His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 236 - Lin Zhou: The Blood Letter (3)

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Chapter 236 - Lin Zhou: The Blood Letter (3)

General Hu nodded and started to recite the blood letter slowly so everyone could listen to every words clearly.

\'I want the world to know that I kill myself because of my father --- The Han Emperor... or should I say... My step-father?\'

The crowd gasped in surprised when they heard that. It was a royal\'s secret ah~ Did the Shu woman make the Han Emperor put on a green hat?! This was an intriguing news!

\'I never know about this fact. Until one day... he came into my room late at night when he was drunk... He talked gibberish at first, but it started to become clearer. I am not his real daughter! Someone swapped me with the real daughter. However, I didn\'t blame the one who swapped us for being selfish... because the Han Emperor is truly a beast... I agree with my supposed-to-be mother, the Ce Fei... to leave him!\'

"It\'s not the case of betrayal... instead, it\'s a switched at birth case ah~"

"Wow... with this amount of hatred, I wonder what kind of life that the princess had lived?"

"Why is it so complicated?"

"Oh my God! What kind of beast is he? I\'m so curious!"

"The princess even agreed with the Ce Fei\'s decision to run away?"

"It seems the Emperor\'s inner courtyard is quite messed up ah~"

General Hu listened to the people\'s words while continued reading the letter.

\'He didn\'t actually knew whether I was really the real daughter or not, but accidentally stumbled upon the fact from an unknown source, and yet... he believed it. I had a father-daughter relationship for more than a decade, but not once... not once... he gave me his fatherly love...

Do all of you know... what I had gone through? I was abused even by the eunuchs and maidservants, showing how low my standing in palace was. At that time, he still didn\'t know that I wasn\'t his real daughter... What more if he knew? The rumor about me being an abandoned daughter is true!

After knowing that I was a fake, he gave me poison... that would make me lose my mind and even succ.u.mb to desire... He... he r.a.p.ed me!\'

Han Xiang dropped the bomb with her blunt words and it made the crowds gaped at the news. The crowds couldn\'t believe what they had heard. Even if she wasn\'t her real daughter... but she was already living as one for such a long time ah~. The Han Emperor wasn\'t even sure whether it was true or not. Han Xiang tried to divert the attention of other people from Xiao Fang, so she decided not to tell them that she was a hundred percent sure that she wasn\'t the real daughter.

After listening to this part, they were chilled to the bone by the realization of how cruel the Han Emperor was.

"How could he do that?"

"It\'s so disgusting!"

"If he made a mistake, he could commit i.n.c.e.s.t ah~"

"How could such a man could become an Emperor?"

"Luckily, our Shu Emperor isn\'t like that ah~"

Yao Ying secretly nodded his head, when people started to blame the Han Emperor.

\'Do you know how many times I want to kill myself? He still needed to maintain his so-called good image in front of his retainers and civilians, so he would never let me go. The cycle always happened --- probably a thousand of times. R.a.p.ed, pregnant, aborted the baby. It happened until I lost count of them. Death is even better than living in this hell...

He even planned to clean up a few of his loyal retainers... Left Prime Minister, General Wang, General Wu, Lin Wang, and many more. They threatened his fame, thus, he targeted them. He didn\'t know that I heard him talking to someone about it... when he stayed inside my room. I couldn\'t move but my mind was still clear!\'

"Oh my God! He even forced her to abort the babies!"

"It would certainly ruin the young princess\' future!"

"She just reached a marriageable age... so how long the Han Emperor had r.a.p.ed her?"

"So scary..."

The crowds were flabbergasted. The princess even leaked her kingdom\'s private turmoil in details. Despite only briefly mentioned, they understood about it clearly how important this information was. Why didn\'t she feel afraid that it would implicate her own kingdom ah? This could become a reason for revolting by the people that were named inside the letter. If they knew the Han Emperor was targeting them, wouldn\'t they retaliate?

Yao Ling praised inwardly how clever Han Xiang was. In one letter, she was able to ruin the Emperor\'s reputation along with making a dent in his relationship with those officials. Her suicide was the real proof that what she had written was indeed the truth.

If this fell into the hand of the Emperor directly, the rumor would be easily refuted or even erased entirely. Too bad... this news was spread through the people first and his reputation would already become worse. This rumor started in the Shu Kingdom and by the time it reached the Han Emperor\'s ears, everything would be too late. This was a small revenge but it should be effective to make him angry...

\'I was only someone who was abandoned by him, so why should I care about him and his country? I didn\'t even know where I came from... Maybe I wasn\'t even a Han people, to begin with. If he gave me a little bit of love, everything wouldn\'t lead to this step...

Being married to the Qin Emperor was the greatest thing that had ever happened in my life... However, my body was no longer pure. How could I face my new husband? Would he believe me if I said that I was tainted by my own father? I didn\'t think so! Every Monarch has his own\'s pride, so how would he react when he found out that I am not a v.i.r.g.i.n anymore?

I couldn\'t trust men ever again since my supposed-to-be own father could also do that to me...

I chose to kill myself rather than face the embarrassment... Who knew what kind of life waiting for me at the Qin Kingdom? That\'s why I chose to free myself from the shackle called life...\'

The blood letter stopped there. The women already cried when they listened to what the princess had written. She must have been living a life full of despair to choose such an ending! She must have been so broken that she wasn\'t able to trust men anymore!

An ordinary man would hate to have a non-v.i.r.g.i.n bride, what more an Emperor?

Xiao Fang was satisfied when she saw that everyone was condemning the Han Emperor. The rumor was spreading faster than usual and in a few shichen, everyone at Lin Zhou and nearby cities had already known about this matter. They shared the story of how pitiful the princess was and condemned the Han Emperor without restraint. They were brave enough to do that because the Han Emperor could do nothing to them. After all, they were from different kingdom.

Lin Jian copied the letter and posted it in the announcement boards on several cities inside the three kingdoms. Not only that, Yao Ling also used her connection with Hei Yue to spread it through his channel of information. Hei Yue didn\'t hesitate to help because this matter was in line with A Thousand Words\' purpose --- a peaceful era between the three kingdoms. After all, he owed Yao Ling a lot.

This would make the Han Emperor busy enough for the next few days. He must be feeling embarrassed because it was known to the whole three kingdoms. What could he do to them all? Nothing!

With this, the trio had successfully finished their Mi Hui\'s mission. Despite the princess killed herself to end the marriage, they managed to gain advantages in this mission. After news reached Wang Luo Hai\'s ears, he nodded in satisfaction and he gave them his permission to roam around for a little while. The couple didn\'t specify what would they do in the Han Kingdom but he trusted their judgment.