His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 193 - Lin Zhou: Are You Trying To Seduce Me?

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Chapter 193 - Lin Zhou: Are You Trying To Seduce Me?

Please note: This chapter contains the mature part. The mature part will start in the middle of the chapter. If you continue reading the mature part, please enjoy! >.<


"If you are still feeling shy, you can cover it up for a little bit with this vest," Xiao Fang said. She gave Yao Ling a yellow vest with intricate embroidery that covered her side and back midriff but still didn\'t cover her front. It was actually better than nothing.

"Do you want me to do your hair too, Gu Niang?" Han Yi offered. She already wore the clothing, why not went all out with everything?

Yao Ling shyly nodded. She wanted to give Yao Ying a surprise. Married women in the Han Kingdom only wore two braids, so Han Yi did that hairdo for Yao Ling. When they saw the final look, they couldn\'t help but gasp in surprise, seeing how beautiful Yao Ling was.

"Go... It\'s finished. Show it to your husband!" Xiao Fang said while grinning.

Yao Ling smiled and thanking Xiao Fang for her help. Women loved to be beautiful and dress up for her husband, Yao Ling was also the same. She wanted Yao Ying to praise him and see her in a different look. She bit her lips and nervously opened the door to their bedroom.

Xiao Fang\'s room was near their room and luckily, there was no one in the corridor. That\'s why she didn\'t need to cover herself with her robe. She ran to their room with Xiao Yu behind her. Yao Ling told Xiao Yu to rest before she entered her room. After making sure that she looked presentable, she went inside their room all alone nervously.

Yao Ying already prepared to sleep on their bed. He didn\'t pay attention to Yao Ling when she came in. He heard Yao Ling asked him whether he already drank the matriarch\'s last batch of medicine and he murmured that he already was. He sighed in relief, knowing that this was the last night that he would drink that bitter medicine.

Somehow, after drinking the medicine, he felt that his whole body started to become hot. It started from his skin and it spread into his body, then it went straight to his core. \'What kind of medicine is this?\' He thought to himself. He was too focused on the weirdness of his own body, hence he didn\'t notice about Yao Ling\'s new style of clothing. He also didn\'t see how Yao Ling seductively opened her vest --- showing off her bare midriff.

Yao Ling could tell that something was not right with Yao Ying. She could see his flushed face and the way his body became so restless, moving around on their bed. Yao Ling looked at him in concern and because of that, she forgot about her previous shyness.

"Are you okay?" She felt worried about him. Yao Ling touched his forehead and she could feel that it was hot. "Are you sick? How come?" Yao Ling felt confused because the man was fine just now. She checked his pulse and felt that it was slightly erratic, however, there was nothing wrong with him.

Yao Ying suddenly let out a m.o.a.n and it made Yao Ling feel suspicious. \'Did someone drug him?\' She thought to herself. However, she knew that he had never taken any medicine other than what the matriarch gave them.

\'The matriarch?! Did she give them...\' Yao Ling\'s eyes widened in realization. She never felt suspicious because she knew that the matriarch indeed cared about them, but she missed the fact that the matriarch always wanted grandchildren. It seemed like she cleverly chose a drug that didn\'t show any effect right away.

Yao Ling felt like smacking her own head. She knew medicine and quite good at it, but how come she didn\'t know that this medicine had this kind of effect?! She felt that she was stupid. How come she never came across with this medicine before? She only thought that it was probably a rare medicine that was good for the body! She never thought that it was this kind of medicine!

She remembered the way Lin Jian reminded her to give Yao Ying this medicine and she started to feel suspicious whether Lin Jian knew about this matter or not. She needed to get the bottom of this tomorrow.

Yao Ling pouted because she knew in this condition... how could he appreciate her look? She already carefully dressed up for him! However, she actually thought wrong. Even if his mind was blurry, Yao Ying was able to look at her alluring wife --- especially because he felt hot down there and his little Yao Ying started to become harder.

Yao Ying cursed inside his mind, \'F*ck! What\'s wrong with him?!\' If he was in his right mind, he wouldn\'t try to jump on his wife at the night before the mission.

