His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 183 - Lin Zhou: Hei Yue (6)

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Chapter 183 - Lin Zhou: Hei Yue (6)

Before Qing Hui could answer, one of the men behind him hit the spot behind his neck to make him unconscious. Qing Hui went weak and he fell down before the man behind him could catch Qing Hui... Yao Ying made a sudden decision. He used his qing gong and pulled Qing Hui to his side. He needed to know what\'s wrong with Qing Hui and why he detected an abnormality in his behavior.

He had to have Qing Hui. With that thought in mind, Yao Ying didn\'t hesitate to take Qing Hui away under their nose. He had a feeling that once that man got ahold of Qing Hui, he would kill him.

The man was surprised by Yao Ying\'s sudden movement and he wasn\'t prepared, so he couldn\'t take Qing Hui back. Yao Ying threw Qing Hui to Xiu without care and said, "You take care of him. Don\'t let anyone take him and go inside the room!"

After saying that, Yao Ying quickly gave a signal to the others and the two sides began fighting mercilessly. This time, it\'s a real fight.

"Yes, Young Master," Xiu quickly took Qing Hui and went into the room. After closing the door, he put Qing Hui on the floor. All of this was seen by Hei Yue who suddenly came out of his hiding. Xiu didn\'t know about it, so he was surprised when he saw Hei Yue. Just like Yao Ying, Xiu recognized him because of his dark skin color.

Hei Yue looked at Qing Hui in hatred. It was unlike the previous confused and hurt expression that he had. When he heard Qing Hui\'s words, their friendship and brotherhood had vanished.

Xiu also understood that something was not right with Qing Hui, his young master needed him and he couldn\'t let Hei Yue hurt him. So he decided to appease Hei Yue first. "Mister, my young master has ordered me to protect this man. Please don\'t make it difficult for this one!" In a way, Xiu was giving a warning to Hei Yue not to be reckless.

Hei Yue went out of his trance and quickly calmed himself down. Even though he hated Qing Hui to the bone, he couldn\'t bear to kill him. This was the first time that he felt he was too weak. Rather than dwelling on Qing Hui, he decided to just turn around and pay him no mind.

Xiu sighed in relief after knowing that Hei Yue went into the inner room.

Xiu checked on his condition and felt that Qing Hui was only unconscious --- it was nothing major. However, his body was slightly feverish. He didn\'t dare to leave Qing Hui\'s side, even though he was itchy to join into the fight outside. He also didn\'t dare to take a peek and watch the fight --- just in case Hei Yue would attack Qing Hui when he was careless.

Back to the fight, the two sides were still fighting vigorously. It was lucky that Yao Ying and Yu Wen\'s side didn\'t fight to death previously or else they would have no stamina left to fight those many people. They were quite skilled and even now... they are still on par with each other. If they were hurt before this fight, they probably couldn\'t put up any resistance and would be slaughtered by the enemies.

"Who are you?" Yao Ying asked. He assumed that the masked man who dared to hit Qing Hui must be the leader, so he threw the question at that person.

"You don\'t have to know anything about us!" The man sneered. "You only need to die!"

"Qing Hui isn\'t your real leader, isn\'t he?" Yao Ying asked, taunting him to reveal more secret. "Must have been a pain in the ass to serve such a stupid master, right?!"

"No need to talk too much! Just use your hands to fight!" The man yelled in annoyance.

"I\'m just asking. Why are you so agitated?!" Yao Ying laughed while kept taunting the man. "You don\'t seem to worry about Qing Hui\'s safety, huh? Why? It\'s time to throw him away, am I right?"

The man decided not to answer Yao Ying --- afraid that he would accidentally reveal something, so instead, he increased his attack speed. Even though he brought a lot of people, he could see how they were at a disadvantage. The only thing that he could do was trying to finish Yao Ying off as soon as possible, knowing that he was the leader.

However, it wasn\'t that easy. He had used the fastest speed to attack the man, but he couldn\'t land a blow at all. It seemed like the more he attacked, Yao Ying\'s speed kept increasing. He couldn\'t catch up at all.

"Ah... I almost forgot to say... Once Qing Hui wakes up, I will be able to find out about your leader." Yao Ying grinned happily. "I\'m curious which prince your master is..."

The man gritted his teeth and he started to attack more viciously. That stupid Qing Hui! If he didn\'t almost blurt out their prince\'s name, his cover wouldn\'t be blown just like this. The enemy wouldn\'t be this vigilance and they would be easier to eradicate them.

It seemed like Qing Hui had become a liability. He needed to shut his mouth by killing him after he finished dealing with Yao Ying.

"Ahhh... come on... tell this one... who is your prince\'s name?" Yao Ying didn\'t feel tired taunting the man. He was lucky that he had made several breakthroughs under Shi Fu or he would die on his first mission. Now, he is able to play with this assassin.

Yao Ying felt the more he moved, the lighter it became. The more he fought in real combat, the more he was able to do various techniques. It seemed like his body knew how to move seamlessly and do some unknown techniques. Was these the martial arts skills that he had learned in the past?

If he paid close attention, the difference between his old techniques and the one that he learned from Shi Fu was that his old techniques always aimed to kill the enemy with precision. It reminded him of his illusion back at Long\'an. Was he really that cruel person? He thought to himself.

When he thought about his own techniques, Yao Ying was distracted and the man almost successfully hurt him. He decided not to think about his techniques anymore and focused himself on the fight. He let his body move more freely and go all out --- he wanted to know the full extent of his abilities.

Yao Ying knew that this man wouldn\'t tell him the prince\'s name and probably would choose to kill himself rather than betraying his master. "Are you sure that you choose not to tell me?" Yao Ying\'s previous playful demeanor was gone and his expression became colder.

The man could feel the change in his aura but didn\'t think much about it. He sneered and answered, "I\'m sure."

After hearing the man\'s answer, Yao Ying decided to finish the fight quickly. He killed the man in less than one incense stick of time, even Lin Jian was surprised by Yao Ying\'s sudden increase in combat skills.

Lin Jian remembered what his father said. Yao Ying was the type who would grow more powerful once he was in a real fight, it was because of his ability to adapt to the situation. However, it wasn\'t supposed to be this fast too. Lin Jian only took note at Yao Ying\'s progress but didn\'t say anything about it.

"Don\'t let anyone alive!" Lin Jian gave an order when he looked around. The fight was almost finished, but he needed to remind everyone about it. If one of them was able to run out, they would be able to call a backup. They knew their face and it would be dangerous because they would be entangled in the matter between these two organizations.

He believed that they would hunt him down because they knew about their secret and plan.

After the leader was killed, it was easier for them to kill the rest. Yao Ying didn\'t feel tired at all, so he quickly went to the house because he wanted to check on Qing Hui\'s odd behavior.