His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 226 - Lin Zhou: The Truth (4)

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Chapter 226 - Lin Zhou: The Truth (4)

"Of course, about the man who gave you poison and told you to ruin Xiao Fang\'s family..." Yao Ling deliberately didn\'t say the man who forced himself on her, otherwise, it would agitate the woman once more. Yao Ling had seen when the poor Han Xiang talked about the poison, she didn\'t have a big reaction unlike when she said that she was forced by the man. It seemed like she had a mental trauma once she remembered that part.

The Ce Fei tragedy had repeated itself. What if Xiao Fang was on Han Xiang\'s position? Would she be treated the same as Han Xiang? Yao Ling shuddered at the thought... It was too scary to imagine. She couldn\'t imagine herself in Han Xiang\'s position... That man was beyond evil.

Han Xiang shook her head like she was given a death sentence --- she was in deep fear. "I... I can\'t tell you. That man is very dangerous... and no one... no one will be able to touch him... He\'s too cruel... He has no boundaries... no one will be able to defeat him..." She talked in distress.

Yao Ying and Yao Ling looked at each other. This fear wasn\'t an ordinary fear --- it was like the fear was embedded deep into her even in her unconscious state. They wondered what else that she had been through but they had no time to feel pity for her, because they had limited time.

Yao Ling tried to soothe her, "Don\'t worry! It\'s okay... just tell me who he is and we will handle him for you..." She persuaded with a soft mesmerizing tone.

"Really? You can handle him?" Han Xiang asked with a voice and expression full of hope just like a little girl, even though both of her eyes were closed.

"Yes, we will help you... as long as you tell me who he is..." Yao Ling coaxed her once more.

"As long as you can handle him... I will tell you. Please... kill him for me! Kill him for me!" Han Xiang said with deep hatred. Han Xiang\'s mind had been blinded by hatred --- she hated her friends and foes... With such a crazy state, Yao Ling didn\'t know how she would be able to live the rest of her life after this.

"Yes... yes... we will... we will also give you a happy life with a new man... Do you want it?" Yao Ling asked. She wanted to know what Han Xiang\'s desire was by giving her a suggestion.

"I want... I want... As long as it isn\'t that man... as long as it isn\'t him..." Han Xiang answered. "As long as the man loves me, I will let go of everything. Even if I don\'t have the \'princess\' title, I will be beyond happy... I just want to live peacefully..."

Xiao Fang\'s body stiffened when she heard what Han Xiang said. She meekly asked the trio, "Can we help her fulfill this? I owe her that much..." She couldn\'t bear to let Han Xiang stay this way or she would feel guilty for the rest of her life. She really wanted to cut off their friendship... she did... but... they had been friends for so long. So how could she abandon her when they could help her by giving her a closure? A new life... Han Xiang yearned for a new life...

Yao Ling sighed. "I can help her with that... But we need to know who the man is..."

Xiao Fang nodded her head and stopped talking, then she let Yao Ling do the talking once again. Yao Ling asked in a soothing voice, "So... can you tell me the man\'s name?"

"I... I don\'t dare to say his name..." Han Xiang said while her body started to sweat due to the distress that she had unconsciously felt.

"Why?" Yao Ling asked again.

"Because he\'s Father Emperor ah~!" Han Xiang answered.





The quartet was beyond surprised. All of them gasped at the same time! How could they not?! It never once occurred in their mind that the mastermind was actually the current Han Emperor. At the very least, Han Xiang was currently his daughter --- the princess ah~! They had the same thought... they were disgusted by the so-called Emperor. He even devoured his own child --- even if she wasn\'t his real daughter, they had more that a decade father and daughter relationship ah~ Didn\'t he feel anything toward Han Xiang? Was there no fatherly love in his mind at all?

Yao Ling quickly put Han Xiang in a deep sleep when she started to feel that the latter was in chaotic mind once again. Han Xiang couldn\'t handle the powders\' effect anymore, so Yao Ling had no choice but to pierce her acupuncture point to calm the woman down. She told Han Er to pay attention to Han Xiang and call her if there was an abnormality. Han Er quickly murmured that she understood and the quartet left her alone with Han Xiang. They needed to discuss this urgent matter in their own room --- just to be safe.

"I would never thought that the man behind Han Xiang is actually the Emperor!" Yao Ying exclaimed. This news was too shocking even for him because he never thought that a person could be such a beast to his own family member --- truly terrifying.

Xiao Fang felt like her soul was leaving her body. Was that disgusting man really her real father? He even touched her own step-daughter... He knew about her identity... that she was the real daughter... But how? Even though he knew that she was the real one, he was still cruel enough by trying to destroy her and her family... He incited a hatred between her and Han Xiang... What else that this cruel man couldn\'t do?

Lin Jian saw her dejected state and he didn\'t know what else to do... He could only put her on his lap and hugged her tighter. Both of them didn\'t realize how closed they are to each other and how intimate they looked like... They were too busy to care... Yao Ying and Yao Ling helplessly looked at each other. They knew that Lin Jian and Xiao Fang\'s minds were elsewhere, so how could they discuss this matter?

However, they didn\'t have much time left.

Yao Ling reminded Lin Jian, "Can we focus on the matter at hand? If you want, you can cry later..." She pointed the last part at Xiao Fang. "If we want to help Han Xiang, we can only do it before the new bridal dowries arrive... On the other hand, if the Han Emperor has already known about the truth, I\'m afraid that even Tao Gu Gu is in danger."

Yao Ling continued talking, "Not only that... Xiao Fang... your family is also in grave danger. It seems like the Han Emperor is afraid of your father\'s powerful influence, otherwise, he won\'t target your family. Do you want to continue to cry and become a weak lady... or do you want to save your family?"

Yao Ling knew that what she said was ruthless, but she needed to slap Xiao Fang with her words and make her wake up... She needed to face the reality! The sooner the better...

Xiao Fang\'s whole body froze when she heard what Yao Ling said and she knew that Yao Ling said all that for her own good despite her ruthless words. She quickly straightened up her body and wiped her tears, after doing that, she started to realize her position. She was intimately sitting on Lin Jian\'s lap. When did this happen? She thought to herself, feeling ashamed of her behavior.

Xiao Fang quickly jumped up in embarrassment and her face was slightly reddened. She stuttered, "I... I\'m sorry... Lin Jian Ge..." She didn\'t dare to look at Lin Jian on his face, so she could only look down and bite her lower lips, feeling uneasy.

Lin Jian felt the loss of her warmth and sighed in regret, but he maintained his expression quite well. "It\'s okay... Are you feeling better now?" He pretended that what had happened just now didn\'t affect him whatsoever, even though he felt the opposite. He didn\'t want to make her feel unsettled.