His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 181 - Lin Zhou: Hei Yue (4)

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Chapter 181 - Lin Zhou: Hei Yue (4)

Yao Ying wondered to himself. If he was a hotheaded person that was easily blinded by the prize, wouldn\'t Hei Yue already die because of it? If Hei Yue wasn\'t being crippled, he wouldn\'t even feel suspicious by Qing Hui\'s instigation.

Hei Yue asked carefully, "Are you really willing to let go of those three pieces of free information?"

Yao Ying laughed. "Of course, I\'m willing. I\'m not that greedy. Even if I\'m in dire need of some pieces of information, but I can find a way to find out about it myself. The difference is that it will take longer for me to find out about it. That\'s all!" Yao Ying answered calmly.

Hei Yue nodded. Knowing that Yao Ying could be trusted, Hei Yue decided to tell him, "You don\'t need to worry about that. I can also offer the same condition as him, after all, the flow of information also goes inside my A Thousand Swords --- not only A Thousand Words. What he knows... I also know."

Yao Ying looked up in surprise. "Really?"

"Of course." Hei Yue nodded.

Yao Ying suddenly stopped talking and he made a gesture to let Hei Yue stop talking too. He tried to listen to something from the outside. The sound of the fake fighting suddenly was gone. They already knew that without Yao Ying or Hei Yue\'s signal, they shouldn\'t stop.

Yao Ying mouthed, "Something is wrong outside. I will go check it out. You should stay inside. Don\'t worry! We will protect you." Yao Ying gave his promise to protect Hei Yue. He made an arrangement with Hei Yue before he went out.

Hei Yue massaged his head tiredly. "I think it\'s him, Qing Hui. He probably already knows that you are not going to kill him on his behalf. I believe... he will also try to kill you if you fail to kill me," Hei Yue predicted.

Yao Ying nodded. "I know." Without being told, he already knew that a wicked person like Qing Hui --- who had no moral whatsoever would never let him go.

After making sure that Hei Yue was hidden safely, Yao Ying went out of the room lazily. When he arrived at the front courtyard, there were two forces facing each other in hatred. One was his comrades and Hei Yue\'s while the other was Qing Hui\'s force.

Qing Hui stood in front of his force proudly. There were only thirteen people including Yao Ying on their side, while on Qing Hui\'s side, there were more than twenty people. Judging from their look, it seemed like they had quite a skill.

Yao Ying felt like this was probably the part that made Yao Ling\'s heart didn\'t feel good. A sudden attack from Qing Hui had suddenly occurred. It was lucky for them that they had analyzed beforehand everything carefully. Yao Ling\'s nagging feeling made them become more careful. If they blindly attacked Hei Yue, then both sides would receive quite a damage. On the other hand, Qing Hui\'s side would be the one who received the benefits.

Once they appeared, there would be no struggle on their side because Yao Ying\'s party and Hei Yue\'s party had been hurt badly. Qing Hui would be able to kill Hei Yue without dirtying his hands while at the same time... he would kill Yao Ying\'s party and throw the blame at them. Once A Thousand Swords\' people heard about this, the rage would be directed at them. He would only appear to be pitiful and heartbroken, then it would look like that it had nothing to do with him.

What a great plan, huh!

"Uncle Qing Hui... what are you doing here?" Yao Ying asked calmly with fake politeness. This man had made him lose his respect toward him because of his wickedness.

Lin Jian saw Yao Ying\'s tense behavior and he knew that the one who lied probably Qing Hui. He whispered to Yu Wen, "It seems like we will be comrades and fight at the same side after this." Yu Wen nodded his head but didn\'t say much.

Although he felt dissatisfied, Yu Wen had no other choice. There were too many enemies for only four people to handle. They came here just to catch back the master\'s good for nothing son. Who knew that they would meet this traitor here? If he knew beforehand, he would bring a lot more people to Lin Zhou.

Although Yu Wen didn\'t listen to the conversation between his master and Yao Ying, he wasn\'t stupid enough not to realize that Qing Hui had something to do with the master\'s son and this sudden attack from Yao Ying. He already told his master a few times to be careful around Qing Hui, but his master was too kind and he was too trusting toward Qing Hui. He only remembered the past Qing Hui and didn\'t want to admit to himself that Qing Hui had changed.

It wasn\'t until he was crippled and the evidence was there that the master finally believed him, but it was already too late. The cost was his martial arts skills had gone just like that.

Qing Hui\'s laughter brought Yu Wen back to the present situation. "Of course... I have to observe your skill and whether you are indeed successful in doing your job... or not." Qing Hui said leisurely with a hint of wickedness.

Yao Ying laughed back. "Don\'t worry, Uncle! The deed has been done... I already killed Hei Yue!" Yao Ying showed to Qing Hu the sword that had been tainted with blood.

Yu Wen was surprised when he heard what Yao Ying said and he yelled in disbelief, "What?! You killed my master!! You coward! How could you kill an ordinary man?!"

Yu Wen was quite puzzled. He didn\'t hear any sounds inside the room but why Yao Ying said that he had already killed his master. Did he really kill his master?

Yao Ying glanced at Yu Wen coldly. "I already killed him, so what are you yapping about?"

Yu Wen was surprised by Yao Ying\'s sudden cold glance, but he accidentally saw the subtle movement on Yao Ying\'s eyes. An assurance? What did it mean? Master wasn\'t dead? Was this just an act? That must be it!

Yu Wen\'s eye twinkled for a little bit before it was gone. He wasn\'t that stupid. If Yao Ying wanted to kill his master, there was no need for him to talk with his master for so long. He quickly went along with Yao Ying\'s act and started to get angrier.

At first, Qing Hui was quite sure with the fact that Yao Ying hadn\'t killed Hei Yue. After all, he saw clearly that both sides only pretending to be fighting each other! He thought that this boy was smart, but he fell into his trap easily. Hah! Indeed, he was the only smartest person here.

Qing Hui furrowed his eyebrows and asked, "Do you tell me the truth?"

Yao Ying nodded. "Of course! I was just acting to gain that stupid person\'s trust. After that stupid person pretended to be fighting, I killed his master." Yao Ying pointed at Yu Wen. What he meant was all of this was decoy... he just wanted to let Yu Wen lower his guard down and without his meddling, he killed Hei Yue easily just now.

"What did you say?" Yu Wen was going to jump and stab Yao Ying, but he was being held back by Lin Jian and some of Xiao Fang\'s guards. On the other hand, the three people from Yu Wen\'s side also stopped by Xiao Fang\'s guards and Xiu\'s by pointing the sharp swords on their neck. One move and all of them would be killed.

\'That damn Yao Ying!! How could he say that I\'m stupid?! What kind of act is that? Why is he insulting me?!\' Yu Wen scowled at Yao Ying in displeasure.

Qing Hui laughed like a maniac. "Good! Good! I\'m certainly not choosing the wrong person!"

"Uncle Qing Hui, didn\'t you say that you need our help to kill Hei Yue? But why didn\'t he have any martial arts skills? Why do you look like you don\'t trust us?" Yao Ying pretended to ask in confusion.

Yao Ying wanted to see what this monster would say about that. This was Hei Yue\'s request.