His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 210 - Lin Zhou: The Ce Fei's Story (1)

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Chapter 210 - Lin Zhou: The Ce Fei\'s Story (1)

Tao Gu Gu told the story that took place after she met the Ce Fei. "At first... the Ce Fei didn\'t remember me and it took me a few days to be able to talk to her."

"Why? You were her personal maidservant, right?" Yao Ling asked. She served right by her side, why couldn\'t she talk to the Ce Fei at all?

Tao Gu Gu sighed and explained everything slowly. The Ce Fei was quite depressed at those times. She didn\'t react to anything and she only looked around lifelessly, despite the prince\'s coax and promise to anything that she wanted.

The Ce Fei only asked for one thing, "Can you send me back to my husband and son? Let me go, please?" The Ce Fei turned her lifeless gaze to the prince while asking monotonously. She had asked for this for so many times, but it fell into deaf ears.

How could a proud prince agree to that? He had done a lot for making this woman as his and yet she wanted him to let her go that easily? She must be dreaming! Knowing that the man wouldn\'t release her, the Ce Fei could only sneer and say, "You promise to give me anything that I want, but it seems like you are also good at lying." After saying that, the Ce Fei didn\'t even look at him anymore.

The prince gnashed his teeth in anger and said, "I can promise you anything --- except that. You.Are.Mine!" After making a declaration in a loud voice, the prince turned around and left the woman all alone.

The Ce Fei could only laugh bitterly to herself while crying. She looked at the moon outside and thought to herself, \'Lin Zheng... Lin Jian ah~ how are you?\' She sadly looked down and gripped her handkerchief tightly, feeling depressed once again. She knew that sooner or later... that man would force himself on her. She could see the l.u.s.t in his face despite the so-called love that he kept mentioning.

This wasn\'t love at all... this was only a pure obsession.

However, there was nothing she could do. Even if she ran away, she would only bring calamity to Lin\'s household --- might as well, living a lonely life here. As long as both of them were safe...

Yao Ling was dumbfounded. She didn\'t think that it was that severe. "The Ce Fei... isn\'t she a strong woman?" Yao Ling asked. She had listened to the way Lin Jian described her and it didn\'t seem like they were talking the same person. The woman even dared to stand up to General Lin and also calmly dealt with Lin Jian\'s birth mother.

How could she become this weak?

Tao Gu Gu laughed bitterly. "No matter how strong Ce Fei was... how could she be able to stay sane with the way the prince tried to break her wings?" Tao Gu Gu\'s gaze was full of hatred.

Yao Ling looked up in surprise. "What... what did he do to her?" Yao Ling asked, suddenly having a bad premonition and she was feeling scared to listen about what she was going to hear next.

"It started after she wanted him to release her. It plagued the prince\'s mind and he tried to search for a way... a way to make her stay beside him, no matter what. At that time, he met with a courtesan that gave a cruel solution for him... that courtesan was able to become his concubine also because of that solution too..." Tao Gu Gu trailed off. She cried once again when she remembered the painful life that the Ce Fei had passed through.

"What... what method?" Yao Ling\'s heart thumped while she was the question in a stutter.

"She gave the prince a certain medicine called \'Intense Pleasure\' and told him to give it to the Ce Fei," Tao Gu Gu said. "She... she laughed and told the prince, after that, the Ce Fei would fully become his!"

Yao Ling\'s expression changed and she felt horrified. \'Intense Pleasure\'?! Yao Ling had heard from her mother how potent that medicine was and even her mother disdained that medicine! She had warned her so many times to be careful around that medicine.

Yao Ling gasped, "It\'s so cruel!"

"Very cruel, indeed..." Tao Gu Gu sighed sadly. If there was no her at that time, the Ce Fei would already kill herself for many times already. She became suicidal, however, the prince didn\'t even notice this and he kept giving her the medicine --- even increasing the dose from time to time. This... became a source of his amus.e.m.e.nt and he felt that he became so powerful toward the Ce Fei.

This medicine wasn\'t an ordinary aphrodisiac because it would also affect the mind of the victim. She would become addicted and begging for more. If it was treated right away after consuming less than ten times, there would still be a chance of recovery. However, Yao Ling didn\'t know... those treacherous couples had successfully given it to the Ce Fei how many times... She shuddered when she guessed what had happened to the Ce Fei.

Tao Gu Gu saw it with her own eyes, how the usually aloof lovely Ce Fei became a lunatic with red-rimmed eyes, also... she had no dignity whatsoever. After she was given that medicine, the Ce Fei was crawling and begging for more --- it only made the prince laugh gleefully and forced her to have s.e.x with him for so many times each night. After the night ended, it was when all the misery began.

She could clearly remember what she did the previous night and it made her ashamed of herself, this time... it was the time when she was trying to kill herself --- only Tao Gu Gu was able to calm her down. No other maidservants were allowed to get near here.

This cycle happened each time the prince gave her that medicine.

Around this time, her face was ghastly pale and she somehow became very thin. She kept doing degrading things each night and all of those... without her own consent, it was because of the drug. The cruelest thing was she remembered every detail of it! Everything seemed like slow motion to her when the prince forced himself on her.

How could a woman become sane after that torture?!

Tao Gu Gu saw how each time she took a bath... she would wash her body until the skin became red because she felt disgusted. The last strain was when she found herself pregnant. She tried to kill herself so many times, including the baby, but she failed all the time. The prince especially found a few women with high martial arts skills to guard her.

How could the Ce Fei beat them? She couldn\'t. After all, she had never learned martial arts before.

The Ce Fei almost became crazy until Tao Gu Gu gave her a promise --- she would help her run away after she gave birth to the baby. Tao Gu Gu was quite sure that the guard on her Ce Fei would become lax once she gave birth to the baby and she would try to find a chance to save her. She knew that the Ce Fei stayed in that dreadful place any longer, she would lose her mind sooner or later. She couldn\'t let it happen to her benefactor. It was too cruel!

After listening to Tao Gu Gu\'s promise, it seemed like the Ce Fei had gained new hope and she became happier. Because of her pregnancy, the prince didn\'t dare to give her the medicine and treated her with care. He also didn\'t dare to touch her, afraid that he would hurt the baby -- \'their\' baby. The Ce Fei and Tao Gu Gu were able to maintain their expression, not showing their disgust when the prince came into their courtyard. It was done so the prince wouldn\'t be suspicious of them.

Tao Gu Gu was a bit apprehensive about the Ce Fei\'s pregnancy. Even if she showed that she gained a new spirit, Tao Gu Gu could see that the Ce Fei seemed to love and hate the baby inside her w.o.m.b at the same time. Sometimes, she would pat her stomach lovingly. Some other time, she would gaze at her stomach in hatred.