His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 168 - Long'An: Han Xiang and Xiao Fang (1)

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Chapter 168 - Long\'An: Han Xiang and Xiao Fang (1)

Yao Ling didn\'t know whether to laugh or cry. At first, Xiao Fang looked so beautiful like a deity because of her eyes and made her feel it was hard to get closer to her. She never thought there was a cute side of her and Xiao Fang already said the \'facts\' word a bit louder, everyone probably heard about it. And yet, she still tried to pretend to be dumb. It made her speechless.

Yao Ying said from behind them with a loud voice, "En... Even I clearly heard that you said facts."

Xiao Fang felt embarrassed because of that. She felt like slapping her own mouth. She knew that Yao Ling didn\'t have any weird intention, she was just merely gossiping about the big events that shook the balance of the three kingdoms, so she couldn\'t fault her.

She sighed and answered them, "Yes. All of those are facts. It seems like the gossiper\'s aunt indeed worked in the palace. It\'s a public secret for the people in the palace that Han Xiang is the abandoned Princess."

"How do you know?" Yao Ling asked curiously.

Xiao Fang contemplated for a few moments whether she should tell them the truth or not. "She\'s my best friend," she admitted.

Yao Ling\'s eyes widened. "Huh? How come?"

"You mean how come an abandoned princess is able to have a friend?" Xiao Fang asked.

Yao Ling nodded. She knew that her question was quite rude, but she couldn\'t stop herself in time from asking. She didn\'t think that an abandoned princess would have a privilege in the friend department because even the eunuchs and palace maids probably wouldn\'t respect the princess.

"I accidentally met with her once in the palace," Xiao Fang started reminiscing. "You don\'t know how cruel they treated the young princess. She has no powerful maternal family to back her up and she also didn\'t have his father\'s love. Her future was bleak..."

Yao Ling took a peek at Lin Jian and she could see how his fists were tightly clenched under his sleeves and how his whole body was tense. He tried to imagine his little sister\'s pain and his heart clenched in pain.

Xiao Fang continued talking, "When I met her, her eyes were dead with no hope in life. She\'s the same age as me but instead of laughter... I only see pain." Xiao Fang remembered that Han Xiang had given up on her life at that time.

She almost jumped on the pond just to let everything go and she was only five at that time. Xiao Fang\'s older brother was the one who saved her. A step too late and she would have stopped breathing.

"What happened to her?" Yao Ling asked.

"Neglected, no fresh foods for her, malnutrition, insulted by the palace maids and eunuchs --- you name it and she had been through all of those bad treatments. She became the victim of the harsh environment inside the palace," Xiao Fang said. "She was only five... what could she do? She just wanted to end her pain."

"What happened after that?" Yao Ling really pitied the princess. She was only five and she had been through hell.

"My father\'s position in the court was quite stable back then. I begged my father to save the princess and let her be my companion..."

"Huh? Your companion?!" Yao Ling asked in disbelief. "I only heard that the daughters of officials are the ones who suppose to become a princess\' study companion!" Yao Ling exclaimed.

"Well... I was only five and besides, I thought that she was only a maid. Her clothes were even uglier than the palace maids and some places were already tattered," Xiao Fang answered while blushing in embarrassment. She was indeed too rash back then and the story had been retold a few times by her brother just for the sake of mocking her... so she was able to remember this part clearly.

Yao Ling laughed out loud. Xiao Fang stared daggers at her and muttered, "No need to laugh. My father smacked my head because of it. After all, the other party is still a princess even though she was abandoned."

It was said that Xiao Fang\'s father reported the incident to the Emperor. Even though the Emperor didn\'t like this princess, he wouldn\'t openly abandon her in front of his subordinates because he didn\'t want to lose his face in front of them. The Emperor shamelessly thought that no one would know about his true self, but Xiao Fang\'s father was able to use this to his advantage and made his shamlessness the reason that Han Xiang was saved.

Xiao Fang\'s father stroke the iron while it was still hot and asked permission for Xiao Fang to become the princess\' companion because she pitied the princess and also he saw how much Xiao Fang liked the princess. After all, Xiao Fang was his most beloved daughter and he fully pampered her.

The Emperor was stunned because of the sudden request. He didn\'t know the condition of his unfavored daughter for the past few years and how she had survived in the palace. Even if she was dead, he probably wouldn\'t bat an eyelashes.

Because of Xiao Fang\'s father\'s request, The Emperor started to pay attention to it and make Han Xiang\'s living condition improve before finally letting Xiao Fang come to the palace and become Han Xiang\'s companion.

"Why did he agree so easily?" Yao Ling asked curiously. "He could just reject your father\'s plea, right? After all, he was the mighty Emperor..."

Xiao Fang still didn\'t want to divulge her real identity, so she just answered vaguely, "As I said, it was because the Emperor didn\'t want to portray himself of a cruel and heartless father in his subordinates\' hearts. He has an image to maintain."

What Xiao Fang said was the half-truth... if her father wasn\'t a powerful figure, the Emperor wouldn\'t give her father\'s any face. He was afraid offending her father, that\'s why it was easy for her to become the princess\' new companion.

"Why are you so interested in Han Xiang?" The Emperor asked quietly.

"Your Majesty, it\'s because my youngest daughter seems to like Little Princess and she has been crying for a few days just because she wants to see the princess. So, if I don\'t get your permission, then my day won\'t be peaceful anymore," Xiao Fang\'s father answered truthfully. He didn\'t want to go head-to-head with the Emperor, so he used his daughter as an excuse.

The Emperor knew how mischievous, naughty, and overbearing Xiao Fang was. His suspicion toward his favorite subordinate was gone. At first, he was suspicious of his sudden interest toward Han Xiang. He was afraid that the man in front of him would use Han Xiang as a pawn, but if it was Xiao Fang\'s request, then there was nothing to be suspicious about.

"Sure... let your daughter come to accompany Princess Han Xiang every day. I will assign teachers for them," The Emperor gave his agreement in his dismissive tone. He didn\'t really care about Han Xiang, but he had to find the best teachers because he had to give a face to the man in front of him. After all, his daughter would learn along with Han Xiang.

Forget it! The better education for Han Xiang in four arts, the better he could use her when she blossomed into a maiden. After that, the Emperor had already forgotten all about Han Xiang. In his mind, he didn\'t really have this daughter. If he saw her, Han Xiang would only remind him of that woman and his pride wouldn\'t allow him to admit that.

Starting from that day, Han Xiang\'s life was getting better. She got the education that she needed, she had new friends, and because of the power of her new friend\'s father... the servants didn\'t dare to bully her. Other princes didn\'t really pay her any mind because a princess wasn\'t going to involve in the power struggle, however, her day would be eventful because of some of the princesses that envied her beauty.

Yao Ling asked curiously, "Xiao Fang... is Han Xiang the reason you are going to Lin Zhou?"

Xiao Fang looked at Yao Ling in distress and finally admitted, "Actually, yes..."