His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 154 - I'm Only Shameless Toward You

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Chapter 154 - I\'m Only Shameless Toward You

Please note: This chapter contains FULL mature part. Enjoy!>.<





Yao Ying laughed when he saw her lovely expression. "No... You are not doing anything wrong. It\'s just the opposite. You are doing it perfectly!" Yao Ying explained.

"Then why do you stop me?" Yao Ling scrunched her nose in confusion. If he enjoyed it, then he should not be stopping her at all. She pouted, feeling a bit hurt. After all, she tried her hardest to give him pleasure. His sudden push was quite a surprise to her.

Yao Ying decided to admit a part of his real feelings, "I... I almost come, but I don\'t want to come inside your mouth. I feel that it\'s a bit disrespectful." Yao Ying didn\'t want her to feel disgusted the first time she did this and besides... he indeed respected her. There was also another selfish reason, Yao Ying also wanted Yao Ling to pleasure him a tad bit longer. However, he didn\'t dare to tell her that.

Yao Ling was quite touched by his thoughtfulness. Why did he feel that it was disrespectful? She looked at him in confusion. Probably because of his nice words, Yao Ling felt that it wouldn\'t so bad to let him come inside her mouth. "Don\'t worry! I\'m willing!" Yao Ling grinned innocently at her husband. It wouldn\'t be that bad, right?

"But..." Before Yao Ying could finish his sentence, she already put his hardness inside her mouth once again. His unfinished words changed into a m.o.a.n. He intended to explain something to her, but his mind became muddleheaded due to the pleasureable feeling.

"Hmmm..." Yao Ying m.o.a.ned. All of his previous thought was gone in a heartbeat.

She moved her tongue around his shaft more eagerly than before and in between her licking movement, she sucked the tips of it while looking at Yao Ying\'s expression through her thick eyelashes. Her suck movement was varied -- sometimes hard, sometimes soft. Although everything had been done sloppily without any experience whatsoever, it still made Yao Ying\'s mind become fuzzy. He wanted to kiss her so badly, but her mouth was fully occupied.

"Almost... almost..." Yao Ying said while his body started to get more tense, knowing that his release was almost there. He tried to find something to hold on to. Afraid of hurting her, he released her hair and chose to grip the edge of the bed with both of his hands. Yao Ling knew by the way he gritted his teeth and said the \'almost\' word, it meant that her job was almost done.

Yao Ling, who started to feel her jaw was going to break, was feeling more excited when she saw his l.u.s.tful expression and the way he bit his lower lips. Her mouth and tongue devoured him with all her might, waiting for him to finally find his release. Judging from his body movement, it would be soon. Real soon. Yao Ling was pretty sure of that because it reminded her of her own behavior before she found a release. True enough, it happened so fast that she had no time to prepare.

"Ahhh~ I\'m coming!" Yao Ying said in a loud voice and then he shot his load inside her mouth. He already tried to pry off her mouth from his hardness by pushing her head so she would move away from his hardness, just to avoid coming inside her mouth. However, Yao Ling held him tightly and he couldn\'t move her! Yao Ying even wondered where did she get the sudden burst of energy! In her mind, she just wanted to fulfill her promise to him.

Yao Ling almost choked when she tasted his release. She almost gagged because his release actually tasted so nasty! Ew~ It was a mixture of salt and fishy taste. Ugh! No wonder he said something about disrespectful! He probably knew that it tasted so nasty, that\'s why he kept trying to push away her head.

She felt like the yellow book was a bit too exaggerated. Why was there someone who wanted to let this kind of fishy taste into her mouth?!


Yao Ling could feel the burning in her eyes, the tears started to gather there and it was all because of the fishy taste. Her eyes darted inside the room, trying to find something to spit Yao Ying\'s release out. Luckily there was an empty cup and she quickly spat it out. She would never use this cup again and probably told Xiao Yu to throw it out tomorrow. It was so ew~

Beside the empty cup, she saw a cup of mint tea and her eyes lit up. \'What a coincidence!\' She thought to herself. She quickly used it to rinse her mouth and spat the tea to the empty cup where she spat Yao Ying\'s release before. After that, she was finally able to sigh in relief.

She glanced at Yao Ying who grinned happily at her. "Thank you!" He thanked her.

Yao Ling rolled her eyes at him, but still smiling at him. "Do you feel satisfied?" Yao Ling asked.

Yao Ying answered wholeheartedly, "Yes. Very very satisfied." He has the best wife ever!

Yao Ling nodded at him. "Good. Because this is the last time I will let you release that nasty thing inside my mouth," She declared loudly.

Yao Ying looked him, bewildered. "Why?" He asked in a sad tone.

"Just now... my head must have been not in a good state for offering myself to let you come inside my mouth. It tastes so disgusting!" Yao Ling decided to answer with the truth.

"You will get used to it!" Yao Ying tried to coax her.

"No," Yao Ling said adamantly. She was not going to put herself through that hell once again.

"Someone said that if you swallow it, you can look younger," Yao Ying teased her. He was spouting nonsense. Who knew... maybe his gullible wife would trust him?

"Really?" Yao Ling asked unconvincingly. What kind of magic was that?

"Really." The man\'s face looked so serious and people would think that he told her the truth when they saw him. He nodded solemnly, but Yao Ling wouldn\'t fall for his trick.

"I will do my research. I\'m going to kick you if you lie to me!" Yao Ling said.

"I only heard about it. If you find out whether it\'s true or not, just let me know. I\'m ready to give it to you all the time," Yao Ying said mischievously.

Yao Ling, "..." She really wanted to open his brain and saw what\'s inside! How did she end up with such a shameless husband?!

Yao Ling was just curious about that matter. Even it was true, she would still think twice to let that happen again. Then, she sighed, "Luckily, there\'s a cup of mint tea on the table. Otherwise, I can\'t erase the fishy taste!"

"Of course, it\'s there. I told Xiao Yu to prepare it for you beforehand and then I put it there," Yao Ying grinned proudly.

Yao Ling, "..."

She was beyond speechless. That man! Didn\'t he say something about disrespectful?! But this cup of mint tea was proof that he had already prepared everything beforehand! Yao Ling glared at Yao Ying, "Man is a despicable creature! Shameless!"

Yao Ying only laughed and said innocently, "You will get used to it! Don\'t worry! I\'m only this shameless toward you."

He still dared to mock her! Yao Ling gritted her teeth in anger. She felt like bashing his head with a pillow!

It took a few days for Yao Ying to finally appease his angry wife.