His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 163 - Long'An: A Glimpse of His Past

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Chapter 163 - Long\'An: A Glimpse of His Past

"I don\'t know the real master, but I can tell you about our contact\'s appearance because we also didn\'t ask her name..." The assassin only met with the maidservant and they only cared about the money. They didn\'t need to know the real master as long as they received half of the payment in advance, the rest would be paid after the mission was completed.

The man gave them a detailed description of the maidservant and they knew who the mastermind was. It was one of the concubines. When they finished their mission, they would be back and pay her back.

"What will you do after this?" Yao Ling asked the man.

"Er... I don\'t know?" The man was taken aback by Yao Ling\'s question. He didn\'t think that they would let them go. How could he know what he would do after this? Was this woman joking with him?! He thought that he would be dead for sure.

"If I pay you, would you do something for me? That way... you will also survive today..." Yao Ling asked with a glint in her eyes however her expression couldn\'t be deciphered. "I want to make a deal with you."

"What?" The assassin asked in confusion. He was taken aback by the sudden turn of event.

Before the man could answer her, Yao Ling gave a signal for Xiu to open the man\'s mouth. She quickly threw something onto the man\'s mouth. "I just gave you another poison. This one will torture you slowly and you need an antidote. You can only live for about..." Yao Ling counted with her hands and then grinned, "One week."

"If you are able to finish the mission and find me, I will not only give you an antidote but also give you the payment. What do you think?" Yao Ling asked with a soft smile and her appearance didn\'t look like someone who was blackmailing someone else.

The man laughed bitterly. "What choice do I have? Tell me the mission!" He didn\'t have the gut to ask how much the payment was.

"I want to give a warning to the real master behind your mission. It\'s easy. Just kill the maidservant who gave you the mission. How is that sound?" Yao Ling told him with a glint of ruthless in her eyes. She was tired of being scared, besides this concubine was ruthless to them. Why should they be lenient to her? They didn\'t want to wait and then to be slaughtered.

The assassin was taken aback but he quite admired this woman\'s smart mind. He could only nod and answer her positively, "I\'ll do it!" Then, after pondering for a little while, he asked, "Where should I find you after I accomplish the mission?"

"Er... I\'m on a honeymoon trip..." Yao Ling pretended not to know their next destination and she turned to Yao Ying and asked, "Husband... where will be one week from now?"

Yao Ying had a tacit understanding and answered on her behalf, "We probably will go sightseeing at Lin Zhou. I heard there are a lot of fun things to do there."

Yao Ling nodded and told the assassin, "You heard him... My husband chooses Lin Zhou as our next destination and we will stay there for a little while. The faster you finish the job, the better. You still need time to search for our whereabouts," Yao Ling said with an angelic and deadly smile.

The assassin nodded. After he said that, Xiu released the man. The assassin bade goodbye and quickly left, trying to do his mission as fast as possible. He didn\'t have the time to think about revenge and he was also sensible, they indeed tried to kill them first and they only retaliated. He sighed. No wonder his brother always said that he was a coward and too kind to become an assassin.

Yao Ling sighed in relief and when she looked around, she was taken aback by the others\' expression. They looked so shocked and there was a hint of fear in their eyes --- only Yao Ying, the one who looked at her dotingly. She didn\'t know whether she should laugh or cry. This was also the first time she behaved like a villain ah~ Somehow... it was quite fun!

After the tension was gone, Yao Ling could feel her leg weaken. She almost fell but luckily, Yao Ying caught her in time. "Are you okay?" He asked in worry.

Yao Ling shook her head. "I\'m fine... It\'s just after the tense event, I feel weak all of a sudden. Probably because of fear," She answered coquettishly.

The others looked at her in disbelief. \'Big Sister ah~ When did you feel scared? You look so savage just now ah~\'

Then, she asked hesitantly to Yao Ying, "Do you think I\'m too cruel?"

Yao Ying shook his head back. "No... you are just protecting us. If I were you, I\'d do the same thing."

Lin Jian quickly said, "Whoaaa... Yao Ling... You were so cool just now! What kind of poison was that?" Lin Jian was excited to know that Yao Ling wasn\'t a meek and stupid woman. This woman was more and more interesting ah~ His brother indeed caught an amazing and unique woman as wife.

Yao Ling laughed. "What poison? Just now I only gave him a random pill. I was only bluffing!"

The others were dumbfounded. Her act looked so real! They thought that it was a poison for sure! Xiu and Xiao Yu started to admire their young mistress more and more.

Lin Jian asked, "So... even the first poison that you mentioned is also a bluff?" He sighed in relief. If she was in possession of such a dangerous poison, that would be so scary!

"No... that one is real... I always bring it along with me," Yao Ling answered while dangling the blue bottle with her hand proudly. This was her baby --- her own creation, thus she treated the poison like a precious thing. Yao Ling felt that she was better at making poison than medicine, but she didn\'t tell anyone about that, because she only did this on spare time.

She almost found out Mei Li Gu Niang\'s poison composition and she admitted that that woman was quite a genius. However, she wondered what medicine the matriarch gave Yao Ying because the ingredients seemed a bit foreign to her. Did she actually get it from another kingdom?

Lin Jian, "..." He looked at the woman who lost in thought in front of him. It was best not to offend her in the future. He looked at Yao Ying in pity and awe at the same time. Lin Jian just hoped that Yao Ying would never make this Big Buddha angry or he would be poisoned to death.

With this thought in mind, he quickly flattered Yao Ling, "Sis-in-law, you are the best!"

Yao Ling who was called by her new nickname blushed, feeling shy all of a sudden. Lin Jian was satisfied because his flattery worked.

Yao Ying raised one of his eyebrows, "Sis-in-law?!"

Lin Jian grinned. "You are my brother, so of course Yao Ling automatically becomes my Sis-in-Law!"

Yao Ying nodded in satisfaction. "Good thinking!"

His reply made Lin Jian rolled his eyes in annoyance. Then he remembered something, "Why did you stop at the last minute?" Lin Jian referred to the part where he let the assassin go. He knew that based on Yao Ying\'s skills, he should be able to subdue the assassin without killing him easily.

Yao Ying\'s body was slightly stiffened. He was hoping that they would forget about this matter because he hadn\'t sorted out his mind yet. Yao Ying sighed and felt at a loss on how to answer his question.

He, himself, also didn\'t understand about it too!

However, he knew that an explanation was needed. He could see the curious expression that everyone had and he couldn\'t evade the questions with all of them staring at him --- waiting for his explanation.