His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 160 - Wen Feng : A Jealous Husband

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Chapter 160 - Wen Feng : A Jealous Husband

After that, Yao Ling told them about the gossip that she had heard in details. Yao Ying and Lin Jian looked at each other, pondering over the matter. Can they trust the woman\'s gossip? After all, this city was quite far from the Han Kingdom, but why did they move here? However, why should the woman lie? If she wanted to attract Yao Ling\'s attention, then that would be weird. Not many people knew about their mission, so there was no way someone tried to feed them with a false story.

"From the way you see that woman... do you believe in her story?" Lin Jian asked, feeling sad and shocked at the same time about Han Xiang\'s fate.

Yao Ling honestly answered, "I believe her because I saw her expression and she indeed believed in what she had said." Yao Ling meant that even if the woman believed in what she said, there was a probability that the aunt could have boasting about it -- even though the chance was pretty low. Some of the things that the woman said was an insider story and it added up with the result of the organization\'s result of the investigation, so the probability that it was true was higher.

Lin Jian nodded and could only sigh. \'Mother... what\'s actually happened to you? Where are you?\' He thought to himself. \'What happened back then?\' The more he got closer to the truth, the more afraid he became. What if... his mother was really gone? Was there really no hope that she was alive?

Because of the heavy conversation, all of them were deep in thought and the atmosphere became somber. Lin Jian was too busy thinking about his sister, while Yao Ying was still jealous of that weird man. Yao Ling didn\'t have the heart to continue sightseeing because there would be no joy when she was around these men. She sighed in disappointment, but there was nothing else that she could do!

They decided to go back to their inn and they were still in that heavy atmosphere. It made Yao Ling blame the handsome man\'s appearance! He ruined the joyful atmosphere! At least, even without Lin Jian, Yao Ying was able to accompany her go sightseeing. Now... it\'s only wishful thinking on her part. She wanted to cry when she saw the joyful atmosphere at the night market.

By the time they arrived at the inn, it was already night time and each of them went inside their own respective room. Yao Ling didn\'t forget to prepare Yao Ying\'s medicine from the matriarch. After he saw Yao Ying drinking it, she asked him, "How do you feel?"

Yao Ying answered, "I\'m fine... why?" He looked at Yao Ling in confusion. "Is there something special about this medicine?"

"Ah... not really... I\'m just asking," Yao Ling smiled. Knowing the matriarch\'s mischievous side, she was afraid that there would be something in this medicine. When Yao Ling knew that Yao Ying didn\'t feel any significant difference, she sighed in relief. Then, it was safe for her to keep giving Yao Ying this supplement. She felt guilty for not believing her own grandmother.

After the yellow book facade, she was afraid that this medicine would make Yao Ying do something weird.

"Why is it so hot here?" Yao Ying suddenly asked.

Yao Ling looked around and felt confused. "Hot?" She felt a bit cold because the chilly night wind and yet, Yao Ying felt hot. Was he really okay?

"Are you sick?" Yao Ling asked him in confusion. Yao Ling started to feel suspicious once again. \'Is it because of the medicine?\' Yao Ling thought to herself.

"No... ah... probably because the medicine is still hot, so I sweat for a little bit," Yao Ying said. He felt a bit uncomfortable, but that was it, so he didn\'t feel that something was wrong with himself and just brushed it off.

"Ahh... probably," Yao Ling said. However, she started to behave cautiously around Yao Ying.

"Come on, let\'s go to sleep! We have to wake up early tomorrow," Yao Ying said. Then, he glanced at his wife who stood meekly on the side of the bed. He asked in confusion, "Why are you standing there like a scared rabbit?"

Yao Ling grinned sheepishly. She didn\'t dare to say that she was afraid to be eaten, instead, she said, "I\'m afraid that you are still angry because of a stranger!" She wanted to clear up every misunderstanding before they went to sleep.

