His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 152 - Just Be Creative

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Chapter 152 - Just Be Creative

Well... Yao Ying certainly knew her really well. Yao Ling saw his cold gaze look at her indifferently and it made her feel a pang of guilt. Her shoulders slumped down and pouted, "Okay..." She sighed in defeat. She was the one who promised him, besides she loved pleasuring him as well. When she thought about the new mission, they probably wouldn\'t have time to indulge in their intimacy after they started their journey. They certainly didn\'t want Lin Jian to listen to their amorous voices.

Yao Ying motioned her to come to him with his finger and she obediently went to him. Yao Ying wickedly said, "I\'m not going to tell you how to do it..." Then Yao Ying gave her a book and leisurely said, "You learn from this, okay? Be a good girl!" While saying that, he also patted her head at the same time.

Yao Ling looked at the book on her hand and she realized that it was the oh-so-famous yellow book! Her face was beet red. Indeed she only saw a bit about the part where the woman pleasured the man with her mouth, but... but... she was too embarrassed to look at the book in front of him! She preferred for Yao Ying to guide her, after all... when they were in the mood, her shyness would also be gone! But... he only dumped the book at her! Did he deliberately try to make her feel embarrassed?!

Was this her punishment?! She felt like crying and found a creak to bury herself inside.

\'This shameless man!\' Yao Ling scolded Yao Ying inwardly.

With slight teary eyes, she dared herself to open the yellow book. Her eyes were blinded by the sensual pictures. She asked Yao Ying, "Which page is it?" She flipped the page over a few times and Yao Ling wasn\'t able to find the exact page.

Yao Ying looked at her with a lazy smile, but his smoldering eyes became more intense. "Do you think I\'m a pervert scholar? How can I remember each page of the yellow book?" He teased her. He liked reading it once in a while but not to the point memorized everything! He isn\'t a s.e.x maniac!

Yao Ling grinned awkwardly. Well... that made sense! She felt like she was stupid for asking such a question. "Er... then this might take a while. I have to search for the correct page first," Yao Ling said in slightly hitched voice. Her hands were trembling when she opened the yellow book\'s page one by one. She shuddered at the few positions that needed high-degree of flexibleness. Please don\'t let Yao Ying want to try those moves! She felt like her body would be broken into pieces if she really did try. She wondered if the writer of this yellow book really tried all those crazy positions.

For example... this one picture... the woman laid on the edge of the bed with both her legs hanging off. She would need a great deal of strength on both of her hands! The man... positioned himself between her legs and lifted the woman\'s h.i.p.s and thighs to allow his thing came into the woman\'s cave, while the woman supported herself on her elbows. She could only imagine how much strength and flexibility that Yao Ling would need to spend in this position. Yao Ling once again wondered... how the heck they could move in that position?!

Yao Ling was entranced on that page and didn\'t realize that Yao Ying also took a peek on that page. He wondered why his wife stopped at a certain page with face full-of-interest and he quickly commented when he saw the position, "Oh... so you like this position. Fifty-five more days and we can try this position if you want." Yao Ying offered with a smile pasted on his lips, making Yao Ling blush -- especially because he whispered right on her ears with his low attractive voice, making her feel ticklish.

"What..?! No... I\'m just daydreaming!" Yao Ling denied and quickly rejected his offer to try that certain position.

"Oh? You are daydreaming... or imagining us in that position?" Yao Ying asked with a roguish grin.

Yao Ling quickly flipped the page over while blushing. "What are you talking about? I\'m... I\'m just daydreaming. Who wants to imagine we are doing that kind of tricky position?!" She scowled, trying to cover up her embarrassment.

"Ho..." Yao Ying only said that, but he took note of that position. If Yao Ling knew what\'s inside his mind, she would probably rip the paper into pieces so that he would forget about it.

It took a little while for Yao Ling to find the page and what she saw almost made her faint. Why did she promise him to do it willingly? She took a peek at Yao Ying and found that her little Yao Ying already stood up proudly, making her sweat on her back. She knew that she couldn\'t run away anymore.

Yao Ling closed her eyes, trying to calm herself down. Yao Ling marched down to Yao Ying like a brave soldier went to war and sacrifice herself for the greater good. Yao Ying who saw her unwilling expression really wanted to laugh out loud. Serve her right for making him angry earlier!

Yao Ling hesitantly opened his pants, but Yao Ying stopped her hand midway. "Open it with your mouth!" Yao Ying said with a stern voice.

"What?" Yao Ling was dumbfounded by his request.

Yao Ying said his order once again, making Yao Ling almost choke in surprise. She indeed didn\'t hear him wrongly. Yao Ling whined, "But it\'s too much of a hassle!"

Yao Ying only glanced at her indifferently, making Yao Ling finally relent. If he dared to made her angry once again, see if she didn\'t bite his thing out of anger! Yao Ling mocked him inside her mind. However, she was still obediently following his order.

Yao Ling bit the edge of his pants and slowly let it slide down with Yao Ying\'s help of course. If not, she would probably lose all of her teeth and she still couldn\'t successfully remove it. The way Yao Ling alluringly used her mouth made Yao Ying clenched his fists, trying to maintain his composure. However, his shudder didn\'t escape Yao Ling\'s keen eyes. She knew that her husband was aroused by the sight of her and it made the edge of her lips curl up for a little bit.

When she was finally able to remove all of his pants, her face was welcomed by his hardness. It pointed arrogantly to the north, making her squirm in shyness. It was so big and she wondered how it would fit into her small mouth. Yao Ying waited for her to move but it seemed like she was frozen on the spot.

"Why are you stop moving?" He asked with a low hoarse voice. The arousal was evident; it could be heard through his voice.

"Er... I wonder whether it would fit into my mouth," Yao Ling honestly said.

"Well... for a start, you can try... I also don\'t know how, but from the yellow book\'s picture, I\'m sure it will fit," Yao Ying said encouragingly. God! He just wished that she would quickly devour his little Yao Ying and stop talking useless things. It only prolonged his agony! His gaze couldn\'t stop looking at her lips, especially when she was licking her lips in nervousness. Yao Ying wanted to kiss her hard, but he knew that he had to hold back to achieve his intention.

Yao Ying didn\'t know what she should do first --- licking it like a sweet tanghulu or touch it with her hand first. It was so confusing to her. She glanced at the book and it didn\'t mention any step-by-step details. "Er... what should I do first?" Yao Ling asked for Yao Ying\'s help, but her gaze never left his hardness. She was quite entranced by it.

"I told you to learn from the book yourself," Yao Ying answered while looking at her confused face. He knew that she felt at a loss, however, no one ever did this to him before. So... how could he give her a pointer?

"But... the yellow book doesn\'t specify whether I should use my hand or mouth first?!" Yao Ling said in real confusion.

Yao Ying felt stupefied by what she said. All of this time... she was confused about whether to use her hand or mouth? He didn\'t know whether he should laugh or cry. "Just be creative," Yao Ying could only suggest that. He would enjoy everything that she did for him --- either through her hand or her mouth.