His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 187 - Lin Zhou: Disinfect Your Cheek!

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Chapter 187 - Lin Zhou: Disinfect Your Cheek!

Yao Ling was too embarrassed to look around her. Why did he kiss her in front of so many people?! Even though it was only on her cheek, but still... it was so embarrassing!!

Yao Ying smirked at her and said, "Only to disinfect your cheek!" He felt satisfied after kissing her.

Yao Ling could only laugh at him while Lin Jian and Hei Yue were dumbfounded at Yao Ying\'s behavior. \'This man ah~\' Yao Ling thought to herself. She didn\'t feel angry at his overbearing behavior, instead, she felt amused. To some people, Yao Ying would look too dominant or too full of jealousy, but to her, it showed that he cared. He never tried to keep his feeling bottled up and it made their relationship stronger.

Lin Jian then asked a question that made Yao Ying almost vomit blood, "You just kissed the part where that kid, Yu Wen, had kissed Yao Ling before. Er... doesn\'t it mean you have an indirect kiss with that kid?"

\'F*ck!\' Yao Ying cursed inside his mind. What kind of thing that went through Lin Jian\'s mind?! Yao Ying glared at Lin Jian and the latter returned him with a naughty grin.

Yao Ling could only roar in laughter and her shyness was gone in an instant. What Lin Jian said was quite making sense, even Hei Yue who was in distress laughed a bit at Lin Jian\'s teasing. Yao Ying helplessly dragged Lin Jian away and kicked him out of the room without a second thought.

Yao Ying waved his hands to dismiss him and said, "Please take care of the matter outside. Clean up the courtyard and you can also take care of Xiao Fang, okay?"

After that, without waiting for Lin Jian\'s answer, Yao Ying closed the door from inside. Lin Jian scowled at the petty man but he knew that he indeed had to take care of the matter outside. He ordered Xiao Fang\'s men to clean up the mess and then he left Yao Ying and Yao Ling on their own. He needed to give back the man that he had lent from Xiao Fang. They owed her one for this because, without her help, they knew that they wouldn\'t be able to kill Qing Hui\'s lackeys.

Besides, he knew that the couple would be able to take care of themselves, so he didn\'t hesitate to go back to the inn.

Inside the room, Yao Ling was busy trying to clear up Qing Hui\'s poison slowly. She used her silver needles with a great concentration, inserting the thin silver needles through Qing Hui\'s skin at specific points on the body, to various depths.

For the first treatment, it would take her a long time to do the detoxification process. Hei Yue and Yao Ying looked at how fluid her movement was, showing that she indeed had a talent in medicine.

Yao Ling already warned them to prevent people from disturbing her or else the consequences would be very dire. She needed to put the silver needles at almost every part Qing Hui\'s body and one wrong place where she inserted the thin needles in, then it would lead to a fatal wound. That\'s why both men didn\'t dare to talk --- even sneezing was forbidden.

When Yao Ying saw that Yao Ling\'s forehead was full of sweat, he helped her wipe them off meticulously. He didn\'t dare to hinder her sight. Yao Ying wanted to ease her creasing forehead but seeing her in deep concentration, he decided against it.

A whole night had passed and it was already Chen Shi (modern timing: 7 am - 9 am), but Yao Ling hadn\'t finished treating Qing Hui. Once in a while, Yao Ying could see that she closed her eyes, trying to gain her concentration back --- after all, she didn\'t sleep for one whole night. Yao Ying already told Xiu to prepare breakfast for them. Yao Ying waited for Yao Ling to finish so they could eat breakfast together.

It was around the end of Si Shi (modern timing: 9 am - 11 am) when Yao Ling finally took out the last silver needle from Qing Hui\'s body. She quickly tidied up her silver needles and stood up, trying to stretch her stiff body. Probably because she was too tired, she was swooning and almost falling down if Yao Ying didn\'t hold her up. Yao Ling smiled and said thank you gratefully.

Yao Ying felt pain in his heart because he could finally see how pale Yao Ling was. He would force her to rest for the rest of the day. "Are you okay?" Yao Ying asked.

Yao Ling nodded. "I\'m fine. I\'m only slightly dizzy. Bring me a sweet thing to eat or drink and I will be fine."

Yao Ying quickly ordered Xiu to prepare a cup of sweet tea. After drinking the tea, Yao Ling indeed felt much better. Yao Ying already told Xiu to heat up their foods for a few times and the breakfast that had been prepared beforehand turned into lunch by the time they started eating. Hei Yue ate along with them while chatting once in a while.

After finished eating, Hei Yue quickly went to Qing Hui and checked him out --- indeed his face was slightly better than before. He was as pale as a white sheet before, but now there was a slight red tint on his face. He sighed in relief.

Hei Yue turned to Yao Ling and cupped both of his hands as respect to her, "Thank you, Gu Niang. May I ask how long will he stay unconscious?"

Yao Ling explained, "Until I finished the intense treatment for a few days, then I will wake him up. I deliberately put him on this state, otherwise, he would only harm himself and become crazy. For the time being, I will open a recipe for him and you have to diligently give the medicine to him. You must not miss a single dose." Yao Ling warned him.

"Qing Hui is in a critical condition, so he needs attentive care..." After saying that, Yao Ling wrote the recipe and then gave it to Hei Yue. "Remember to give him the medicine three times a day. Tonight, I will do the second treatment," Yao Ling said.

After that, they left the house back to their inn. Yao Ying forced Yao Ling to rest because she had been doing enough hard work last night and she needed to do the same treatment once again. He didn\'t want it to take a toll on her body. Yao Ling helplessly did what she was told to do and fell into a deep slumber right away.

"Xiao Yu..." Yao Ying called.

"Yes, Young Master?"

"Are you feeling better?" Yao Ying asked. Xiao Yu had been feeling unwell the previous day, hence the question.

"Answering Young Master, yes... this servant is already in a good health," Xiao Yu answered.

"Good... I need you to take care of Young Mistress. After she wakes up, call the innkeeper to prepare a hot bath and foods to eat," Yao Ying ordered Xiao Yu. When he knew that Xiao Yu was there for his wife, he felt slightly better. He was still worried about Yao Ling but he needed to make a plan with Lin Jian about Han Xiang.

After listening to Qing Hui\'s words, they needed a change of plan and he needed to talk about it fast. This was a good chance to talk with Lin Jian --- just the two of them. He didn\'t want Xiao Fang to loiter around and heard about their mission. They also needed to make a plan that went hand in hand with Xiao Fang\'s plan to help Han Xiang get away from the marriage.

There were really a lot of surprises in this mission.