter if she was unloved by her family --- he would take her by force!

"What you said is also true ah~ Did Lin Jian already ask your permission to go to the Han Kingdom?" Wang Luo Hai asked quietly.

"Yes..." Lin Zheng answered.

"You should have known what they are going to do, right?"

"I know... they are going to help Xiao Fang\'s family..." Not only that, probably also targeting the Han Emperor. Lin Zheng silently added. The trio was quite stubborn...

"What could those youngsters do ah? Don\'t you think they are too confident?" Wang Luo Hai asked, feeling worried.

"They are already big enough to make a decision, so we should trust them. If they fail, we --- as their elders --- could only help them by cleaning up their mess. If they are successful, we should be proud," Lin Zheng calmly said.

Wang Luo Hai said, "That\'s true... However, this case... is a bit hard... this is related to another kingdom. We don\'t really have many people there for their back-up..."

"Let\'s just pay attention to their movement first! We will see how it is going..." Lin Zheng said. If this matter wasn\'t related to his wife, he would already drag the three of them back. Somehow, he understood Lin Jian\'s feeling --- it was the same as his.

"You have a lead about your wife... Would you try to look for her?" Wang Luo Hai asked carefully.

Lin Zheng nodded his head. "Of course! I already sent people to go to the medicine valley... I hope there will be news in a few days..."

Wang Luo Hai nodded in satisfaction. Although Lin Zheng\'s face still had no expression, he could see a slight excitement and longing in his eyes. He hoped that Lin Zheng would be able to find his happiness too.


Back to the trio, Yao Ling was currently trying to wake Qing Hui up. They had finished dealing with the matter at Lin Zhou and they couldn\'t stay there any longer. They hadn\'t discussed their plan with Xiao Fang yet because they chose to finish helping Hei Yue first.

"Are you prepared?" Yao Ling asked.

Hei Yue nodded his head. He asked worriedly, "Will there a side effect?"

Yao Ling waved helplessly. "The poison has been in his body for a long time, of course, there would be side effects ah~ However, I can\'t really predict what it will be. It depends on Qing Hui\'s own body."

Hei Yue nodded, feeling ashamed because he asked for the obvious. Not waiting for his answer, she quickly woke Qing Hui up by piercing a few acupuncture points. When she felt Qing Hui started to move softly, she quickly pulled out the silver needles in one swift move.

Hei Yue stood up beside the bed and when he saw Qing Hui started to regain his consciousness, he sighed in relief. Qing Hui blinked his eyes and he looked around, then his gaze finally landed on Hei Yue. "Hei Yue?" He asked softly.

"Are you feeling okay?" Hei Yue asked.

Qing Hui groaned because he felt his body was in pain. He had been laying on the bed in the same position for the past few days, no wonder if his body felt numb. "What happened to me?" Qing Hui rolled his eyes, feeling that there was no need to answer Hei Yue\'s dumb question. His whole body was hurting ah! He should have known about it...

"What was the last thing that you remember?" Hei Yue asked.

Yao Ling was quite bewildered. It seemed like the two weren\'t talking at the same tune, but somehow, it also looked like they were. They answered each other\'s questions with unrelated questions, but they seemed to understand each other.

"The last thing I remembered? I drank something that was given by my wife and after that, it seemed like I have a really long dream," Qing Hui answered.

"Do you remember what kind of drink was it?" Hei Yue asked curiously.

"I don\'t remember... wine maybe? But it tasted a bit weird... Why?" Qing Hui asked in confusion.

"What are you doing at that time?" Hei Yue asked. He had a gut feeling what event Qing Hui was referring to.

"Aren\'t we attending the banquet together? It was yesterday, right? Why did you still ask me?" Qing Hui asked, feeling astonished.

"It happened two years ago..." Hei Yue answered.

"What?!" Qing Hui wanted to jump up, but he groaned in pain when he felt that his body was weak. He could only asked while widening his eyes. "Two years ago?"

Hei Yue looked at Yao Ling helplessly. He didn\'t know how to break the news to Qing Hui. Yao Ling was the one who explained about the poison and Qing Hui\'s latest condition to him. Qing Hui could only look dumbly at Yao Ling and Hei Yue while he was trying to contain his rage. He wondered what he had done in these two years, why didn\'t he remember anything at all?

"It seems like Qing Hui thought of his memories so far as a dream. I have a bold guess, but I\'m not sure whether it\'s true or not. The basic poison of this spirit altering drug with Han Xiang\'s is basically the same, the difference is only the aphrodisiac," Yao Ling explained. "Maybe... it was provided by the same people?"

Hei Yue shook his head in defeat. "I never know that someone could be this bold and cruel... I will try to investigate this and I will let you know once I find out something about it," Hei Yue said to Yao Ling.

"Thank you," Yao Ling answered. It seemed like there was a probability that they had the same enemies. With Hei Yue\'s help, it would be easier to find information.

Then, he turned to Qing Hui and asked, "Are you sure it was your wife?"

Qing Hui nodded. "That\'s the last thing I remember."

Hei Yue sighed. "I will notify Yu Wen about it, but it seems like it\'s true. After all, currently A Thousand Words is occupied by your wife\'s people... she becomes the leader. I heard it was you who gave her your token."

Yao Ling asked in surprise. "But, you help me spread the news through A Thousand Words\' channel..."

Hei Yue answered, "Don\'t worry... I have my own way. I also have my people inside A Thousand Words. Yu Wen is the one who makes the preparation. He told me his suspicion and despite my refusal, he infiltrates the organization by himself. I\'m lucky that he has such a good insight."