His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 151 - I Pity Your Little Yao Ying If It Goes In It

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Chapter 151 - I Pity Your Little Yao Ying If It Goes In It

Yao Ling felt that she only made these two mistakes, but she actually didn\'t really regret it. Yao Ling just pretended to be guilty for the sake of appeasing this angry man. It was only Mi Hui - a woman. She wasn\'t going to betray him with a woman! Yao Ling bit her lower lips indignantly.

"And then?"He glanced at her with dark solemn eyes.

Yao Ling\'s breath slightly hitched when she looked into his eyes. And then? Did she make another mistake? But... she didn\'t seem to recall she did anything wrong. "Er... I don\'t know?" She answered, feeling unsure of herself. Did she forget about something that she did?

Yao Ying gritted his teeth and asked in displeasure, "Do you remember what you did right before I pulled you out of that room?" Yao Ying decided to remind her of her naughty deeds.

Er... Yao Ling tried to rack her brain, but at that time, her mind was indeed a bit fuzzy. She just went along with whatever happened back then. It seemed like she was talking animatedly with Mi Hui, so... what went wrong? "I only asked about her beauty recipe and then... she asked me... oh!" Yao Ling remembered about it when she said \'oh\'. Then she asked meekly, "Is it about... that?"

"That... what kind of that? Let me listen to your explanation!" Yao Ying glanced at her with a flicker in his eyes. He wanted to see how she could get out of this.

"Er... Kiss? Yao Ling didn\'t dare to look into his face when she threw the question. She imagined herself seeing Yao Ying was going to kiss Lin Jian and she almost cried. Now... she understands his feelings. "Are you jealous?" Yao Ling asked with twinkling eyes. His jealousy definitely made her feel happy.

\'This brat!\' Yao Ying thought to himself. "Hmpf! Do you still need to ask? Do you still remember that you are a woman? If someone asks you to kiss her or him, will you always agree to kiss them all?" Yao Ying\'s rant didn\'t stop until they arrived in front of their courtyard, making Yao Ling feel dizzier.

She clutched her head bitterly. He sure could talk for a long time! Yao Ling didn\'t answer all of his questions because she just wanted him to cool down by letting out everything. Jealous Yao Ying is pretty cute and annoying at the same time. Well... it was because she also understood her mistakes and put herself in his shoes. If not for feeling guilty, she would probably refute him due to her own stubborn nature.

Xiao Yu already prepared a hot bath with Xiao Er\'s help. Yao Ling quickly took a bath to remove the liquor\'s smell from her body. After she felt that she was already fresh and clean, Yao Ling went back to her room and drank her sober soup, then she also washed her mouth with mint tea that had been prepared beforehand. She felt uncomfortable because of the smell of her own puke inside her mouth.

Yao Ying already sat on their bed, waiting for her. His expression was still tense, the frown on his face was still prominent. He crossed both of his arms in front of his chest and asked her, "So... what are you going to do to appease my anger?" Yao Ling could see from the glint in his eyes that he was up to something. What did he want from her? Yao Ling had a bad feeling about that but she prayed that it was wrong.

"Husband... why don\'t you forgive me? This wife is stupidly blinded by Mi Hui\'s beauty." Yao Ling asked for his forgiveness meekly and admitted her mistake wholeheartedly.

"Oh... so you will be also easily blinded by handsome men too, huh?" Yao Ying asked, finding fault on Yao Ling\'s words. He felt scared that Yao Ling would be easily taken away by other men, thus he felt a bit resentful. Why did she get easily blinded by a beauty? Wasn\'t he good enough for her?

If Yao Ling knew his real thought, she wouldn\'t know whether to laugh or cry. He was jealous of a woman!

Yao Ling couldn\'t help but frown when she heard Yao Ying\'s question. Why did he twist her words like that? "Of course not! It was because Mi Hui is a woman, so I dare to do that!" Yao Ling argued.

"Oh... so now... you like women?" Yao Ying sneered at his wife, not giving her a way out.

Yao Ling felt a headache coming. She really couldn\'t talk to this man. He was being so unreasonable! Should she coax him more? She smiled sweetly at Yao Ying, "Of course not! I prefer man... and my man is only you!"

Yao Ling cleverly fluttered her eyelashes, making her look more alluring. Her face was still pinkish because of the hot bath and the after-effect of drinking wine. Probably due to her nervousness, Yao Ling kept biting her lower lips and made it slightly swollen, making her look like a blooming flower --- ready to be plucked.

Yao Ying who was angry at her couldn\'t restrain her desire. The more he looked at his little wife, the more he felt that she was more and more beautiful. He decided to relent for a little bit. "So... what will you do to appease me?"

Yao Ling asked meekly, "What do you want me to do?" She stood up beside their bed with her head bowing down and both of her hands were fiddling with each other. She was like a little child who was being punished by their teacher --- in this case, her husband.

"Remember your promise?" Yao Ying asked with laughing eyes. He started to feel better when he knew that he would get something out of her. Yao Ying wanted to see how did she want to run away from her promise once again.

"Which promise?" Yao Ling looked taken aback. She got a really bad feeling about it.

"It has only been a few days, but it seems like someone has already forgotten her own promise. It really makes this husband sad," Yao Ying said monotonously with a dangerous glint in his eyes. How dare she asked him which promise? He was pretty sure that she remembered that promise perfectly.

When she saw his dangerous expression, Yao Ling gulped and knew that she couldn\'t pretend any longer. Yao Ling grinned sheepishly. "He-he... Can\'t it wait? We can do it another day..."

"Why?" Yao Ying asked.

"I just puked! So... I pity your little Yao Ying if it goes in it," Yao Ling tried to reason with him with a weak excuse. She was still a bit dizzy and also too lazy to do it for now, thus she tried to avoid it once again.

"Hah! What a sweet mouth! The last time you also found a reason to reject me too. You said it was a punishment because I embarrassed you for giving the matriarch presents, but you promised me what? Next time for sure. But now? Hmpf!" Yao Ying threw a tantrum.

Yao Ling tried to hold back her laughter, seeing his childish side. However, Yao Ling also knew that he had been holding back for several days because her period was coming and she didn\'t allow him to touch her due to the sensitivity of her b.r.e.a.s.ts. Every time he touched her flower bids, she would giggle endlessly! So she couldn\'t really blame him. Her mischievous side came once again and she decided to tease him before she relented and fulfilled her promise to him.

"But... are you really okay with my mouth?" Yao Ling asked cheerfully. "It\'s a bit smelly..." Yao Ling grinned, showing her white teeth.

"You already took a bath, so I\'m pretty sure that you already washed your mouth too!" Yao Ying guessed. After all, he also knew that his wife was a bit obsessed with cleanliness --- even after doing the intimacy thing, she always cleaned herself up after that or else she would feel uncomfortable.

Yao Ying didn\'t believe for a second that Yao Ling would let the puke smell linger on her. Hah! What a joke! Yao Ying glared at her, trying to see what other things she would come up with to run away from her own promise.