His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 233 - Lin Zhou: The Princess' Body

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Chapter 233 - Lin Zhou: The Princess\' Body

One of them was brave enough and quickly opened the room wider. The others felt scared by the man\'s sudden movement... after all, the one who laid inside was a princess... how could commoners like them were allowed to see her dead body? Was this man trying to get all of them into trouble? The crowds started to sweat in fear. Even though they liked to gossip, they also knew their own boundaries.

It was too dangerous to involve themselves to the higher up\'s business. They looked around in fear and thought to themselves, \'There are a lot of people, surely they wouldn\'t try to kill these many people, right?\'

The ones who were standing the closest to the door was able to see the princess\' body clearly. Somehow, the curtain to the inner chamber was opened for a little bit and they saw how peaceful the woman seemed to be. There was no rotten smell at all, but instead, there was sweet alluring smell inside the room. Was this the legendary sweet smell that could attract the butterflies?

The onlookers sighed in regret. Such a unique smell, but it seemed like it would be gone from history after this.

Some of them, who were more meticulous, could see the details inside the room in a short time and it seemed like there was no sign of being attacked there --- everything was neat and clean. The only thing that was out of place was the corpse and the smell. There was no sign of breathing, judging from how still the body was.

The people started to ask again in loud voices, "Is she really dead?"

"I don\'t think so... It looks like that she\'s peacefully sleeping..."

"But with this commotion, how could someone is able to sleep so soundly ah~?"

"Ah... that\'s also true..."

The crowds was quite confused. One of them asked Han Er, "Young Lady, how do you know that the princess is dead ah~? Don\'t joke around or say such an ominous thing!"

Han Er shook her head while biting her lower lips and feeling wrong. "I wanted to wake up the princess, but she\'s not breathing ah~ How could I dare to joke about such an important thing?"

Around this time, General Hu went out of his room and quickly asked, "What happened?" He pretended that he just woke up with a weak appearance while trying to find out what the commotion was all about.

Han Er quickly kowtowed and said, "General... the princess is dead. Please... you have to investigate this!" Han Er didn\'t forget to wail loudly...

General Hu was surprised and he quickly asked his own people to call a physician. Yao Ling was brought by General Hu\'s subordinates and the onlookers were quite surprised by her appearance.

"Is it really alright to let a woman check on the princess?"

"Is this woman really capable?"

"What can a beauty like her do ah~?"

There were a lot of degrading comments from the mass, after all, it was very rare to see a woman who had great medical skills. Hence, they didn\'t believe in Yao Ling\'s skills. Suddenly, an old man came out from the crowd and quickly offered his service. "I\'m a physician. Let me in and check on the princess!" Then, he looked at Yao Ling in disdain, "Why should you believe in her? Can a woman really do it? Will she be able to examine a corpse?"

The crowds murmured their agreement and this scene reminded Yao Ying about the past. His woman was condemned when she was joining Wang Luo Hai\'s competition and if it was in the past, he would be angry and try to beat the crowds up. However, they were more mature along with time and understood that action spoke louder than words. Yao Ling needed only to prove her worth to shut their mouth.

General Hu answered politely, "It will be more convenient to ask for a woman physician, after all, it\'s involving the princess\' reputation."

The man looked at General Hu in disdain, "It seems like you are blinded by this woman\'s beauty so you take her side."

General Hu squinted his eyes and laughed, "I don\'t need you to provoke me or question my judgment. This woman has saved my life by curing my poison and it\'s good enough reason for me to trust her."

The crowd was quite surprised by what General Hu had said. Was this woman\'s skill really that good? However, it came out from the mouth of a general and it should be more credible. Was there a need for the general to lie? This was an important matter, surely he wouldn\'t be biased because of personal feelings?

The man asked while laughing, "You said that she cured you, but why do you look so pale?"

General Hu really wanted to punch this annoying man. He was totally cured, but this was a part of their plan and he had no choice but to pretend that he was still sick. They would never guess that there would be an arrogant physician appeared out of nowhere and disturb their plan.

"I am under her care for two days and even though my poison has been cleared out, my body is still weak ah~ You can ask the people here who had been poisoned, how many days would it take for them to recuperate? Or maybe you... old man? How many days it will take for your patients to fully healed after you clear the poison? I bet no one would be able to be healthy right away!" General Hu said loudly.

The crowds heard the reasonable explanation and they quickly turned their annoyed gaze to the old physician. It was actually a simple matter of checking the princess\' body, so why did this man try to scorn an innocent woman?

The old man frowned, but he couldn\'t rebuke what the general said. Even if the one who cured him a godly physician, it would still need time to heal. Before he could say another annoying words, a soft melodious voice cut his words off.

Han Yi already hid in the crowd from the start. She leisurely asked, "This old man ah~ why are you so discriminating toward women? Is there a written rule that physicians are restricted only for men? If this matter is delayed any longer, it can affect the princess. What if the princess is actually still alive? It seems like you are preferring to talk big rather than saving people\'s life... Look at the woman physician! She didn\'t even care that someone was insulting her, instead, she quickly chose to check on the princess."

The crowds didn\'t pay attention to Yao Ling after the argument between the general and the old man. When they looked at the room, the woman indeed diligently checked on the princess. They clearly saw how fluidly she moved, even the old man couldn\'t find fault on her movement.

"It seems like she knows what she\'s doing ah~"

"Yeah... I don\'t think she\'s a quack..."

"It seems like we are led by the nose just now. Look the old man is also looking at that woman in awe!"

"True ah~"

Half of the onlookers were women and when they heard what Han Yo said, they agreed with her. Why would man always look down on women? Yao Ling\'s capability became a slap to the ones who jeered at her just now.

The old man\'s face was red in embarrassment. He was going to stomp his feet and go away, but what Yao Ling said next stopped him on his track. "Da Ren, please come inside! I know that Da Ren must have a lot more experiences than me. Rather than fighting, why don\'t we work together? It\'s inconvenient for Da Ren to check on the princess\' body directly. Da Ren can just look from the side... How is that sound?" Yao Ling offered. She made a sudden decision to involve the old man along with her.