His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 182 - Lin Zhou: Hei Yue (5)

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Chapter 182 - Lin Zhou: Hei Yue (5)

"Ah... I\'m sorry... it\'s not that Uncle doesn\'t believe you, but Uncle also has another purpose to come here..." Qing Hui grinned widely. He didn\'t even try to compose himself or cover his evil nature. It was far too different from the image that he had built back at the teahouse.

Yao Ying tilted his head to the side and asked, "What is Uncle\'s purpose then?"

"Of course, to bring you some help," Qing Hui answered while pointing at the people behind him.

"I think you are too exaggerated, Uncle. This is really an easy job," Yao Ying smiled. "Why do you need to come here yourself?"

"Where is his body?" Qing Hui asked and he felt the euphoria after knowing that Hei Yue was finally dead.

"Inside..." Yao Ying answered. "Uncle... why did you want to kill him? This man didn\'t have any martial arts skills at all! Are you sure that he was A Thousand Swords\' leader? I\'m afraid that I killed the wrong person." Yao Ying continued to act and let the lunatic tell his thought loudly.

"Don\'t worry! You got the right person if he was really a cripple," Qing Hui laughed merrily. What Yao Ying said had proved that he indeed killed Hei Yue. He didn\'t kill the wrong person! Hei Yue was gone!

"But... how?" Yao Ying pretended to be confused. "How did he lose his martial art skills?"

Qing Hui knew that he already had the upper hand. He would kill everyone after this, so he didn\'t hold himself back answered Yao Ying arrogantly, "Of course, it was done by me! I gave him a poison!" Qing Hui laughed. "He didn\'t even feel suspicious of me! The stupid man!"

When Yao Ying heard that cruel statement, Yao Ying was able to hear a hint of sadness in his voice. It was only subtle so other people didn\'t pick up that sadness.

Hei Yue heard what Qing Hui had said because of Qing Hui\'s loud voice. The last hope inside him was shredded into pieces. The man had admitted his deed so there was no point in remembering their past relationship anymore.

Yu Wen yelled, "Why?! Master is your best friend!! Your sworn brother! How could you do that?"

Qing Hui looked at Yao Ying with a righteous manner, "He\'s colluding with an outside force, trying to take my place. I\'m only protecting myself. What\'s wrong with that?"

Yao Ying who already knew the truth felt disgusted by this man two-faced behavior. He didn\'t feel remorse for hurting and killing Hei Yue at all, but he also had the gut to turn around the fact and put the blame at Hei Yue\'s body.

Yao Ying knew that this wasn\'t the right time for him to talk. He didn\'t want Qing Hui to feel suspicious of him, or else, he wouldn\'t answer his question.

Yu Wen once again yelled in anger, "Colluding with an outside force?! You lie! My master never did that! It\'s you! You are framing my master!!"

Qing Hui laughed, looking at the miserable Yu Wen. "Don\'t worry! You are next!" Then, he turned to Yao Ying, "You already killed Hei Yue and now you have become my accomplish!"

"Accomplish? Didn\'t you say that Hei Yue was the traitor? Aren\'t you trying to uphold justice? Why did you use the word \'accomplish\'?" Yao Ying squinted his eyes, asking. He didn\'t want to be associated with this man any longer.

"We are on the same boat now, so I will tell you the truth!" Qing Hu didn\'t bother to cover his own evil nature anymore. "I used to take him as my own sworn brother, but time has changed and it could also change people\'s heart."

"There\'s always a reason for a change. What happened to you?" Yao Ying pretended to ask in concern, showing that he cared about Qing Hui.

"Hah! Just because he had a high martial arts skills, he became so arrogant! I asked him to join forces with me and followed a great person, he deliberately refused me and at the same time, kept nagging me and giving unnecessary advice!" Qing Hui said in resentment.

Hei Yue couldn\'t believe what he just heard. It was just because of that? Because of that man whom he suddenly worshipped out of nowhere? Once he met that man, he already knew that he wasn\'t a good thing. He cared about Qing Hui, thus he kept pestering him not to fall into that man\'s trap. His care to him suddenly became arrogant in Qing Hui\'s eyes.

Was their friendship reduced into this?!

That man wanted to ruin the balance between three kingdoms, incite war and want to sit on the dragon throne. That kind of ambitious and cruel man... how could he become so good and amazing in Qing Hui\'s eyes? They had been through together so much for more than a decade, but for the man that he had just met for a few times, he changed so much! Hei Yue couldn\'t even recognize Qing Hui anymore.

Yao Ying asked, "A great man? Who?" Yao Ying hoped that he would be able to know the mastermind\'s name.

Qing Hui had an expression of admiration on his face and his eyes were hazy, making Yao Ying shudder. "He\'s a great man with a great aspiration. He planned to unite the three kingdoms and bring peace to the world!" Qing Hui exclaimed.

Yao Ying was beyond speechless. "Uncle, before uniting the three kingdoms, what is his first step in order to achieve that?" Yao Ying tried to steer his mind and judgment in the right direction.

"Of course, sitting on the dragon throne and I will make sure that he will be able to do that!" Qing Hui said smugly.

Yao Ying shook his head. "This is not a great aspiration. This is what we called as selfish! In order to become an Emperor, I believe he would kill the current Emperor, right? That\'s called treason! Not only that, for him to achieve that... how many lives that he wants to sacrifice?"

Qing Hui said stiffly, "In order to do great things, sacrifice is a must!"

Yao Ying asked something that stabbed a knife to Qing Hui\'s heart, "Just like you sacrifice your own sworn brother to your own blind ambition? In my eyes, you are not doing it for the greater good... but you only want to fulfill your own ambition! You have been blinded so badly by the man that you called a great person!"

"No!" Qing Hui denied the throbbing inside his heart. He wasn\'t going to feel sorry and regret for killing Hei Yue. That man didn\'t want to see eye to eye with him and he also hindered his movement. That was the only thing that he could do! His eyes became crazier by the second.

Yao Ying was able to see the abnormality in his eyes and he was puzzled by that. He could see that Qing Hui\'s emotion wasn\'t stable, it was as though... he was battling inside his own mind. Yao Ying looked at Lin Jian and judging from Lin Jian\'s expression, the latter also felt the same way as Yao Ying.

Yao Ying was weighing his option whether he had to keep provoking Qing Hui or not. Qing Hui\'s behavior made him cautious. Something wasn\'t right with that man. This much, he was able to feel it. He decided to go all out, but he gave a signal to Lin Jian and Xiu to prepare himself --- just in case, something would happen.

Yao Ying asked once again, "That man must be not having royal blood in his body, right? That\'s why he tried to shake the Shu Kingdom\'s foundation from the outside? If he\'s royal blood, he would certainly fight in the capital."

Qing Hui felt a sudden headache and his eyes became a bit red, then he answered Yao Ying in a menacing tone, "He\'s one of the royal blood! Otherwise, I also won\'t be crazy enough to help him and keep in touch with him!"

Yao Ying finally found out that it was indeed one of the royal blood\'s doing. Was it one of the prince?

"Ha! So, it must have been a prince!" Yao Ying pushed once again, hoping that QIng Hui would be able to give him a satisfactory answer.

Qing Hui usually wouldn\'t answer easily just like this, however... his head was getting dizzier and there were many voices talking inside his mind. He opened his mouth and answered, "It\'s..."