His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 150 - Shitty Qing Gong

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Chapter 150 - Shitty Qing Gong

Yao Ling listened carefully... Mi Hui wanted a kiss?

If Yao Ling was a man, she probably would jump on the chance to kiss her and quickly pounced on her. If Yao Ling was sober, she would reject it. However, she was a little bit drunk and her mind was in a little bit of disarray. Yao Ling felt that she\'s a man now, kissing Mi Hui on the cheek... should be okay, right? She forgot that her husband was in front of her.

"Okay..." Without another thought, Yao Ling quickly pushed her lips forward and closed her eyes. Her face was getting closer to Mi Hui\'s cheek. Yao Ling didn\'t know when she closed her eyes, Mi Hui changed her position for a little bit. If her kiss landed, it would land on her lips!

Yao Ying saw Mi Hui\'s little trick and he really wanted to flip the table out of anger, however, he was able to hold himself back. Was she really going to kiss Mi Hui?! Without a second thought, he roared in anger, "Stop right there!"

All the people in the room looked up in surprise because of Yao Ying\'s sudden outburst. Yao Ling also opened her eyes while her lips still were still pushing forward and it made her look comically adorable.

Lin Jian who saw their interaction tried to hold back his laughter. This was too hilarious! His dampened mood became slightly better because of the amusing scene.

Yao Ying quickly jumped over the table and grabbed Yao Ling\'s collar roughly. "You already have enough fun!" Yao Ying scolded the drunk girl. He looked at Mi Hui and said, "I\'m sorry, but I need to take him with me." He didn\'t forget to glance at the laughing Lin Jian and bade his goodbye, "I will go home first. I will meet you tomorrow!"

He gritted his teeth and decided to quickly go home. He gave a signal to Xiu and the latter quickly caught up with him.

If Yao Ying looked back, he would be able to see Mi Hui\'s smirk and the twinkling in her eyes. She had a hunch that Young Master Guang was actually a woman, however, she wasn\'t really sure whether it was the famous new stepdaughter of Wang Fu. Judging from Yao Ying\'s reaction, it seemed like her guess wasn\'t wrong. Mi Hui really wanted to laugh out loud when watching the couple\'s interaction.

Without caring about other people\'s reaction, he quickly used his qing gong and put Yao Ling on his shoulder like she was a sack of grain. She seemed to realize the anger that emitted from Yao Ying\'s body and didn\'t dare to move an inch. Despite her drunk, she was able to feel Yao Ying\'s irritation and it made her a little panic. Why was he so angry? She just wanted to have fun! Yao Ling pouted.

Xiu glanced at Xiao Yu because he was pretty sure that she didn\'t have any martial arts skills. "Young Master uses his qing gong and I need to follow his pace. Why don\'t I carry you too?" Xiu offered.

Xiao Yu looked down, blushing. She shyly nodded, because she also couldn\'t leave Young Mistress all alone. After all, Young Mistress was quite drunk. Opposite of Yao Ying\'s careless manner when carrying Yao Ling, Xiu shyly pulled Xiao Yu closer to him and princess-carry her. Xiao Yu yelped in surprise and quickly hold onto Xiu\'s neck. Both shyly blushed and didn\'t dare to look at each other, but both of them actually felt happy inside their heart. Xiu smoothly used his qing gong and followed their masters.

The situation between the two couples couldn\'t be more different. Lin Jian could only shake his head in amus.e.m.e.nt. At first, he regretted bringing Yao Ling after seeing her behavior, however now... he felt that it was so entertaining. He probably should bring her out to play in the hua lou again! Just to spite Yao Ying. He grinned inwardly. Lin Jian was left behind to settle the bill all alone.

Yao Ling felt she couldn\'t control her own behavior. She giggled while tickling Yao Ying\'s back by making a circular motion with her finger, making Yao Ying almost throw her down because he felt ticklish. However, Yao Ying was able to control himself and kept his own face stoic.

Yao Ling pouted because she got no reaction from Yao Ying. Her face was on Yao Ying\'s back and suddenly she felt uncomfortable, because of that she started to wriggle. Yao Ying felt annoyed by her move, so he spanked her bottom and warned, "Don\'t move or I\'ll drop you!"

Yao Ling felt resentful because of Yao Ying\'s warn and she started to feel dizzier because of the fast movement. She even started to feel the bile was piling up. "Stop... stop... stop... I want to puke!" Yao Ling yelled.

Yao Ying took a glance at her and saw her pale face. She indeed didn\'t lie and really tried to hold back the rising bile. He quickly stopped at a small quiet alley and put her down. Yao Ling chose a corner to run and puke. She felt like dying because of the mixture of wine and Yao Ying\'s shitty qing gong. She indeed cursed his qing gong --- it was the most unenjoyable ride she had ever tried!

Well... Yao Ying indeed moved fast because of his anger and also he positioned Yao Ling in the worst way --- upside down. No wonder she felt really uncomfortable. When Yao Ying saw that Yao Ling was still pale, he started to feel guilty. "Do you feel better?" Yao Ying asked softly.

Yao Ling glared at him. "I\'m not!" She gritted her teeth in anger. "Can you slow down and carry me nicely?"

Yao Ling glanced at Xiu who just arrived with Xiao Yu and he was able to princess-carry Xiao Yu lovingly. Then she glared once again at Yao Ying. Xiu could princess-carry Xiao Yu tenderly, then why did he carry her like a sack of potatoes?!

Yao Ying nodded, knowing that Yao Ling felt resentful. He didn\'t know whether to laugh or cry. Shouldn\'t he the one who felt angry at her? How come she threw a tantrum?

Yao Ling tried to stand up and hold the wall in front of her, but she clumsily did that and almost fall. Luckily, Yao Ying was able to catch her in time. "Let\'s go home! You are still drunk," Yao Ying said.

"Wait for a little bit. I\'m still not feeling well." Yao Ling blanched at the thought of moving that fast once again. She... wasn\'t ready yet.

Yao Ying turned to Xiu and Xiao Yu, then ordered them, "Both of you go back first. When you arrive at Wang Fu, prepare a bowl of sober soup for Young Mistress." Both servants nodded and quickly went back first.

Yao Ling was still standing in the corner, trying to calm herself. Yao Ying started to get impatient and asked, "Are you going to stay there for good? Don\'t you feel nauseous smelling your own bile?"

"But I\'m scared..." Yao Ling looked at him with a pitiful expression.

"Scared of what?"

"Feeling worse due to your fast speed!"

Yao Ying sighed. "Don\'t worry! I will go slower this time?"

"Do you promise me?"

"En... I promise!"

After getting his promise, Yao Ling quickly hugged his neck and smelt his familiar smell. "Princess-carry me!" She demanded. When the wife demanded something, the husband could only yield to her command. This time he scooped her up into his embrace softly and said, "I\'m going to start moving now."

Yao Ling nodded while resting her head on the crook of his neck. This time she could feel that Yao Ying truly abided his promise and she could feel the soft breeze of the cold wind, making her feel sleepy. "Why are you so angry?" Yao Ling asked in between her yawn.

Was she joking?! Yao Ying thought to himself. How come she didn\'t realize her mistake? Yao Ying asked her back, "Hmpf! Can you guess why?"

"Er... because I drank too much?" Yao Ling looked down guiltily. In this matter, she was indeed in the wrong.

"Then?" Yao Ying asked once again.

"For behaving like a playboy?" Yao Ling guessed.