His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 162 - Long'An: Assasins (2)

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Chapter 162 - Long\'An: Assasins (2)

Lin Jian ordered Xiu when he saw Yao Ying\'s dazed appearance, "Xiu... chase after that assassin and capture him, but keep him alive!"

Xiu quickly nodded and chased after the assassin.

From the corner of his eyes, Lin Jian still saw Yao Ying\'s stupefied look. If Lin Jian saw the abnormality of Yao Ying\'s state, then the others also noticed it as well --- including Yao Ling. At first, she was in awe with Yao Ying\'s fighting skills. It could be seen that it had improved a lot and the way he moved fluidly was no less than Lin Jian and Xiu.

Probably due to her keen eyes, she was able to see a slight falter in Yao Ying\'s movement and somehow he was in a trance. He even only dumbly looked at the running assassin. When she felt that it was already safe, Yao Ling quickly ran to Yao Ying and asked him in concern, "Are you okay?"

Yao Ling\'s voice forced him out of his trance. Just now... he could distinctly see himself saw the scene where he also fought with assassins -- but he was more skilled than his current self and his skills were actually on par with them. His expression... was cold and he didn\'t even flinch when he killed or disposed of the bodies. He could even see himself as a cruel person in that scene and he shuddered because of that.

\'Was that really him? Who was he?\' He thought to himself.

After he disposed of the bodies, in a split second... he could hear a woman\'s voice calling him softly, "Big brother..." When he was going to turn around and tried to see the woman\'s face, he was woken up by Yao Ling\'s concerned voice.

Yao Ying blinked his eyes and his sight was blurry for a moment before he could finally make out Yao Ling\'s face clearly. He sighed, trying to compose himself, "I\'m fine."

Yao Ling saw his bloody hand and startled --- her previous thought of asking him what\'s wrong was gone with the wind. His back was facing her when he grabbed onto the enemy\'s sword, so she didn\'t know that he was injured. She quickly took a look at Yao Ying\'s hand which made the man\'s heart became warm. He closed his eyes and decided to just ponder over that scene later.

He looked at the way Yao Ling worried about his hand and smiled dotingly toward the oblivious woman. Yao Ling quickly told Xiao Yu to bring their gourd and pour the water over the wound to clean it. She pulled out a medicine bottle from her backpack and sprinkled the powder on his wound before wrapping it with the fabric that she tore from her own gown. She worked efficiently and it made Lin Jian look at her in a different light.

"Is it painful?" Yao Ling asked the obvious due to her worry.

"It\'s not anymore," Yao Ying grinned at her.

Lin Jian murmured, "Oh please... the wound isn\'t that deep!" Why did they give him dog food in broad daylight?

Yao Ling glared at Lin Jian. "Deep or not, it\'s still painful!"

Yao Ying who was behind Yao Ling grinned at Lin Jian and stuck out his tongue, making the latter\'s face darkened. \'This brat!\' He thought to himself. He cursed Yao Ying inwardly for being so arrogant!

Before Lin Jian could scold him, Xiu was back with the assassin. Xiao Yu looked at Xiu and when she saw that Xiu was okay, she sighed in relief. Too bad... Xiu didn\'t see her worried expression because he was too focused on the assassin. Or else, he would be flattered and happy!

Yao Ying looked at the assassin with cold eyes. He had a gut feeling that their master was someone that only knew that they were going on a honeymoon. The master probably guessed that with only the four of them, they couldn\'t handle these assassins. Yao Ying gritted his teeth in anger. It was probably someone from Wang Fu. They really couldn\'t wait to get rid of them, huh? It seemed like when he came back from Lin Zhou, he needed to work on their plan without delay.

"Who hires you?" Lin Jian asked in a stern voice. If the assassin didn\'t give him a satisfactory answer, he wouldn\'t hesitate to torture him after letting the women go first. He wouldn\'t let them see a gory sight.

The assassin looked at them in hatred and answered, "I won\'t tell you!"

Yao Ling was angry because Yao Ying was hurt. She asked in an arrogant tone, "Are you sure?"

The assassin laughed crazily and taunted them. "Kill me... kill me ah~ I won\'t tell you anything!" He had nothing to lose, so why should he tell them about his employer? One of the assassins that they killed was his brother -- the only family that he had left!

Yao Ling smiled evilly at him. "Oh... kill you? That will be too easy for you. I usually never want to involve myself in a mess, but too bad... today you cross my bottom line! So, I will not let you die..."

"Bottom line? What bottom line?" After asking that, the assassin looked up mockingly but his previous laugh faltered when he saw Yao Ling\'s expression. "What... what do you want to do to me?!" He asked, feeling scared because the woman looked at him with piercing cold eyes and silent anger that was able to create havoc. She had an imposing and overbearing manner that made an a.d.u.l.t man like him feel scared.

"You hurt my husband!" She answered with haughty tone and her answer made Yao Ying\'s heart feel warm. Yao Ling pulled out something from her sleeve and laughed softly --- seemingly innocent but also dangerous at the same time. It was a different bottle from the previous medicine. This bottle was blue-colored with intricate design, it seemed like the thing inside was more precious than the previous medicine.

Yao Ling waved the bottle in front of the assassin and asked him, "Do you know what\'s in this bottle?"

"Wh --- what?" The man gulped in fear, after all, he was indeed only an ordinary thug.

"This is a poison. Maybe I should tell you what this poison will do to your fragile body. At first, you will feel numb, so numb that you will lose all your strength. After that, very slowly... a pain will appear and it will get more painful when time goes by. The pain will start to spread in your body. In a few shichen, your nose will start to bleed and of course... it\'s not only from your nose but from every part of your body..." Yao Ling explained. The meaning was clear, he would die a painful death.

Everyone looked dumbfounded at Yao Ling -- except the scared assassin who almost peed on his pants. They never saw Yao Ling\'s bloodthirsty side and it made them shudder in between awe and fear.

"You lie!" The assassin snarled. "I don\'t believe a weak woman like you will be able to do that!"

"Oh... so your employer doesn\'t tell you anything about me, huh?" Yao Ling bluffed.

"Tell me what?" The assassin asked hesitantly.

"I may look weak, but I\'m actually a poison master," She dropped the bomb to the man. "So... do you want to tell me or not? I will count to three... If you still don\'t tell me who your master is, then welcome to hell!" Yao Ling pretended to look at her nails leisurely while waiting for the man to make up his mind. "Ah... I will also tell you. This is my latest creation, so I haven\'t made the antidote yet..." She singsonged the last part lazily.

"One... Two..." Yao Ling counted. She saw that this man\'s mind was a bit weak and she knew that he would surrender sooner or later. In a glance, she could see that this man didn\'t have a solid mind. He appeared to be ready to die, but if he really wanted to die, why would he run away to save himself in the first place? What a joke!

True enough, what she had predicted came true. The man broke down due to his fear and he quickly said, "I will tell you... I will tell you... Please don\'t torture me..." He preferred a quick death than a painful one that the woman told him about.

Yao Ying and Lin Jian were surprised. \'That easy?!\' They thought to themselves. She was able to tame the man without even torturing him with physical pain.

"It\'s... it\'s... someone from Wang Fu..." The man started to explain.

Everyone\'s face started to change with various expressions -- shock, angry, disgust mixed into one. It was indeed someone from the Wang Fu.

"Who?" Yao Ying asked with a cold glint in her eyes. Both she and Yao Ying never tried to hurt anyone in the first place, but they decided to take them as a mere joke. Probably... it was time for them to retaliate and let them see that both of them weren\'t so easy to bully.