His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 194 - Lin Zhou: Ying... Please...

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Chapter 194 - Lin Zhou: Ying... Please...

Please note: This chapter contains the mature part. If you want to skip it, you can directly read after these symbols ***. If you continue reading the mature part, please enjoy! >.<


\'Damn!\' Yao Ying cursed to himself. He was usually clearheaded and able to hold himself back every time they did this, but why did he have the impulse to become one with her at the moment? He could feel his hardness getting harder and harder, to the point that it became painful.

Yao Ying had the sudden urge to plunge into her and by diving into her cave without restraint, he would be able to find a satisfying release. He felt that he was under a deep trance and he would feel tortured if he couldn\'t find a release!

\'What was wrong with him?!\' There was a nagging feeling at the back of his mind that something was indeed wrong with his body --- but he wasn\'t able to think straight.

Yao Ying hastily devoured Yao Ling\'s mouth once more while the latter responded with the same intensity. Yao Ying still wore his clothes and while kissing, he opened his own clothes in a hurry. He needed to touch and feel her --- skin to skin. Somehow whenever his skin touched hers, it became cooler and his pain was slightly lessened.

Yao Ying felt up her whole body with his hands. He played with her soft buns and the hard buds tenderly but sometimes roughly. He sucked one of the flower buds hard and pinched the other one --- alternatingly. Yao Ling could feel that Yao Ying tried to suppress the beast inside him, but still... she found that he did everything more forcefully than usual. There was no gentleness at all, however... it somehow evoked the wildness inside her too.

She bit his shoulder while trying to maintain her sanity because the pleasure was just too much for her --- even the taste of his blood didn\'t deter her. Yes, it was that hard how she bit him. Yao Ling clenched her core because the wetness was back once again --- she needed another release once again. She somehow felt really insatiable this night.

The atmosphere inside the room became so hot that the cool night wasn\'t able to douse their s.e.x.u.a.l pleasure.

Yao Ling behaved wantonly by guiding one of Yao Ying\'s hands to her sweetness down there. "Ying... Please..." She begged him with a seductive voice. There was a hint of need in her voice. Yao Ying was entranced by her movement. After all, it was rare for her to take the initiative, but it made him feel so happy. He felt more aroused because of her movement.

Yao Ying once again put inside one of his finger inside. He could feel how tight her sweetness down there was. There was a little bit of barrier that he didn\'t dare to cross. Despite his arousal, he still wanted to taste her v.i.r.g.i.nity with his little Yao Ying --- not destroying it by his finger. When he felt the tightness, he couldn\'t help but imagine what would happen if the one inside was his manhood.

What kind of pleasure he would feel? The more he thought about it, the harder he was. \'Damn!\' He cursed inwardly when he felt that he also needed a release. Immediately!

One of his hands didn\'t stop moving, teasing Yao Ling to the max. While his other hand hurriedly found Yao Ling\'s hand and quickly directed it at his manhood. Without being told, Yao Ling knew what she was supposed to do. She used her hand to play with little Yao Ying, trying to make it as pleasurable to him --- just like her.

She moved her hands up and down while her own body was also moving up and down, following Yao Ying\'s finger movement. They were somehow able to move at the same rhythm. Probably due to the heat of that moment, they weren\'t able to restraint their m.o.a.ning --- even though they knew that the wall was quite thin and the people could probably hear their lewd sound.

At that moment, there were only two of them in this world. They didn\'t need to care about anything else.

Finally, they found their release together and after having the most pleasurable release, they started to come back from the haze. They looked at each other tenderly while kissing each other once again. However, this time... their kiss was softer and full of gentleness, showing their affectionate feeling toward each other. It was like the previous wild beasts weren\'t them...

Usually... after having a release, Yao Ying was able to take a break and enjoy a quiet moment with his wife. However, somehow... this time... his little Yao Ying had already sprung to life once again. He started to find an abnormality in his condition.

He looked at his little Yao Ying and it was still as hard as ever! \'What the hell?\' He thought to himself.

Yao Ying groaned in distress because his mind kept getting hazier and he wasn\'t able to think straight once again. His manhood started to become painful once again. Yao Ying didn\'t know whether to laugh or cry --- did this mean that he was too manly and insatiable?

Yao Ying looked at Yao Ling\'s stupified expression. Yao Ling couldn\'t believe how little Yao Ying that was already softened just now became so hard in the blink of an eye. \'Did this the effect of the matriarch\'s medicine?\' She thought to herself.

Yao Ling looked at Yao Ying\'s painful expression and felt a bit guilty once again... Yao Ying didn\'t miss her change of expression. He was also in confusion but he suddenly realized something. "Ling-er... when you checked my pulse, do you feel that something is wrong with me?" Yao Ying asked. He started to feel that he was being drugged and he needed to know whether it was true or not.

Was it the matriarch? He rolled his eyes inwardly. Who else? He knew that Yao Ling wouldn\'t do that to him.

Yao Ying didn\'t want to hurt Yao Ling --- because powerful drug tended to make the man lose control of himself. That\'s why he needed to know whether it was indeed the medicine\'s effect or not.

Yao Ling didn\'t know what to say to him --- after all, she was the one who had given him the medicine. In a way, she was the indirect cause of him being like this. She could see him closing his eyes, trying to gain his sane mind once again and it made her feel guiltier. If only she knew about this medicine in advance... She wouldn\'t give it to him...

At this time, both Yao Ying and Yao Ling could hear the laughter outside of their room. It was obviously Lin Jian\'s laughter and also another woman\'s! The couple\'s face fell, knowing that Lin Jian was probably also messing around with them. With the thin wall and door, they supposed that Lin Jian must have heard everything about what they did and their conversation.

It was like a douse of cold water was poured over to the amorous couple.

Indeed, Lin Jian was planning to listen to their amorous night. But the moment he stepped into the corridor, he found Xiao Fang lurking there and behaving discreetly. Lin Jian looked at her, feeling suspicious.

He looked at her weirdly and he patted her shoulder softly from behind. The woman jumped in surprise, making Lin Jian feel even weirder. Why did he feel that she felt guilty of something?

"What are you doing?" Lin Jian asked Xiao Fang who bit her lips in distress.

Did she do what he thought she was doing?

Lin Jian looked at her dumbfoundedly. "Are you trying to eavesdrop?"

Xiao Fang looked down guiltily but she puffed her cheek indignantly, trying to control her shame. Why did the man come out in the middle of the night and suddenly she realized something. "Hah?! Aren\'t you doing the same thing?" She whisper-yelled at him, making Lin Jian grinned in return.

"Oho... so you admitted it?" He teased her with twinkling eyes.

Xiao Fang felt like slapping herself due to her stupidity! She just admitted it herself. She should be able to find another excuse but she fell into this rogue\'s trap! "I... I..." Xiao Fang stuttered.