His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 228 - Lin Zhou: Her Wish

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Chapter 228 - Lin Zhou: Her Wish

Yao Ling bit her lower lips because she personally knew how bad Han Xiang\'s condition was. It seemed like the Han Emperor knew about this and sent Han Xiang to the Qin Kingdom in order to send away this hot potato... Probably this would serve as her last mission, the catalyst of war and also... to kill of the Left Prime Minister household. Vicious! Truly vicious!

Yao Ling answered, "Less than two months."

Xiao Fang didn\'t know what to think, but today she could only feel despair. She asked in a whisper, "Is there really nothing that you can do?"

"I\'m sorry..." Yao Ling looked apologetically at Xiao Fang. "I already told you everything that I could do for her..."

"Can you leave me alone for a little while? I need to think by myself..." Xiao Fang asked weakly.

Yao Ling nodded and she turned around to leave her alone. Before she went out, Yao Ling said, "I already detoxify a little bit of the poison... however, it\'s only the poison that hasn\'t merged into her body. There\'s a possibility that she has a sound mind for a little while before the poison starts to activate again... You can talk with her when she wakes up... But, don\'t have too much hope!"

"Thank you..." Xiao Fang could only mutter these two words. She didn\'t even know what she wanted to say to Han Xiang at this point. She could only stare at Han Xiang blankly... until she woke up. Her heart was in disarray because she was also confused whether she should keep hating and blaming her... or not... But one thing for sure, it wasn\'t Han Xiang\'s fault... it was that disgusting Emperor\'s fault.

Yao Ling sighed. It seemed like they couldn\'t start the plan until Xiao Fang made a decision. One night... she could only give Xiao Fang one night... After that, no matter what Xiao Fang said, the trio would do their plan without her consent.

Time was ticking, after all...

When Han Xiang woke up, she felt that this was the first time for a long time she had a fresh mind. There was no sound in her mind that kept trying to incite her hatred or tell her what to do. She blinked her eyes and she saw Xiao Fang. She started to sweat, knowing that the sound would come out again whenever she met her. However, after she waited for a few moments, it didn\'t happen... It was unusually quiet...

\'What\'s going on?\' She thought to herself. The voice had lived in her mind for so long and she felt at a loss when it didn\'t appear in her mind.

"Xiao Fang... what are you doing here?" Han Xiang asked softly. It was different from her usual indifferent and sometimes prickly voice.

Xiao Fang jumped up when she heard the question because her mind was elsewhere, she didn\'t notice that Han Xiang had already woken up. "How are you feeling?" Xiao Fang asked, not answering Han Xiang\'s question.

"I have never feel better and it seems like I have a long dream... although I don\'t even remember about it," Han Xiang admitted honestly.

"Han Xiang ah~ Do you still treat me as your best friend?" Xiao Fang determined to ask this question once again, knowing that at this time... Han Xiang was in a great condition. The treatment toward her was different from usual.

If it was other time, there would be a voice in Han Xiang\'s mind that kept saying \'Hate her! Hate her!\', but this time, her mind was as clear as day. Han Xiang smiled widely, "Of course! You are my best friend... my sister..."

Xiao Fang felt like crying... This was her! This was the Han Xiang that she had known... If only... if only, she paid attention to her change... Han Xiang\'s condition wouldn\'t go bad to this extent. To think that a few moments ago, she started to hate and blame Han Xiang for her behavior. Knowing Han Xiang\'s condition, it seemed like Xiao Fang had failed her as her best friend. She couldn\'t help but feel guilty because of it.

"Then... tell me... what are your wishes?" Xiao Fang asked.

Han Xiang didn\'t know that Xiao Fang already knew about her condition. She had tried to mask her condition, but she knew that there were a lot of times that she was muddle-headed and she did many things that unlike herself. It was a rare time for her to talk like this with Xiao Fang... and for the first time in a long time, she felt happy.

"Hmmm... my wishes... I just want to become like a butterfly..." Han Xiang answered while she stared at nothing. This was her wish since she heard Tao Gu Gu said about butterfly and she found so many ways to try to attract butterflies until she was successful.

"Butterfly? Why?" Xiao Fang asked softly.

"There\'s a secret that you don\'t know... and I want it to remain a secret..." Han Xiang laughed. "By becoming a butterfly, I can laugh and fly freely in the sky... I can have my own freedom and happiness... I can live and become whatever I want to be..." She pulled up her hand and directed it toward the window --- toward the sky and it felt like she was touching the sky when she did that.

It seemed like a simple wish, but for Xiao Fang who already knew the whole story, she bit her lower lips and tried to prevent herself from crying out loud. \'Han Xiang... her Han Xiang... what could I do for you?\' Xiao Fang thought to herself.

"How about love?" Xiao Fang suddenly asked. They used to talk about love and handsome noblemen while giggling together. Xiao Fang realized that it had been a long time since they were talking about their crush and dream.

Han Xiang laughed bitterly. "What kind of love that I can have? No need..." Han Xiang didn\'t tell that her body was getting worse, so there would be no hope for her to taste love ah... Then, she smiled while reminding Xiao Fang, "I\'m getting married, remember?"

"Are you sure? If you want to... I can help you live a new life..." Xiao Fang gave an offer to Han Xiang.

Han Xiang gulped, feeling tempted. However, she decided to shake her head. "No... It will implicate your family. I\'m fine, really..." Anyway, she could not live for long. Han Xiang actually knew that this wedding shouldn\'t happen... But, she couldn\'t control her own mind lately and she wasn\'t able to think clearly. She didn\'t even remember many things that happened previously, since she had taken the poison.

Xiao Fang was quite surprised by Han Xiang\'s sudden of change and it made her quite confused which one was the real her. However, she believed in Yao Ling\'s judgment and even if it was only her wishful thinking, she wished that this one was the real Han Xiang.

They chatted like the good old days and Xiao Fang felt blissful with their current interaction. She didn\'t know how long that this Han Xiang would appear, but she enjoyed their conversation. They talked about anything, including their childhood memories. Not once they mentioned the Han Emperor... it was like they were in a tacit understanding about it. Xiao Fang also never brought out the topic about the change in Han Xiang\'s personalities too...

They talked quite a long time and when Han Xiang started to cough and become paler, Xiao Fang got worried about Han Xiang\'s condition, even though the latter already said that she was fine. Xiao Fang understood that Han Xiang was already tired and she decided to let her sleep. Xiao Fang didn\'t go searching for Yao Ling because she wanted to be alone and she told Han Er not to disturb Han Xiang. She gave an order for Han Er to wait outside of the room, so Han Xiang wouldn\'t feel uncomfortable.

However, she would regret this decision soon..