His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 192 - Lin Zhou : Trying Out The Han's Clothes

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Chapter 192 - Lin Zhou : Trying Out The Han\'s Clothes

Xiao Fang laughed. "It isn\'t that bad, but you will probably feel weird wearing them --- just like me. It feels so hot wearing all of these." She pointed at the several layers of clothing that the Shu woman usually wore. She felt that the Shu clothing was quite suffocating to her liking.

Yao Ling whispered to her softly, "Can I try the clothes at night?" She looked around and asked the question shyly. She wanted to feel the other kingdom\'s culture and see if she would fit the \'free\' look. Yao Ling wondered what would Yao Ying think about her new look... She was curious to find out whether he would like it or not.

Xiao Fang nodded. "Of course. I bring along a few new clothes and I will give one to you as a present!" She said excitedly. Their body posture was almost the same so she knew that the clothes that she brought would fit Yao Ling perfectly. "I can\'t wait to dress you up!" Xiao Fang said excitedly. She always loved dolling up people and she had Yao Ling to play with.

Yao Ling was a bit bewildered by her reaction and had a sudden bad feeling about it, but she still answered with a smile, "Okay... Thank you!"

Xiao Fang grinned. "No need to say thank you between friend." She excitedly told Yao Ling about the clothes and somehow Yao Ling could imagine herself wearing it. But indeed... it would be a bit revealing and somehow she blushed in embarrassment.

Yao Ying accidentally looked back and he saw that Yao Ling blushed. He quickly went to her and asked, "Are you okay? Why is your face so red? Do you feel unwell?" He felt worried about his wife because of her hectic schedule lately and he also found that she didn\'t sleep well at night.

"I... I..." Yao Ling stuttered. Her mind was still filled with her vivid imagination and it made her blush even more. She was too embarrassed to tell him the reason for her red face.

Yao Ying furrowed his eyebrows and quickly said, "Ah... your face is getting redder. Come on! We need to find a physician to check on you!" He looked at her in worry.

Yao Ying was trying to drag Yao Ling away, but the latter quickly released her hand in embarrassment. "No... no need. I\'m fine!" Yao Ling didn\'t know whether to laugh or cry when she saw how worried he was.

"Fine? But..." Yao Ying tried to talk some sense to the woman. If she was sick, she should go for a checkup!

Xiao Fang couldn\'t help but laugh out loud. "She\'s fine! She\'s fine! You don\'t have to worry about her... she\'s just feeling embarrassed!" Xiao Fang snickered when she looked at the shy Yao Ling. From wearing these many layers of clothes and changing her style to Han style of clothing, of course, that she would feel embarrassed!

"Embarrassed? Embarrassed of what?" Yao Ying asked, feeling bewildered. What did they talk about that was able to make Yao Ling have such a reaction.

"You don\'t need to know..." Yao Ling quickly shooed him away. "Just go with Lin Jian and chat with him! Don\'t bother me here!"

Yao Ying could only shake his head, but he followed her order and walk along with Lin Jian once again. He really couldn\'t understand women.

After spending their whole day leisurely and treating Qing Hui once again, Yao Ling didn\'t come back to their room right away. Instead, she went to Xiao Fang\'s room. Yao Ying questioned her a few times why she went to Xiao Fang\'s room, but the woman didn\'t want to reveal anything. It made him pout but there was nothing he could do.

Tomorrow, there\'s a probability that Han Xiang will arrive and they need to rest! But the little woman still played around with Xiao Fang... The thing that made him curious was the fact that Yao Ling became jumpy and embarrassed before she went into Xiao Fang\'s room.

Yao Ling took a look at the clothes that Xiao Fang gave to her in bewilderment. In her wildest dream, she never thought it was this s.e.xy. Her previous imagination was nothing to the real deal. She gulped and asked Xiao Fang, "Are you sure that... these are all of the pieces?"

Xiao Fang laughed at Yao Ling\'s scared reaction. As far as she knew, Yao Ling was always calm and capable. She found that this side of her was also very cute! Xiao Fang looked at the way Yao Ling felt afraid to touch her clothes and couldn\'t help but laugh.

"You can check the rest of my Han clothes if you don\'t believe me..." Xiao Fang said leisurely. She told Han Yi to bring out the rest of her clothes as a proof. Han Yi also laughed when she saw Yao Ling\'s expression. She said, "Yao Ling Gu Niang, our young miss isn\'t playing around with you. This is indeed our style!"

Yao Ling saw how thin the fabric was and it was also really stretchy --- hence it looked so small when she touched it. "Do you think it will really fit me? This is too small!" Yao Ling exclaimed. Could her b.r.e.a.s.ts fit into it? She looked at her b.r.e.a.s.ts and the top in doubt.

"You are slimmer than me, Yao Ling. Of course, it will fit you! Come on! Put it on! Even though your b.r.e.a.s.ts are bigger than me, but the top is still accommodating," Xiao Fang persuaded Yao Ling to try the clothes, she wanted to see how it would look on her body.

Xiao Yu who was accompanying Yao Ling was also bewildered by the weird style of clothing. Han Yi offered her own clothes for Xiao Yu to try, but Xiao Yu refused the offer with a red face. She was mortified when imagining herself wearing those. Even if she tried it on, who would she show it too?

Xiu popped up inside her mind, but Xiao Yu quickly erased her sinful thought. She felt embarrassed with her own bold thought! Han Yi, who failed to persuade Xiao Yu, finally gave up. However, she still gave her one set of her clothing as a present. They got along pretty well for the past few days.

Yao Ling put on the clothes with Han Yi\'s help, she chose the bright orange ones. The clothes consisted of two pieces --- the top and the skirt. The top had baggy long sleeves and it was a bit short, showing Yao Ling\'s bare midriff. On the lower side of the top, lovely beads were stitched there -- encircling the whole body. The beads barely covered Yao Ling\'s midriff and people could still see her midriff perfectly clear in between the beads --- but, it added to her sensuality. The beads would move along fluidly whenever Yao Ling moved, making a lovely tinkling sound.

The second piece was the long flowy skirt that stopped at her ankle --- it was the same bright orange color as the top. It was a plain one but it came with a lovely embroidered belt and the lower part of the belt consisted of the same yellow beads as the tops. The Han women loved wearing accessories on their body --- very different from the more conservative and plain Shu women.

Xiao Fang was in awe when she looked at the alluring Yao Ling. The Han woman tended to be a bit tanned while Yao Ling\'s skin was as white as snow. She looked so delicate and endearing with her shy expression. The bright color made her white skin look even whiter and enchanting.

Even though Yao Ling didn\'t do any vigorous outdoor activities like the Han woman that made them keep in shape, Yao Ling\'s body shape didn\'t lose to them. She has a naturally slim body.

"When you show your current self to Yao Ying, I bet he will be drooling and eat you up!" Xiao Fang said while laughing. Han people were more open with their feeling and they were known for their blunt talk, that\'s why Yao Ling didn\'t feel so surprised by her words. However, she still couldn\'t help but feel shy! She could feel her cheeks and the tips of her ears burning hot.

\'Oh my!\' Yao Ling thought to herself.