His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 149 - Pervert Yao Ling

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Chapter 149 - Pervert Yao Ling

"No! I gave her the lightest fruit wine. It shouldn\'t be able to make someone drunk!" Lin Jian\'s eyes widened when he came to a realization. "Huh? Is she drunk?!"

"Errr... I also never saw her drunk before, so I\'m not really sure," Yao Ying looked at Yao Ling with a flicker in his eyes. Was she really drunk? Her cheeks were slightly red but other than that, it seemed like she behaved pretty normal.

Qing Su answered Yao Ling\'s question about Mi Hui\'s talents. "Young Master, Mi Hui is the best from all of us. She can do anything!" Qing Su didn\'t exaggerate Mi Hui\'s talents, otherwise, she wouldn\'t be able to become their leader at such a young age.

"Oh... really?" Yao Ling asked, feeling interested. "Why don\'t you do something to make me feel satisfied? The more I\'m satisfied, the more money I will spend." Yao Ling bragged without a second thought. The young woman behaved like a true rogue.

Yao Ying and Lin Jian were flabbergasted --- especially Lin Jian. \'Sister-in-law ah~ it\'s my money that you are going to spend!\' Lin Jian whined inwardly. He already told shopkeeper He that he would be the one who covered the bills. Lin Jian wanted to treat Yao Ling because it was her first time here... somehow, he felt that he would regret it. He never thought that just by drinking fruity wine, she would behave... unladylike like this...

"Mi Hui will perform for Young Master then..." Mi Hui shyly said.

Yao Ling clapped her hands excitedly. She couldn\'t wait to know what kind of surprise Mi Hui would give her. Mi Hui gave a signal to Qing Su and Qing Lu, they understood what they were supposed to do. They knew that their presence shouldn\'t outshine Mi Hui, because their hua lou needed to make Mi Hui\'s name shining. After all, her name was the cover-up for Mi Hui the organization. The more well-known her name was, the better cover-up it was for their organization.

Qing Su sat and got ready to play the qujin, while Qing Lu was sitting beside her --- preparing herself to sing along the qujin. Mi Hui stood in the middle of the massive room confidently. Yao Ling guessed that they would combine their talents together --- qujin, singing, and dancing.

Qing Su started to play the qujin fluidly. She started with a slow tempo and Qing Lu started to sing along with her. Mi Hui wore an extra robe and the sleeves were called \'water sleeves\' -- They were extensions of the 1-inch cuff in regular dresses, which protected the sleeves from wear and tear. It seemed like Mi Hui was going to perform Long Sleeve Dance.

Yao Ling had heard about this dance. The long sleeves were used to express elegance and emotions, whose techniques will require years of rigorous training to master. Mi Hui started to move her slender figure. Her dance steps were lithe --- so light that she appeared to be quivering like a flower in the hand. The water sleeves emphasized the movement of Mi Hui\'s arms and hands. She was so skillful that she was able to fold the water sleeves in accordion pleats on the forearms with a few flicks of the wrists without failing.

Qing Su fluidly played the slow and fast tempo without missing a beat and Qing Lu effortlessly combined the high and low pitch --- not once she was out of tune. Mi Hui danced along with the tempo easily and her body was very flexible, twisting and turning gracefully. Yao Ling kept wondering where her bone was and didn\'t it feel painful to do that kind of acrobatic movements?

Their talents made Yao Ling drool. She wanted to learn everything! However, she knew that she shouldn\'t be greedy and also needed to understand her own talents and limits.

Lin Jian who already knew Mi Hui\'s skills and he didn\'t seem to be surprised at all, while Yao Ying and Yao Ling were in awe watching her amazing dance performance. When the dance ended, Yao Ling clapped her hands excitedly. "Amazing!" She praised happily. "No wonder you are given the title of the most beautiful and talented woman in An Yang. You deserve the title!"

"Let me give you a toast!" Yao Ling showed her praise by drinking a cup of wine in one gulp. Her head was slightly dizzy, but she felt that she was still fine, so she didn\'t hesitate to drink the wine in one gulp. The fruity taste made her feel that this wasn\'t a strong liquor and she was confident with her drinking skill --- except, she had never drunk liquor before, so Yao Ling also didn\'t know her own drinking limit. She only thought that with Yao Ying around, he should be able to protect her.

Mi Hui giggled at the flower young master\'s sudden toast and she laughed while saying, "Thank you for Young Master\'s praise. To show this one\'s gratitude, Mi Hui will accompany Young Master to drink."

Lin Jian\'s jaw almost dropped! Mi Hui... was willing to accompany Yao Ling to drink? Mi Hui selected her customers carefully and she usually refused the customers that she didn\'t like. The only people she was willing to drink with were the ones who were targetted by the organization. This was the first time Lin Jian saw she offered herself to a customer! He took a peek at Yao Ling. What kind of charm that this woman had?! Wasn\'t she only drinking a cup of wine? He could also do that! But... Mi Hui never willingly accompanied him to drink!

Yao Ying felt like throttling his wife. He could see from her reddening cheek and her silly smile that she started to get drunk, however, the woman still dared to drink a few more cups with Mi Hui. Yao Ying hadn\'t thought a male name for Yao Ling and he tried to come up with some random name to call her, "Er... Ah Guang... stop drinking!"

Yao Ling was surprised by Yao Ying\'s sudden loud voice and she almost choked because of it. She stopped drinking and looked at him, feeling bewildered. She heard the words \'Ah Guang\' and pointed herself, asking whether he called her with that ugly name?!

Yao Ying nodded sheepishly. He indeed called her with that name.

Yao Ling thought to herself, \'There were a lot of beautiful names and he chose what? Ah Guang?\' Yao Ling pursed her lips in dissatisfaction but it was already too late.

The ugly name ignited Yao Ling\'s desire to rebel. She mocked him through her eyes and drank one more cup, making Yao Ying\'s face darkened. Was she trying to anger him to death?!

"Ahhh... Young Master... Mi Hui almost forgets to ask your name. Should I call you Young Master Guang then?" Miu Hui asked softly with an endearing tone.

"Ah... when my name is called by a lovely beauty, it sounds so pleasing --- unlike a certain someone," Yao Ling quipped Yao Ying while sneering.

"You can call me that," Yao Ling said while looking at Mi Hui seductively. Even Qing Su and Qing Lu were quite surprised by Mi Hui\'s unusual behavior.

Mi Hui giggled and suddenly Yao Ling touched her chin, then lifted up Mi Hui\'s face. She scrutinized her face and poked her cheek, "Mi Hui ah~ How come your face is so tender and smooth? Can you tell me your beauty recipe?" Yao Ling asked seriously. She was in the state of blurry mind and currently, she talked as a woman who really curious about Mi Hui\'s secret when she saw Mi Hi\'s face closely.

Mi Hui didn\'t notice Yao Ling\'s weirdness, she assumed Yao Ling was only teasing her. "Young Master Guang is so funny! Even if I tell you, what will you do with the recipe?" Mi Hui laughed while covering her mouth with her sleeves.

"Ah..." Yao Ling looked down dejectedly. What Mi Hui said put a damper on her spirit, she started to remember that she was in a male disguise. "I want to give the recipe to my little sister, so she can become as pretty as you," Yao Ling quickly found a random reason.

"I can tell you, but..." Mi Hui trailed off. "Young Master Guang has to kiss me first..." Mi Hui taunted Yao Ling with a request. She trailed off the last part, feeling shy all of the sudden.

Qing Su and Qing Lu who were trained to cover up their reactions perfectly... couldn\'t even stop the twitch of their lips. Yao Ying and Lin Jian looked up in surprise by the sudden turn of event.