His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 223 - Lin Zhou: The Truth (1)

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Chapter 223 - Lin Zhou: The Truth (1)

After Xiao Fang went out of her room, Yao Ling told Xiao Yu to call the two men for a meeting. She told them both about Xiao Fang\'s situation and the room went into silence once again. Each lost in their own thought. It seemed that they needed to solve Han Xiang\'s matter as soon as possible.

Lin Jian finally said, "We can\'t force her to accept the reality right away. Just let her be! At least, she has always lived a good life and I don\'t intend to take her back with me if she doesn\'t want to. Her happiness is the most important thing." Lin Jian knew she must be confused of what she should do next --- coming back to her old family or admitting her relationship with the Ce Fei.

Yao Ying and Yao Ling looked at each other. They had a tacit understanding and realized that it seemed like Lin Jan also started to behave more mature --- just like Xiao Fang. Yao Ying said, "It\'s good if you can think that way. Why don\'t we make a plan about Han Xiang first? I have an idea on how to make the Qin Emperor dissolves this marriage, but it will make Han Xiang\'s life turn into hell. So, if we want to find out about the reason she targets Han Xiang\'s family, we have to move fast before Han Xiang\'s life spiraling downhill."

They listened carefully to Yao Ying\'s plan and then they discussed it until they finalized the details. Tomorrow, they only need to give Xiao Fang their plans\' rundown and quickly start the plan without any delay.

That night, the trio couldn\'t sleep really well because they were hoping that everything would finish smoothly and successfully.

The next day, Xiao Fang woke up early. She spent one night to sort out her thought and she felt calmer than before. She started to accept her dual identity but she needed to go back home in order to assure her that it was indeed the truth. Xiao Fang knew that she needed to talk with her father and brother.

After finished preparing herself, Xiao Fang quickly went to find Yao Ling. It was quite early in the morning and Han Xiang was still asleep. Xiao Fang already ordered Han Er to notify her when Han Xiang woke up. Xiao Fang realized that Yao Ling must have given Han Xiang quite strong sleeping powder because she had slept quite a long time since yesterday.

Yao Ling told her the plan that they discussed all night and Xiao Fang nodded in agreement without hesitation. It wasn\'t only because of her trust to the trio, but it was really a good plan. Whether Han Xiang ended up miserable or not, it would depend on her answer and Yao Ling had already agreed to Xiao Fang\'s request. That was why they had prepared two plans ahead of time.

Yao Ling checked on General Hu after her meeting with Xiao Fang and Yao Ling finally gave her consent that General Hu was allowed to go out and do some exercises. It was better for him to go out so they could deal with Han Xiang easily inside the inn and they already prepared a few people to obstruct and delay him from coming back. She gave this matter to Zhuo Li to handle.

General Hu went to Han Xiang\'s room and when he knew that she was still sleeping, he shook his head at her laziness. Well... once a princess, always a princess. However, this time, Han Xiang was being wronged. Her peaceful sleep was due to Yao Ling\'s sleeping powder, no because of her laziness. However, the image that she conjured on the general and his people\'s mind was created by herself and she had no one to blame. If she had a good image from the start, the general would assume that she was too tired the previous day --- not lazy. General Hu told Han Er to pay more attention to Han Xiang and not allow her to come out unnecessarily.

Han Er quickly appeased General Hu and send the man out herself. After General Hu left, she quickly notified the others that they should start the preparation. It was time for the plan to start.

Yao Ling gave two vials to Xiao Fang and told her, "Use these just like how I told you, okay? Don\'t mix them up or change the order! We will be waiting outside and if there\'s something wrong, we will come to your rescue."

Xiao Fang nodded and she took a deep breath to calm herself down, telling herself that she could do this. When her eyes accidentally met with Lin Jian\'s, she was able to see a deep concern there and somehow, it made her feel calmer. Hopefully, there was a future for them... They... weren\'t connected by blood, right? From Tao Gu Gu\'s words, she was conceived because of the Emperor\'s dirty deed... she wasn\'t General Lin\'s daughter. From what she recalled, Lin Jian was General Lin\'s son with another woman --- not the Ce Fei.

Xiao Fang was horrified by her wandering mind. She shook her head to clean her mind, this wasn\'t the right time to think about romance! She gave a small reassuring smile toward Lin Jian and then she walk into Han Xiang\'s room. She gripped her own sleeve tightly, trying to stop her trembling hand. This was the first time she was doing a scheme, so how could she not feeling nervous at all?

Han Er opened the door for her and Xiao Fang quickly went to the bed side where she could see Han Xiang\'s sleeping figure. She sprinkled the first powder around Han Xiang\'s pillow and she waited for a few moment. When she saw a sign of movement, she quickly sprinkled the powder of the second vial. She already memorized which vial should be given first, otherwise, there would be no effect.

She had never once removed her veil all this time, so she didn\'t feel worried that she would affected by the powder --- it wouldn\'t reach her nose. Xiao Fang waited for Han Xiang to open her eyes while she glanced at the latter coldly.

When Han Xiang opened her eyes, her eyes were full of haze and it seemed like she wasn\'t fully sober. This was the effect that she needed and she slowly sat beside Han Xiang. "Han Xiang ah~ are you okay?"

"What... what happened to me?" Han Xiang asked groggily.

"Yesterday? You fainted and luckily, Han Er was right there with you. She quickly ran to find me and Yao Ling Gu Niang already checked on you. Luckily, it wasn\'t a big deal. It seems like you are too tired mentally and physically," Xiao Fang explained.

"Thank you," Xiao Fang thanked her gratefully.

"Don\'t mention it. We are best friend, right?" Xiao Fang asked with a cheery tone, unlike her real feeling.

Xiao Fang paid attention to Han Xiang\'s each movement and she didn\'t miss a hint of mockery in Han Xiang\'s gaze. Han Xiang covered it up real quick and Xiao Fang pretended that she didn\'t see it, but she started to feel disappointed. It seemed like the other didn\'t really treat her as a best friend. Xiao Fang sighed inwardly in dismay.

"Of course ah~" Han Xiang answered with a lovely laugh.

Xiao Fang thought about how well Xiao Fang was acting and her heart turned colder. "Do you want to sleep again?" Xiao Fang asked Han Xiang softly.

Han Xiang tried to move her body and she still felt weak. She didn\'t even have the strength to move so she decided to rest and sleep again. After all, she could do nothing in this situation. She would just wait for new reinforcement and knew that \'that man\' would certainly prepare a batch of new maidservants for her when the dowry came. With Han Er monitoring her, she could do nothing at all.

"I will sleep again," Han Xiang finally said. She started to feel dizzier and dizzier...

"You go to sleep then..." Xiao Fang said softly and she tucked Han Xiang into bed. The latter felt asleep in no time and Xiao Fang knew that it was time for her to find out the truth. She just needed to wait for one incense stick of time...