Yao Ying saw Yao Ling\'s new outfits and asked in surprise and also in anger, "What kind of outfits are these?!" Did she come out of the room in this get-up? What if other men saw her like this?! He was more honest due to the medicine and he gritted his teeth in jealousy. If not because of the medicine, he would certainly try to tone down his jealousy and cleverly choose his choice of words.

Yao Ling was hurt by what he said. She bit her lips and couldn\'t help but cry. "I... I wear these outfits for you!" She admitted dejectedly. Why did he become so rude?!

Yao Ying felt her tears that falling down onto his hands and it made him feel guilty. "I\'m sorry... I\'m just not in my right mind. Everything seems so hazy..." He apologized and admitted his mistake. Yao Ying tenderly wiped her tears and kissed her cool lips. Somehow, it made him feel good when their lips touched.

Yao Ling pouted and turned her head away in anger. She wouldn\'t let him go that easily.

Yao Ying shook his head and tried to clear his mind. He finally took a look at her in details and he felt how seductive her outfits were. He traced the tinkling beads on her midriff softly and deliberately touched Yao Ling bare stomach which made the latter jump in surprise because of the hot sensation that she felt. It made her forget her previous anger...

She clenched her core because she could feel that she started to get aroused by his touch. A simple touch but it already affected her so much. She held back her m.o.a.n because she wanted the man to seduce her. She could feel his breath on her ears when he slowly whispered in a hoarse voice, "Ling-er... are you trying to seduce me? Hmmm...?"

The combination of his low voice and his hot breath made her shudder in needs. Yao Ying\'s hands went pass her body and both of his hands gripped her butt a bit tighter. He pulled her up and put her on his lap at ease. He sniffed her neck and asked, "You even go as far to use perfume?"

Yao Ling stuttered, "It\'s Xiao Fang\'s. Do you like it?"

"Hmmm... I like whatever you put on," Yao Ying smiled and then he added, "Even when you don\'t put something on... I love it all!" He grinned mischievously while saying the last part. Yao Ling could only blush when she heard such a blatant flirting and she buried her head on his chest in embarrassment, making Yao Ying laugh in delight. He boldly said that he loved seeing her n.a.k.e.d!

"Are these what the Han woman wearing daily?" Yao Ying asked curiously. This time, he trails the lower beads on Yao Ling\'s belt. Because her sitting down position, the beads fell right on her core. While tracing the beads, Yao Ying\'s hand might have accidentally traced her sweetness down there. Yao Ling gasped in surprise and she could feel that she started to get wet under his spell.

Yao Ling could see the intense affection in his eyes. Her breath was slightly hitched when she saw his deep and mesmerizing eyes, baring his own feelings to her. He adored her and it made her heart skip a beat.

"Do you enjoy this feeling?" Yao Ying asked an ambiguous question, but they both knew what he was referring too. He was under the disguise of tracing the beads, making it tinkling but he was actually touching her sweetness down there. Teasing her with his hand without any restraint. The cloth\'s fabric was a bit thin and it made her feel the sensation almost... almost directly.

She couldn\'t help but m.o.a.n in pleasure. The more they did it, the more he became more and more skillful with his hand. \'God!\' She felt that she couldn\'t last long if this kept going on. "Ying..." She m.o.a.ned loudly, trying to stop his hand from moving. However, her strength couldn\'t match Yao Ying. He pried off her hand easily and it made Yao Ling pout but she was still enjoying the pleasurable feelings.

The more she tried to stop him, the fiercer his movement was. \'What a rouge!\' Yao Ling thought to herself, but soon the thought was erased from her mind. Yao Ying\'s hands started to move more vigorously, making Yao Ling move along with his movement while m.o.a.ning crazily. Yao Ying had never been so wild, probably it was because of the medicine... Yao Ling thought to herself.

The faster Yao Ying\'s hand movement, the louder the sound of the beads tinkling. Their hot breath mixed with each other, before Yao Ying finally decided to devour Yao Ling\'s mouth. They kissed like there was no tomorrow --- they were desperate for each other.

Yao Ying released her mouth while his hand was still moving and said, "I really like these outfits..." Yao Ying grinned and then he added, "But only for me to see... You can only wear them inside our bedroom..."

