His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 184 - Lin Zhou: Qing Hui's Condition (1)

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Chapter 184 - Lin Zhou: Qing Hui\'s Condition (1)

Lin Jian followed right behind him Yao Ying. He also wanted to know what happened to Qing Hui back then. However, before Yao Ying could open the door, he was stopped by Yu Wen.

"You... you... how could you say that I\'m stupid?!" Yu Wen angrily pointed at Yao Ying.

Yao Ying really wanted to laugh and he turned around, facing Yu Wen. Yu Wen was so childish, but his personality was quite refreshing to him. "It was just an act! Why do you hold a grudge over an act?"

Lin Jian laughed out loud when he heard what Yu Wen complained about, making Yu Wen feel angrier. "You... you... why are you laughing too?!"

"You are so cute," Lin Jian said. After that, he went to Yu Wen and pinched his cheek. Yu Wen yelped and looked at Lin Jian in disbelief. Even Yao Ying was quite surprised by Lin Jian\'s behavior.

"Did you just pinch my cheek?!" Yu Wen asked while holding his cheek.

"Yes... You tell me... how old are you?" Lin Jian asked.

"I... I..." Yu Wen stuttered. Did he know something? Yu Wen thought to himself. "I\'m not telling you!"

"If my guess isn\'t wrong... you are only ten to twelve years old, right?" Lin Jian asked. Yao Ying was surprised when he heard about Yu Wen\'s age.

"How do you know?" Yu Wen blurted out the question.

"Ha-ha-ha, just making a guess!" Lin Jian laughed. He wanted to tease him more but finally decided to tell the truth, "Your voice hasn\'t changed yet and also although you look like the leader, the three men who are with you are protective toward you. At first, I thought that you are probably Hei Yue\'s son, but then I realized... the way those three are protective toward you is like older brothers to the youngest --- not toward their master."

Yu Wen scratched the back of his head awkwardly but finally nodded, admitting to what Lin Jian said.

Yao Ying\'s jaw dropped, feeling flabbergasted. Yu Wen was taller than both he and Lin Jian. Was this kid a giant? However, if he had a closer look, what Lin Jian said was indeed true.

Yao Ying said, "I didn\'t realize that! Ten to twelve years old! You have an amazing talent and at the same time, amazing growth! For his voice... I thought he has the girly type of voice." Yao Ying scratched the back of his head while admitting his thought.

Yu Wen looked down in embarrassment, but then glared at Yao Ying and Lin Jian. "Don\'t laugh! Now, you call me girly?! I\'m still not forgetting that you called me stupid! Yet, you keep insultin me..."

Yao Ying patted Yu Wen\'s head. "Be good! Big brother still has an important thing to do!"

Yu Wen said, "I\'ll go with you! I need to protect my master from you!"

Yao Ying and Lin Jian could only shake their head helplessly toward the overbearing youngster, but they just let him be. At least, Yu Wen had treated them like a friend --- there was no hostility or malice in his voice.

Hei Yue seemed to hear what Yu Wen had said, so when they opened the door. He scolded Yu Wen for being so impolite. "Please don\'t mind him! He\'s just a kid..." Hei Yue trailed off.

"It\'s okay." Yao Ying dismissed his concern with a smile.

"What do you want to do to Qing Hui?" Hei Yue asked.

Yao Ying hesitated to tell him his view, after all, he didn\'t know whether his guess toward Qing Hui\'s abnormality was correct or not. "Wait for a moment! I will call someone to check on Qing Hui\'s condition, then I will tell you after that. It won\'t be too late."

Hei Yue looked at Yao Ying in confusion. "What thing? I think everything has been clear already..."

Yao Ying shook his head. "I think everything may not look like as it seems." Yao Ying didn\'t divulge any further because he didn\'t want to give Hei Yue a hope and crush it if his guess was wrong. That was why he could only mutter that sentence.

Hei Yue could only nod but didn\'t talk anymore. He seemed to understand that Yao Ying found out about something weird from Qing Hui but he didn\'t want to dwell on it after everything was certain.

"Xiu... bring Young Mistress here," Yao Ying ordered Xiu. He wanted Yao Ling to check on Qing Hui\'s condition just to make sure that his gut feeling was right.

When Xiu picked Yao Ling up, the latter was still pacing back and forth in her room --- too worried to sleep. However, because of this, she was able to quickly get ready. Xiu reminded her to bring her tools because Young Master wanted her to check on someone\'s condition.

Yao Ling asked in distress, "Is someone hurt? How is Yao Ying and Lin Jian?"

"No... no... Young Mistress. They are fine. Young Mistress only needs to check the man that we met at the teahouse yesterday," Xiu said.

"Qing Hui?" Yao Ling was quite surprised.

"Yes..." After that Xiu summed up what had happened, so Yao Ling wouldn\'t be surprised by the sudden turn of event. Even though Yao Ling was quite surprised, she didn\'t let Xiu catch onto it. It turned out that her gut feeling was right once again.

Xiu brought Yao Ling along while he used his qing gong. After she arrived at the abandoned old house, she quickly when inside the room. Yao Ying introduced Yao Ling to Hei Yue and Yu Wen. Yu Wen looked at the pretty jie jie in front of him in awe. "Jie jie... you are so beautiful!"

Yu Wen was pretty much an innocent child. He was also very honest, that\'s why he said everything that was inside his mind. He indeed saw that the pretty jie jie looked like a deity and he really liked her!

Yao Ling was taken aback but slightly blushing. She was rarely being praised face to face like this and it made her feel a little bit shy. Yao Ying saw her blushing and he scowled while glaring at Yu Wen. His overbearing tendency started to flare up once again.

"Kid! Why are you flirting with my wife?!" Yao Ying said sternly to Yu Wen.

Lin Jian laughed out loud, watching the scene in front of it. "Yao Ying ah~ The dude is only a kid!"

Yao Ying glared at Lin Jian. "Around that age is already big enough to have a crush!"

Lin Jian could only wave both of his hands in defeat. "Why are you glaring at me? Go back and glare at the boy!" What Yao Ying said was also true, around that age, there was already aboundary between girls and boys in their kingdom.

Yu Wen scowled back. "I\'m just praising the pretty jie jie. Why are you so petty?!"

Yao Ling really wanted to laugh and she also felt that Yao Ying was indeed a bit childish. She could only helplessly shake his head. Before it escalated any further, Yao Ling asked, "Where is Qing Hui?"

"I already put him on the bed," Yao Ying said and wanted to lead Yao Ling to the man, however, he was intercepted by the brat.

Yu Wen didn\'t hesitate to cut off Yao Ying\'s words and quickly held Yao Ling\'s arm like a little kid. "Pretty jie jie, I will lead you to Qing Hui." Then, he smiled cutely. It was far too different from his previous overbearing and bad-tempered kid who kept shouting at Yao Ying and Lin Jian. Yao Ying who at first thought that Yu Wen\'s childishness was refreshing --- changed his mind!

\'This brat!!\' Yao Ying thought to himself.

Yao Ling had heard Yao Ying mentioned Yu Wen\'s age, so she treated him like a younger brother and smiled, "Of course." She helplessly looked at Yao Ying but she was still grinning sheepishly.

Knowing that Yao Ling agreed to him, Yu Wen looked at Yao Ying and smirked, taunting the jealous man with a smug face.

Yao Ying felt like beating the naughty kid, but he knew that checking Qing Hui\'s condition was the main priority.