His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 186 - Lin Zhou: Uh-oh!

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Chapter 186 - Lin Zhou: Uh-oh!

"When I checked on him just now, I found a trace of the drug on his clothes. The drug would seep into his pores. This is especially done to increase the potency of the drug and it will make the drug take effect less than a hundred days," Yao Ling explained. This was indeed really a cruel method.

"First thing first, we should change his clothes," Yao Ling ordered.

She led the others to the outer room, while Hei Yue told one of his subordinates to change Qing Hui\'s clothes with his. It was a little too big for Qing Hui but it would make do for the time being.

Hei Yue asked, "In other words, the person who poisons him... must have been the closest person to Qing Hui, right?"

Yao Ling nodded. "Yes... Qing Hui must have trusted that person enough to let that person take care of his foods and clothing, right?"

Hei Yue could only sigh. "I think I know who that person is and I will deal with her."

Yao Ling nodded and didn\'t say anything more. After all, her job was done and this matter was their organizations\' personal matter. Yao Ying decided to ask on Hei Yue\'s behalf, "Ling-er, can you cure him? He almost answered the name of the mastermind but one of his men hit him until he was unconscious."

Yao Ying lowered his voice into a whisper for the last sentence and no one but Yao Ling was able to hear him.

Yao Ling nodded her head and answered Yao Ying\'s question, "Actually, it was lucky for Qing Hui that his subordinate hit him to make him unconscious. He was on the verge of a breakdown. If he continued on, I believe that he would become a mad person." Qing Hui\'s condition had reached the worse and in order to cure him, she knew that she had to make him stay unconscious for the time being.

"I\'ve seen how my mother treated the villager, but still... she wasn\'t able to fully cure him. His brain has been damaged and there was also a personality change to the man," Yao Ling honestly explained the side effect of the drugs.

"That villager wasn\'t drugged to this extent, so the damage that Qing Hui has received must be several times more severe than that villager," Yao Ling said in a sad tone.

Hei Yue trembled when he heard what Yao Ling said. He started to blame himself for not realizing that there was something wrong with Qing Hui, but he couldn\'t change the past. He could only ask for the woman\'s help to save Qing Hui. Hei Yue didn\'t care about his status, he quickly kowtowed in front of Yao Ling and begged, "Please save Qing Hui, Gu Niang! This old man will forever grateful for your help and will be indebted to you!"

The people inside the room were surprised by Hei Yue\'s sudden kowtow. Yu Wen yelled and quickly tried to help Hei Yue to stand up, "Foster Father, what are you doing?!" In his mind, the almighty Hei Yue shouldn\'t let himself degrade to this extent --- even if the other side was the pretty jie jie. Especially not for that traitor, Qing Hui. For him, being drugged wasn\'t an excuse!

Yao Ling quickly said, "Uncle, what are you doing? Please don\'t do this!" She felt uncomfortable, after all, she didn\'t think that she deserved this kowtow. She quickly tried to appease the old man, "I will try to cure him, but I won\'t guarantee that he would back to normal. After all, his nerve has been damaged quite severe."

Hei Yue rejected Yu Wen\'s help and asked him to step aside. "It doesn\'t matter to me. As long as you can cure him, it\'s already enough."

Yao Ling could only helplessly nod. "I can try to expel the majority of the poison. For that, I will need several days. However, he still needs aftercare and it\'s not possible for me to that because it will take a long time. I will need someone to do that in my place and I will teach that person how. You can just appoint someone to do this."

Hei Yue nodded. "Consider it done! As long as you can cure him, I will do anything in my power to help you," Hei Yue made a vow that would help Yao Ying and Yao Ling a lot in the future.

Yu Wen sighed. It seemed like his foster father had made up his mind and he didn\'t need to cover up his real relationship with Hei Yue anymore. Previously, he always called Hei Yue as Master, but in truth, he was his foster father. "Foster Father, how about you are focusing yourself here? I will be the one who takes charge of finding the culprit?" Yu Wen offered himself to help Hei Yue.

Hei Yue nodded gratefully. "Good boy! Let\'s do it!" His mind felt at ease when Yu Wen was the one handling that matter. He could even trust the boy with his life.

Yu Wen smiled softlt and knew that he was helpless in front of his stubborn foster father. No matter what he said... he would still care about Qing Hui, so he could only let him be.

Yu Wen was still angry at Yao Ying for calling him stupid. Before he went out, he decided to provoke and make the man angry once again. "Pretty jie jie, let\'s meet again another day! I have to go on a mission for now!" Yu Wen talked in a spoiled tone toward Yao Ling, unlike his previous serious behavior. His maturity and big body made people always forget about his real age.

Hei Yue could only shake his head, knowing that Yu Wen started to become mischievous. He used to act spoiled just like this two years ago. He wondered when Yu Wen started to put on a serious face in front of him and he started to realize that he rarely smiled like this. If he thought about it that way, Hei Yue started to feel guilty. It seemed like he was too caught up in his own grief to realize the change in his foster son\'s personalities.

Yao Ling laughed at Yu Wen\'s childishness. "Sure! Jie jie will wait for you here." Yao Ling truly liked this spoiled kid.

After that, without a second thought, Yu Wen kissed Yao Ling\'s cheek on the spur of the moment. Yao Ling gasped in surprised, touching her cheek. However, she couldn\'t bear to get angry when she saw Yu Wen\'s childish grin. She blushed but maintained her calmness and she could only shake her head helplessly.

\'Uh-oh!\' Lin Jian thought to himself while peeking at a jar of vinegar beside him. This Yu Wen really knew how to irk and provoke Yao Ying. He used his age to his advantage. However, Lin Jian also understood Yao Ying\'s concern. The kid looked so mature! So, it didn\'t matter if his age was still young. There was still a certain boundary that couldn\'t be crossed!

Yao Ying gritted his teeth. Damn this kid! He just acknowledged his stupidity for being riled up by a little kid! But, this kid was blatantly provoking him! Even though he didn\'t feel as jealous as before, Yu Wen\'s provocative look really made Yao Ying want to strangle him to death!

Yu Wen quickly bade his goodbye after feeling satisfied in teasing Yao Ying to his heart content. Yao Ying glared at the kid in disdain.

When Yu Wen strutted out of the room while smirked at him, he almost... almost wanted to chase him and put him on his place. However, he remembered where he was and he also didn\'t want to lower himself to a kid level. He needed to learn from his mistake and not becoming a jar of vinegar everywhere.

When he saw Yao Ling\'s red cheeks, he decided to do something bold. He went to Yao Ling and hugged her waist intimately, then he kissed the cheek where Yu Wen just kissed her. Yao Ling was surprised by his gesture and asked, "What are you doing?"