Yao Ling could only nod while her mouth couldn\'t stop m.o.a.ning. Even in her wildest dream, she wouldn\'t dare to use such revealing clothes outside!

Yao Ying could feel her wet core and the wetness soaked into her maxi skirt. Yao Ying removed his hand and then his hand wiggled into her sweetness from under her skirt. He removed everything inside and quickly dived his finger into her wet core. He slowly moved his finger up and down, making Yao Ling jumped up in surprise, but Yao Ying held her back so she couldn\'t back away from his touch.

Yao Ying moved his finger in and out in fast speed while Yao Ling was moving along up and down, trying to match up with his pace. She felt like she was almost bursting with a release. However each time she almost felt the release sensation, Yao Ying stopped his finger and it made her feel frustrated.

Yao Ling started to get braver and she was the one who moved up and down vigorously --- until she finally m.o.a.ned loudly when she found her release. Yao Ying looked at her with a darkened expression, feeling aroused by her sensuality. Yao Ying could feel his hand wet with her release, but it didn\'t stop the burning feeling inside him.

He licked his finger and smiled at her, "It tastes so good..."

Yao Ling\'s eyes widened in surprise because of his gesture. She closed his mouth with both of her hands and said, "Stop it! You are embarrassing me!"

Yao Ling panted and she hasn\'t come back from her haze when Yao Ying flipped her around. She was underneath him...

Yao Ying asked in a low hoarse voice, "Do you only have one of these clothes?"

Yao Ling dumbly nodded. "Yes... Why?" She asked in a hoarse voice.

"Then strip it all by yourself, before I tear your clothes apart!" Yao Ying said in a stern voice. Somehow he couldn\'t stop the feeling to devour her entirely... It was unlike his usual self. What the heck was going on with him?!

Yao Ling quickly opened her clothes willingly and Yao Ying felt like he was under her spell, her movement looked so enchanting. Yao Ling didn\'t hesitate to strip herself n.a.k.e.d because if the clothes were torn apart, she was pretty sure that Xiao Fang would laugh at her and she didn\'t want to face the embarrassment!

Yao Ying was dumbfounded when he saw Yao Ling after she opened her clothes. "You... you didn\'t wear anything underneath?" He was in shock! He thought that she would at least wear her dudou, but he was welcomed by the sight of her lovely milky b.r.e.a.s.ts.

Yao Ling quickly hid her b.r.e.a.s.ts by crossing both of her hands in front of them. Yao Ying\'s gaze was too intense and it made her blush crazily. Yao Ling answered him in a soft voice and admitted, "No... my dudou is longer than the top and it would make the Han clothing look ugly. On the other hand, Xiao Fang\'s inner garment is too small for me."

Yao Ying was more determined not to let Yao Ling wear these clothes outside! His ears perked up when he heard the last part, "Hmm... too small for you?"

Yao Ying\'s arousal was ignited more and more as time went by. His gaze was scorching hot and landed on Yao Ling\'s b.r.e.a.s.ts. He pried open her hands and said wickedly, "Why did you cover them up? Hmmm? Let me check how big they are!"

Yao Ling felt like berating this shameless man. How could he become so daring all of a sudden with his dirty talk?! Yao Ying quickly kneaded both of her b.r.e.a.s.ts while kissing her lips. In between their kiss, he said, "Hmmm... they... are... indeed... so big!"

Yao Ling couldn\'t even think about his words anymore. She was too focused on the sensation that she felt and Yao Ying didn\'t give her time to take a breather. He was playing her b.r.e.a.s.ts with his mouth, tongue, and fingers without pausing. Twirling, sucking, licking --- you named it all and he had done it to her poor b.r.e.a.s.ts.

Yao Ling could only m.o.a.n and gripped the back of his head tightly with both of her hands.

"Ying... stop... they are too sensitive..." She m.o.a.ned. Yao Ling could feel her whole body become numb because of the pleasure and she almost couldn\'t bear it anymore.

"The more sensitive they are, the more pleasure you feel, right?" Yao Ying teased him. Despite the burning feeling that he felt, he was still trying to give Yao Ling some pleasures. He seriously loved being intimate with her and his eyes darkened at the thought of plunging himself into her sweet cave.