His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 205 - Lin Zhou: Han Xiang (5)

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Chapter 205 - Lin Zhou: Han Xiang (5)

General Hu\'s subordinate sighed. He had heard the rumor about how wrongly treated the princess was and it evoked the pity from them. However, after came in contact with her for the past few days, he could still see the selfish and pampered personalities of the princess.

"Gu Niang... Hu Gong Zi is fine... you don\'t need to worry about him... He needs rest for now, please don\'t bother him!" Although the subordinate said it in a strict voice, there was a hint of politeness in it. He still understood about hierarchy. Although the princess wasn\'t allowed to divulge her identity, she was still the princess.

Han Xiang felt irritated with the way this lowly subordinate treated her but she could do nothing about it. "Then... why can\'t I meet him?" Han Xiang asked once again. She needed to talk to General Hu but she was hindered by this woman\'s order. Her gaze landed on Yao Ling.

Yao Ling turned around and asked the subordinate, "Er... I suppose that she\'s Hu Gong Zi\'s lover... I bet that she misses him so much that she doesn\'t even care about Hu Gong Zi\'s condition." She looked sympathetic toward Han Xiang but her words... it made Han Xiang almost vomit blood. She could hear the sarcasm...

The subordinate awkwardly stood there, not knowing how to answer Yao Ling. If he said she wasn\'t Hu Gong Zi\'s lover, he didn\'t know how to explain who this woman was. If he said she was Hu Gong Zi\'s lover, the princess would certainly want his head on a silver platter. He could only dart his eyes around, not looking at Yao Ling and pretended that he didn\'t hear anything.

Han Xiang said, "I already told you I\'m not his lover. Why are you keep insisting that I am his lover? I also care about his condition. Don\'t speak nonsense!" Han Xiang needed to clear up the misunderstanding.

Yao Ling pretended to be confused and tilted her head to the side, "Eh? You are not his lover but care about her condition. What are you? Hu Gong Zi\'s mistress?"

How could Han Xiang not vomit blood after listening to what Yao Ling said? How come she suddenly become a mistress? Even General Hu\'s subordinate and Xiao Fang were dumbfounded because of Yao Ling\'s poisonous tongue. Xiao Fang really wanted to laugh but she couldn\'t show it on her face and it almost made her have an internal injury.

"I... I... I am not!" She denied vehemently. Han Xiang pointed at Yao Ling in annoyance but her words were stuck in her throat. She didn\'t dare to expose her own identity because she knew that she was targetted by others and she also didn\'t want General Hu to feel annoyance toward her. She could only swallow her grievance...

"Ah... okay. Suits yourself!" Yao Ling smiled. In other words, it was up to her to say whatever she wanted about her relationship with General Hu. However, Yao Ling would still stand by with her own view regarding their relationship. She\'s just a mere mistress.

Han Xiang could only stomp her feet in anger and go away in a huff. She was too angry at the woman and she didn\'t want to stay there any longer and risk to be humiliated once again. Xiao Fang could only look apologetically at Yao Ling with her eyes and then she followed Han Xiang.

The subordinate could only helplessly shake his head and said, "Sorry for the trouble. We indeed know this woman and she\'s a bit spoiled. So..." He tried to explain but he also couldn\'t say more so he could only trail off the last part.

Yao Ling laughed kindly. "It\'s okay. I won\'t take it to my heart. It\'s actually okay for Hu Gong Zi to have one or two visitors. However, I saw that the woman just now was in a bad mood and she probably would affect Hu Gong Zi\'s mood. I didn\'t want that to happen because Hu Gong Zi still needs to recuperate and I\'m afraid that he will have a relapse. That\'s why I was a bit strict to the young lady."

The subordinate nodded in understanding and his admiration grew to the next level. In actuality, they were pretty tired because of the princess\' tantrum but they could only succ.u.mb to her demand.

"Please give my apologies to the young lady and Hu Gong Zi..." Yao Ling humbly said.

The subordinate quickly waved his right hand. "No need... no need... our Hu Gong Zi isn\'t an unreasonable person. He will totally understand."

After that, they were parting ways. Xiao Yu asked in a small voice, "Young Mistress, is it really okay to make the princess angry? Won\'t she target you too next time?"

Yao Ling laughed. "Don\'t worry about this insignificance matter... Even if she\'s angry at me, what can she possibly do? She\'s only alone here. If she wants to do something, she needs to get ahold of the one behind her. With Han Er right beside her, will she dare to find help? I don\'t think so..."

"Ah... that\'s true..." Xiao Yu nodded in understanding.

Yao Ling smiled once again. "Besides... if she has any ugly past... her misdeed will be found out soon." Yao Ling had obtained Lin Jian\'s permission to gain the truth and he wouldn\'t interfere because of his personal feeling. He also said if Han Xiang was indeed a wicked woman, this would serve as her punishment --- he did this on the behalf of his mother in order to discipline her.

Xiao Yu nodded in understanding. She looked left and right, then whispered, "Besides... General Hu has listened to Young Mistress\' persuasion and he looks at Xiao Fang in a positive light. I don\'t think he will be easily influenced by others anymore."

Yao Ling shook her head. "I think the general has a bit weak mind even though he\'s honest. That\'s why I prevent him from meeting Han Xiang for the time being --- until everything clears up. It will be safer."

"Yes, Young Mistress," Xiao Yu agreed.

When Yao Ling was smiling leisurely, Xiao Fang accompanied Han Xiang in her room. The latter was very angry. She asked Xiao Fang in a sharp voice, "Xiao Fang ah~ where did you find that hateful woman?"

"Who?" Xiao Fang pretended to be oblivious.

Han Xiang went into her white lotus mode and weakly cried, "Who else? The woman just now... the physician..." She toned down her sharp voice to evoke some pity from Xiao Fang.

Xiao Fang could only helplessly say, "I only knew her by accident. Her husband helped me once and I saw her medical skill when she saved someone. General Hu didn\'t want to be treated by a well-known physician to cover up his identity. So... I could only suggest this woman. I also don\'t really know her that well..."

"How could... she call me a mistress?" Han Xiang pouted.

"Don\'t mind her... she\'s just spouting nonsense..." Xiao Fang tried to persuade her. Xiao Fang shook her head inwardly. How come she didn\'t find out sooner how selfish Han Xiang was? Probably... back then... she was too composed when acting in the palace. After having a bitter experience, it seemed like Han Xiang couldn\'t hide her true self.

Xiao Fang could only listen to Han Xiang\'s complaint until it was late at night. She really counted the day until the woman\'s aunt was found because hearing the complaint all the time made her feel dizzy. She paid attention to Han Xiang\'s unique smell, but it was still the same as usual and she didn\'t find out anything weird. If Han Yi didn\'t pay real close attention, no one would realize that the smell was gone for a little while.

Xiao Fang was puzzled because she remembered that Han Xiang said that she had already had this unique smell since she was a baby. She also mentioned that her smell always stuck to her and not even once the unique smell was gone. So, what\'s with the sudden change?

She hoped that the woman\'s aunt would be able to tell them about this...