His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 148 - Wipe Your Drool!

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Chapter 148 - Wipe Your Drool!

Lin Jian decided to ask, "Impulsive?"

Yao Ying nodded. "Yes. I saw how this mission affects your emotions. You can\'t make a good judgment without a cool head. We also want to save her, but we don\'t want to risk war between the countries. Do you understand me?" Yao Ying decided to say what\'s on his mind in advance. He needed to make Lin Jian see his shortcomings.

War involved a lot of parties and the one who would be sacrificed was the commoners. Yao Ying and Yao Ling knew how they didn\'t care about political matters --- they just wanted to live in peace, just like how they used to be. They didn\'t want Lin Jian to be blinded by his feeling and ruined the current peaceful era.

What Yao Ying said really slapped Lin Jian\'s face. He realized that he was being too hot-headed and too selfish. He closed his eyes, trying to calm himself down. Once Lin Jian opened his eyes, Yao Ying asked him, "Do you feel better now?"

Lin Jian answered softly. "I have... I\'m sorry for being impulsive." He looked down guiltily.

"It\'s okay. We can handle this together, but remember! You have to tell us what you want to do when we are in the mission, okay?" Yao Ying asked. He still felt a bit worried about Lin Jian, so he reminded Lin Jian once again.

Lin Jian nodded stiffly because he still felt ashamed of his emotional outburst. Then he seemed to realize something and asked in confusion, "Tell \'us\'? What do you mean by telling \'us\'?" Wasn\'t he supposed to tell Yao Ying only? Only the two of them received this mission, after all.

"Yao Ling is coming with us!" Yao Ying grinned sheepishly and smacked his forehead softly. "I almost forget to tell you."

Lin Jian was surprised. "Uncle Wang also allowed you to go?" Lin Jian asked Yao Ling. Why did she go along with them?

"Yes..." Yao Ling smiled. "Han Xiang is a woman. It will be easier for me to get closer to her rather than both of you. She\'s going to get married, so I don\'t think that she will let herself get closer to a man. It will ruin her reputation and I\'m pretty sure that she doesn\'t want to be involved in complicated things at that time." Yao Ling already analyzed everything from women\'s perception.

Lin Jian couldn\'t refute what Yao Ling said. It sounded reasonable. Han Xiang went as the representative of her kingdom, she must have been told to behave carefully. He also believed that both kingdoms would also know that the Shu Kingdom would find a way to jeopardize the marriage alliance. They must have come prepared too.

"It\'s a good idea," Lin Jian finally relented. Uncle Wang Luo Hai already agreed to it and he also didn\'t have any reasons to go against his decision. They talked more about their plan and finally able to find solutions. After that, they enjoyed talking about common things.

Yao Ling clapped her hands after they finished eating and started to feel bored. "What should we do now? We already ate and now... I\'m bored!"

Yao Ying and Lin Jian looked at each other. "Er... what else? There are only women here," Lin Jian said hesitantly.

"Then... order the women for me!" Yao Ling said excitedly. She wanted to see what kind of women this hua lou had and why a lot of men loved to go here. Yao Ling couldn\'t hold back her eagerness, making both men feel helpless.

Lin Jian looked at Yao Ying hesitantly and mouthed, "What should we do?"

Yao Ying helplessly shook his head and mouthed back, "Just call them!" He saw Yao Ling\'s excited face and decided to indulge her, he couldn\'t bear to reject her request. However, he would soon regret his decision.

Lin Jian called the best women there and Mi Hui was included. Yao Ling was stunned when she saw the beautiful Mi Hui --- she was so breathtaking. Even a woman like her felt that this woman was so alluring and she couldn\'t stop looking at her. Yao Ying who sat in front of Yao Ling couldn\'t believe at what he saw. Did his wife almost drool while looking at Mi Hui?

What kind of crazy thing was this? Did she turn into a male just because of her disguise?! She looked like a lecherous man who wanted to jump into Mi Hui! He was beyond speechless. Yao Ying nudged Yao Ling with his foot under the table. Yao Ling jumped up because of it and somehow it removed her from her entranced state. She almost wanted to look at what was down there, but she saw Yao Ying\'s darkened expression and grinned sheepishly. She scratched the back of her head, feeling guilty.

Yao Ying mouthed to her, "Wipe your drool!"

Yao Ling\'s eyes widened and she quickly wiped her mouth, but she found no drool there. Yao Ying was too exaggerated, making Yao Ling scowl at him. Yao Ying shook his head, trying to hold back his laughter. Who told her to look at Mi Hui like that?!

Lin Jian who looked at both of them could only shake his head. A bunch of weirdos! When the man met Mi Hui, he didn\'t have any reaction. But when the woman looked at Mi Hui, she almost drooled. What kind of logic was that?! It seemed like they switched out their genders!

The three women who came in was like the usual --- Qing Lu, Qing Su, and Mi Hui. Yao Ling leisurely asked them, "What\'s your talents?" She put one of her hand on the table and use that hand to support her chin, looking intently at the three women. Yao Ling was quite surprised by their elegant behavior and it was unlike what she had imagined before. No wonder they were able to attract men\'s attention with their bearing.

The three women looked at each other. Because Young Master Lin didn\'t introduce the man to them formally, they assumed that Yao Ling didn\'t know about Mi Hui, so they smiled flirtatiously toward Yao Ling --- in contrast of their usual respectful behavior to Young Master Lin and Young Master Wang.

Yao Ying noticed that the two women were also the women who served them the last time they talked about business here.

"Young Master, Mi Hui will introduce us," Mi Hui said with a sweet smile. She pointed at the girl on her left who was also beautiful but wasn\'t as striking as Mi Hui and the other girl. She had an attractive mole under her eyes. "This one is Qing Su. She\'s good at playing qujin," Mi Hui said. Yao Ling nodded, so Mi Hui continued to introduce to the other girl who had the most voluptuous body from the rest, "This one is Qing Lu. She\'s good at singing and dancing."

Yao Ling nodded once again. Then she asked Mi Hui, "How about you, Mi Hui? What are you good at?" Yao Ling didn\'t realize that she had lowered her voice and looked at Mi Hui with a seductive look, making Mi Hui fell shy all of a sudden. In Mi Hui\'s mind, this young master looked like a flower boy, but he had a seductive charm and even her... wasn\'t immune to him. She was quite surprised by her own finding.

Yao Ying and Lin Jian who kept quiet when Yao Ling talked, were dumbstruck. Why did Yao Ling behave like a true young master who was experienced in seducing women and she looked like a loyal patron of a hua lou? She even made Mi Hui blush with her last question.

They never thought that Yao Ling\'s charm was this amazing!

Lin Jian sat beside Yao Ying and he elbowed him softly to gain Yao Ying\'s attention. He whispered softly and asked him with doubtful eyes, "What\'s wrong with your wife? Why is she being flirtatious with the girls? Aren\'t you going to stop her?" Lin Jian was afraid that Yao Ling\'s behavior would get out of hand. He wondered why Yao Ying continued looking, but he didn\'t make any moves to stop his outrageous wife\'s behavior.

"Did you give her strong liquor?" Yao Ying asked, feeling conflicted. He never saw Yao Ling behave like this before. He was also feeling dumbfounded!