His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 225 - Lin Zhou: The Truth (3)

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Chapter 225 - Lin Zhou: The Truth (3)

"Ha... what\'s the use of telling you? You are just a pampered daughter of the Left Prime Minister. I don\'t mind taking your place. Even though I live a life full of pain, at least, I don\'t need to care about the daily expenses. Yes, I\'m that vain! Besides, you always treat me nicely. But this poison and his treatment toward me... are the last straw!" Han Xiang said in anger.

"What kind of poison?" Xiao Fang asked weakly.

"I don\'t know! I already tried to find several famous doctors secretly, but no one was able to help me! I could only survive with the antidote that he gave me!" Han Xiang became more and more agitated. Han Xiang actually never had someone to talk about this, so when the chance came, she couldn\'t stop herself from pouring her heart out. "If I have known beforehand, I wouldn\'t be in this predicament ah~!"

"That\'s why I have to convince myself that I hate you! If there was no you, I would be able to leave my own life. The princess title becomes nothing in my eyes! Now... I have to listen to his beck and call!" Han Xiang added with hatred. She gripped her own hands tightly until it bleed due to her own nails.

After the dam had been broken, it seemed like everything poured out of Han Xiang\'s mouth in mumble jumble sequences. "If I didn\'t convince myself to hate you, I wouldn\'t survive because of my conscience... The more hatred that I feel for you, the better! It justifies the things that I had done toward you and also... there are still many more things that he wanted me to do that will definitely hurt you more! I need to keep my sanity to survive!"

Xiao Fang could see the guilt and the hatred in between her words, somehow... it made her feel pity toward her. She could have walked different path by trusting her, but it seemed like she tried to justify everything that she did by throwing the blame at Xiao Fang\'s body. Xiao Fang couldn\'t bear to hear it... It seemed like their relationship had already reached the phase where it was irreparable.

"So, you hate me now?" Xiao Fang asked. She was giving Han Xiang a last chance, if she didn\'t say hate... then she would forget everything and start over. She determined to find a way to help Han Xiang.

However, after listening to her answer, her heart turned cold and Xiao Fang was in despair. It seemed like the hatred had been embedded deep within Han Xiang\'s heart.

"Yes! I hate you! I hope that you will die along with your family! On what basis, for you to have everything good for yourself? What about me? You gave me a title but you are the one who enjoys being pampered by the Left Prime Minister\'s family. I will ruin you and your family! I want to get revenge!" Han Xiang said in a sinister voice.

A lot of hatred were poured when Han Xiang said that. Even in her dream state, she managed to sit up and try to throttle Xiao Fang which made the latter become scared. The trio who had been waiting outside quickly went inside the room. They saw the chaos and Yao Ling quickly pierced Han Xiang\'s acupuncture point to calm her down. It seemed like her heart and mind had been disturbed greatly by the conversation.

They heard everything but they didn\'t dare to say anything. Yao Ling merely asked, "Her condition isn\'t quite stable now. Do you want to talk more with her? I can give you a little bit of time." She wanted to know whether Xiao Fang needed to talk about something else with Han Xiang or not.

Xiao Fang laughed while tears pouring out of her eyes. "I don\'t even know what I want to ask her! Everything that she said... makes my heart bleed. What else I should know about? Her condemn? Her hatred? Her unreasonable jealousy? I indeed exchange place with her, but I also stumbled upon a loving family by chance..."

The trio looked at each other and knew that the woman was feeling hurt. Yao Ling needed to pay attention to Han Xiang\'s condition because there was a side effect for the medicine and only her could handle it. She had no time to pay attention to Xiao Fang or comfort her because this was a critical moment for Han Xiang. Yao Ling needed to stabilize her condition first.

It left only Lin Jian to comfort her because there was no way Yao Ying would comfort another woman except for his wife. He just calmly stood at the side while giving Lin Jian a chance to shine. Lin Jian tried to calm himself down and think that he was only trying to calm his own sister down... sister... but not sharing the same blood. Damn! He cursed inwardly. He just met her for a few days! Why did she affect him so much?

Lin Jian had no other choice but to hug the hysterical Xiao Fang. His warmth made Xiao Fang felt calmer and her heart beat faster, but she had no time to think about their physical contact. She just want to hold onto his warmth as her support. When Lin Jian patted her back, she felt safe but she still cried bitterly. She knew her eyes must have been red and swollen.

Xiao Fang heard his low charming voice talking on her ears softly, "Don\'t think too much about her! This woman is filled with jealousy and just like Tao Gu Gu said, she could have choose a different path... but she didn\'t. You can do nothing about it..." He didn\'t know what else to say... He wasn\'t really good at comforting people and he rarely got closer to the opposite s.e.x... He liked a broken record and chose what Tao Gu Gu said to comfort her...

Xiao Fang knew how awkward he felt but the thought that counted. Somehow, it made a soft smile appear on her lips, but only her... knew about this. She was also surprised that she could smile in this condition.

While the couple was busy hugging, Yao Ying paid attention to Yao Ling\'s movement and in less than half shichen, Han Xiang\'s condition had stabilized. She glanced at the hugging couple and her lips curled up for a bit. She paid them no mind and talked to Yao Ying, "She\'s in a good condition now. Just now... she was too agitated and it affected her state of mind. I think we need to talk to her once more, after all, we haven\'t found out anything about \'the man\' --- except what he did to Han Xiang."

Yao Ying nodded in agreement. "Will it affect her mind?" Yao Ying asked.

"If we continue use the powders, yes, it will. But there\'s no problem if we just use it once more," Yao Ling said. "However, we can only use smaller dose and the time we have will be limited as well." Yao Ling didn\'t want her powders to harm Han Xiang\'s mind too. Not only that, their plan would be ruined as well.

"Lin Jian, what do you think?" Yao Ying asked.

"Just do it! The sooner we know our enemy, the better," Lin Jian said. Xiao Fang didn\'t say anything but she merely nodded in agreement. She tried not to care about Han Xiang anymore because if one of them didn\'t cease to exist, she was pretty sure that Han Xiang would keep trying to harm her or her family. She couldn\'t risk that possibility.

This time, Yao Ling was the one who asked the question. She asked more calmly that Xiao Fang and she used her business tone when asking the questions, "Han Xiang, can you tell me who is the man behind you?"

"What do you mean?" Han Xiang asked with a voice full of vigilance. It seemed like she was trained to not answer the question subconsciously, however Yao Ling could see her trembling body. Despite her arrogant appearance, she was afraid of the man. Han Xiang was under his full control.

Yao Ling was able to feel that the man had a really powerful background. Otherwise, why would a princess afraid of him to this extent?