His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 166 - Long'An: Xiao Fang

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Chapter 166 - Long\'An: Xiao Fang

The assassin leader tried to pierce his sword to the woman\'s direction, but Lin Jian deflected it easily. However, the tip of the sword managed to fling the woman\'s veil away. The woman\'s eyes widened in surprise when she saw what happened in front of her. Her grip on her short sword tightened.

Did this man actually try to save her? She blinked her eyes in disbelief.

They just met but even a stranger was better than her own family. Her eyes slightly teared up in gratitude. She relaxed her hand and put the short sword back to its hiding place. She felt relieved because she didn\'t have to hurt other people.

The maidservant beside the woman frantically caught the fallen veil and quickly helped the woman put the veil back on. This time, she ties the veil tighter than before, so it wouldn\'t easily fall. The woman looked at the maidservant in gratitude. In her surprised state, she almost forgot about covering her face with her veil.

Lin Jian was too busy dealing with the assassin leader to notice what happened behind his back. By the time he already killed the assassin leader and turned his body around to face the woman, the woman had finished tidying up her veil and her beautiful face was hidden from the world once again.

Yao Ying and Yao Ling only saw the woman\'s face for a split second, but they could only make out the outline. The sunlight hid the woman\'s face and from Yao Ying and Yao Ling\'s position, they could only see the outline of her face because her face was overcome by shadow. From the outline, they could see that the woman had a small oval face with lovely pouty cherry-red lips. That\'s all! However, they knew that this woman was quite a beauty.

Lin Jian asked the woman in concern, "Are you okay?"

The woman nodded despite her slightly pale face. She looked at Lin Jian in admiration but in a flash, the subtle hint of admiration was gone. "Thank you, Gong zi for saving this lowly one\'s life."

Lin Jian\'s mouth slightly twitched. What lowly woman? He\'s pretty sure that this woman is an important person --- at least, in her clan or household. Otherwise, how could Jiang Hu people willingly guard her with their life? He noticed a certain symbol in each of the guard\'s\' inner wrist -- the yin and yang symbol that was designed specifically for a certain famous sect.

\'Who is this woman\'s identity?\' Lin Jian asked himself. This sect wouldn\'t easily let themselves be coerced to guard a mere woman easily -- unless she\'s someone important. Not only that, this sect was famous for hating to entangle themselves with the political or personal matter of common people.

Lin Jian decided to follow along with the woman\'s decision to hide her identity. It wasn\'t his problem anyway and his hands were already full with the two newbies behind him. "No need to thank me, Gu Niang. It\'s merely a simple help," Lin Jian humbly said.

This time, Yao Ying and Yao Ling\'s mouths that twitched. They never saw such a humbly Lin Jian --- indeed the hero would always lose to a beauty\'s charm.

Lin Jian was no better than Yao Ling when he looked into the woman\'s eyes. He lost in that mystique gray eyes but his demeanor was far calmer than Yao Ling previously. He decided to nod and let the woman be. Before he could turn around and left her there, the woman stopped him with a question, "Gong zi, may I ask where is your next destination?"

Lin Jian furrowed his eyebrows. He didn\'t feel comfortable in telling her their next destination and he took a peek at Yao Ying and Yao Ling. They both shrugged their shoulders, telling him that it was all up to him whether he wanted to tell her or not.

He looked at the woman\'s pleading eyes and his heart softened for a bit. He decided to ask, "Lin Zhou. Is there something that Gu Niang need from me?" This much... Lin Jian was able to guess. She probably needed help with something.

The woman\'s eyes lit up. "Gong zi, I\'m also heading to the same direction. Do you mind if we go together?" She proposed an offer shamelessly.

Lin Jian was taken aback by the woman\'s bravery. She seemed to be too comfortable near him --- a mere stranger. "Er... I\'m fine with it, but Gu Niang... how about your reputation?" Wasn\'t a woman usually scared about a ruined reputation?

The woman laughed with her sweet crispy voice. "What\'s the use of reputation if I die beforehand?" The woman seemed to joke around but there was a slightly mocking tone in her voice -- it seemed like she was mocking her own fate. Lin Jian was able to perceive the sadness in her eyes.

"Young Miss..." Han Yi looked at her young miss in distress. She knew how hard it was for her young miss, but she was too weak... she wasn\'t able to help her at all.

Lin Jian furrowed his eyebrows. The woman had a lot of guards --probably around twelve, but even with their high skills, three of them were killed by the assassins. He asked bluntly, "So... in other words, you need my protection?" Then he corrected himself, "Our protection?" He didn\'t forget to include Yao Ying and Xiu.

The woman nodded. "Coincidentally, I will meet up with my family at Lin Zhou. I will give you a hefty payment there. Don\'t worry... I won\'t make you eat a loss," The woman said softly.

"No need for the payment. Our destination is coincidentally the same. It\'s probably because we have a fate, so we should treat it as a new friendship," Lin Jian refused her offer of compensation. He wasn\'t lacking money, why should he squander the woman\'s money? Having a good connection was quite good. He just hoped that bringing her wouldn\'t affect their mission.

"Gong zi, what\'s your name?" The woman once again asked. This time, it\'s accompanied by a hint of shyness.

"Lin Jian. Gu Niang?" Lin Jian asked the woman\'s name back.

Yao Ying and Yao Ling sat on the side while eating dried food. Yao Ling whispered, "Why do I feel like there are only both of them left in this world?"

Yao Ying nodded in agreement. "Indeed. They are a bit too intimate for the first meeting." They pretended to act and replied Lin Jian and that Gu Niang\'s conversation words by words.

They were both eating and drinking leisurely like they were watching a lovely performance. They talked in a low voice, but Lin Jian was a martial arts practitioner and his hearing was quite good. Did they think he couldn\'t hear how they mocked him? His face was slighty darkened and he would pay them back later!

Yao Ling really wanted to laugh out loud, she knew that Lin Jian was listening to their conversation. Even though the man had tanned skin, but she was able to see the slightly reddened ears --- the man was actually blushing!

"You can call me Xiao Fang [=means Little Fang]," The woman said softly.

Han Yi looked at her young miss in surprise... Xiao Fang? Why did Young Miss use that name? Didn\'t Young Miss always hate to be called that? She wanted to speak up but decided against it. It was her young miss\' decision so she could only abide by it.

Lin Jian nodded and then he called Yao Ying and Yao Ling over. He introduced them to Xiao Fang. "This is my best friend and his wife, Yao Ying and Yao Ling. If we are going to go together, it will be better if we get acquainted with each other."

Xiao Fang softly smiled, "Nice to meet you."

Yao Ling nodded happily and then blurted out excitedly, "I always want to say... I love your mesmerizing eyes!"

Xiao Fang giggled and said thank you. "You are also so beautiful..." Xiao Fang didn\'t exaggerate her response, Yao Ling was indeed beautiful in her eyes.

They chatted for a bit and somehow Yao Ling quite liked Xiao Fang. She didn\'t seem to be a fake person.

"Where are you from?" Yao Ling asked curiously. If they wanted to become real friends, she should know Xiao Fang\'s background a little bit.