Yao Ying sighed, knowing that he was actually in the wrong. His jealousy got the better of him. "I\'m sorry. I shouldn\'t have doubted you. I just don\'t like you to get closer to another man," he explained.

"I know... I also don\'t like it when you get closer to another woman, but you have to trust me too!" Yao Ling said with a soft smile. \'Silly husband!\' She thought to herself.

Yao Ying nodded. "Come here," he ordered her. When Yao Ling was standing in front of him, he hugged her and put his head on her b.r.e.a.s.ts. He smelt her usual fragrance and somehow felt that his body was getting hotter. \'Weird,\' he thought to himself. It seemed like something was really wrong with him --- probably due to his unstable emotion or to be exact, his jealousy.

Nuzzling in her embrace really calmed him. He pulled her up and lay her down on the bed after that Yao Ying continued hugging her. He wasn\'t willing to release her from his embrace like he was afraid that his precious wife would be gone once he released her. Sometimes when they were joking around, they indeed said the word \'love\' but it wasn\'t specifically directed to the others. He wasn\'t sure about Yao Ling\'s feeling, hence his fear of losing her.

"Didn\'t you say that you are feeling hot? Why are you keep hugging me so closely?" Yao Ling shyly asked.

"En... it\'s okay. Let me stay hugging you for a little while," Yao Ying said. He didn\'t want to explain the knot in his heart. He wanted to calm himself and stay like this forever. He hoped that he didn\'t agree with her requirement back then. He was feeling selfish, but he couldn\'t stop himself. If he already ate her up, it made her fully belong to him and no one could take her away from him!

Yao Ling sighed in relief, knowing that the hotness didn\'t have anything to do with the medicine. She was probably only overthinking things. Yao Ling hugged Yao Ying back and she felt the safety feeling that he always brought to her. "En..." Yao Ling answered him softly.

Both of them felt really tired and despite their previous trouble, they felt content after telling each other their feelings. Probably because of the lovely hug, they fell asleep peacefully.

The next day, they woke up early --- even before the sunrise. They needed to move fast, so they didn\'t intend to stay in WenFeng any longer. They needed to pass through Long\'an. There were two ways to reach Lin Zhou. The first one is through the safe path but it would take longer. The other one was the second path, it was more dangerous but they would arrive faster.

They needed to arrive at Lin Zhou in three days, so they didn\'t hesitate to choose Long\'an. Lin Jian told them, "We need to be careful when we pass through the path that we choose. It\'s basically a dense forest, so there will be a lot of wild animals. Not only that, I have a feeling that we have been followed, so you need to pay attention to your surroundings."

Yao Ying and Xiu looked at each other. "Yes, we also feel it. There are a group of people that keep following us from An Yang and it seems like they don\'t have a good intention."

Lin Jian nodded. "Yes... I guess they only wait for the right time to attack us."

Yao Ling was quite surprised by the fact that they were being followed. Why didn\'t Yao Ying tell her anything about this? Yao Ling decided to ask Lin Jian, "So... the best place to attack us is in the forest, right?"

Lin Jian answered her while nodding his head, "Yes. We have to prepare ourselves."

Yao Ling nodded, then she looked at Yao Ying with a questioning gaze. Yao Ying seemed to understand what he meant. "I didn\'t tell you because I don\'t want you to worry about useless things. Besides, if you didn\'t enjoy yourself just like yesterday, I\'m pretty sure that our followers would feel suspicious. We go out with a honeymoon trip as the reason, right?"

\'Ah... that makes sense,\' Yao Ling thought to herself. Then, she answered Yao Ying, "Okay."

Lin Jian gave them a bit of advice. "Yao Ling and Xiao Yu, both of you need to act too. Pretend to be happy so they don\'t feel suspicious. Yao Ying and I plan to trap them. Judging from the way they follow us, their martial arts skills aren\'t that good. The three of us should be able to handle them," Lin Jian confidently said.

Yao Ling and Xiao Yu nodded in agreement. After making sure that the women understood about their plan, they decided to set out, leaving WenFeng behind.