His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 161 - Long'An: Assasins (1)

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Chapter 161 - Long\'An: Assasins (1)

They didn\'t know that once they left WenFeng, the handsome man from the previous day was wreaking havoc back at WenFeng. He was trying to find Yao Ling\'s whereabouts, but couldn\'t find her. It resulted in his anger toward his incompetent subordinates. A normal man would have let go of a woman that he just met, especially when the woman was gone without any trace. However, that handsome man indeed wasn\'t a normal man.

"Find her!" The man yelled. "I don\'t want to know what kind of method you want to use, but you have to find her!" The subordinates didn\'t dare to raise their head and quickly murmured their agreement. They felt helpless when they knew that their master was being obsessed by that woman.

He gritted his teeth and promised to himself that he would find his woman no matter where she was. It was only a brief meeting and Yao Ling already forgot about the man, but too bad... the man wasn\'t able to forget about her.

When they started to get into the dense forest, Yao Ling and Xiao Yu started to feel the hard journey. They weren\'t really adept at riding a horse and sometimes it was hard for them to control the horse, because of the hard terrain. Once or twice they almost slipped and fell down, fortunately, the men were quite patient with them and Bao Bao started to follow her wish obediently. It made her quite satisfied with Bao Bao and she knew that she must reward him later.

Yao Ling asked in a low voice, "Do they still following us?"

Yao Ying nodded. "They are."

"When will we start trapping them?" Yao Ling asked curiously.

Lin Jian answered her, "Almost. When it\'s the right time, I will give all of you a signal and you should do as what we have planned before."

They needed to follow Lin Jian\'s direction, after all, he was the one who was most familiar with the forest terrain. They felt lucky that for their first mission they had Lin Jian to guide them.

A few miles after that, Lin Jian gave them a hand signal and the others quickly followed the plan. Yao Ling and Xiao Yu hid themselves inside thick bushes along. Their horses were led by Xiu, so the horse\'s footprints wouldn\'t lead the assassins to their hiding place. Yao Ying let Wang Luo Hai\'s shadow guards protect Yao Ling, so he could fight the assassins with ease.

Yao Ying scanned the surroundings and he could clearly sense the shadow guards\' presence. Then he sighed in relief. "Don\'t move, okay?"

Yao Ling nodded. "Be careful!" She could only bite her lower lips, worried about his safety.

Yao Ling and Xiao Yu quickly hid their presence and tried their best not to make any sounds.

Yao Ying, Lin Jian, and Xiu continued moving and just like what they had predicted... a few moments after their departure, Yao Ling and Xiao Yu saw several black masked men followed their footsteps with their own horses. Yao Ling and Xiao Yu looked at each other.

When all of them had passed by them, they were finally able to release their breath that had been held the entire time. They were afraid that they would find out their whereabouts, it would only hinder Yao Ying and Lin Jian\'s plan.

Yao Ling furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. Who are they? They just went out for a day and someone already sent these people to kill them. They cleverly chose this dense forest that people rarely chose to go, it seemed like they had planned everything carefully.

While Yao Ling was deep in thought and didn\'t dare to move, the men slowed down their pace and waited for the assassins to come at them. They didn\'t go too far from Yao Ling\'s hiding place and the latter was able to see the fight clearly.

Lin Jian came up with this plan because they would be able to fight with full strength when they weren\'t busy protecting the women. This method wouldn\'t have been successful if they didn\'t know beforehand that they were being followed. Fortunately, the enemies seemed to underestimate them or else, they would hire more skilled assassins.

When the assassins reached them, they were quite surprised because it seemed like the other party had been waiting for them leisurely. They looked at each other and then decisively attacked Yao Ying, Lin Jian, and Xiu.

Yao Ying could see in a glance that these assassins indeed didn\'t really have high martial arts skills. They attacked Yao Ying and Lin Jian without a planned move and they worked individually, showing that they weren\'t hired in a group. Instead, they were randomly selected. It seemed like their master wasn\'t really experienced in this area.

Lin Jian laughed. "I thought they are some kinds of trained assassins, but their movements are too slow and not coordinated with each other at all." While moving his swords seamlessly, Lin Jian was still able to talk without feeling out-of-breath.

Yao Ying shook her head. "Of course. We could hear them following us from miles away. It seems like their master is underestimating us and hires some random thugs."

They deliberately talked in mocking tone just to spite the assassins. The more they felt emotional, the more they would easily make a mistake. Indeed, after listening to Yao Ying and Lin Jian\'s talk, the assassins felt the anger surge within them and moved more aggressive than before. If they were more skilled assassins, their emotion wouldn\'t be easily affected by this.

Xiu could only shake his head, knowing that both young masters were only toying with the assassins. \'How savage!\' He thought to himself. It was best not to offend both of them or he would end up vomiting blood.

If they counted, there were ten assassins and there were only three of them. Yao Ying handled three of them, Lin Jian handled four, and the rest of them went to Xiu. Yao Ying tried out his new martial arts skills and he was able to move lighter than before. Probably because the assassins\' skills were lower than him, he was able to see their movements clearly.

When one of the assassins pierced his sword to him, he dodged him with little effort. He did a backflip and his sword landed on the other assassins\' chest. The blood splurted and the man died without a sound --- only two people left for him. While the sword was still piercing through the assassins\' chest, the other assassins were angry because one of their comrades died and they quickly tried to kill Yao Ying by attacking him together.

Yao Ying saw that and he used his right leg to kick one of them. He caught the other assassins\' sword with his own hand and he didn\'t feel the pain probably due to his high adrenaline level. While holding onto the swords, he pulled back his sword and attacked the assassin without any mercy. He pierced the assassin\'s stomach and pulled back his sword.

One left.

The assassin saw the blood on Yao Ying\'s face and he felt like that he was seeing Asura. He trembled and felt that he was stupidly agreeing to such a dangerous job. Their employer indicated that they would only attack a couple who went for a honeymoon trip and they thought it was only an easy job. They would go kill them and received a lot of money.

What honeymoon trip? They fell under their trap!

The assassin gritted his teeth and decided to run away. His life was far more important than this job. He quickly turned around and used his qing gong to give some distances between them. Yao Ying took in his surroundings and saw that the others had killed the other assassins without any injuries.

It seemed like he had to hone his skills and he was currently in a trance because when he fought... the scene overlapped with something from his memories, making him unable to focus.

\'What was that?\' He thought to himself. \'Was that scene... his past?\'

Lin Jian saw that something was wrong with Yao Ying and he saw the running assassin. He thought in confusion, \'Why didn\'t Yao Ying chase after him?\' They needed that man to tell them who was his master!