His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 145 - Let Their Love Blooms on Its Own...

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Chapter 145 - Let Their Love Blooms on Its Own...

If he showed his wolfish side at the moment, Yao Ling would guard herself up and he would have no chance to devour her later. Yao Ying quickly sobered up and said, "You look great!" He gave her his sweetest smile.

Yao Ling thought that what Yao Ying meant was her disguise was great. After all, she was dressing up as a man, what kind of temptation she could offer with this look? The little rabbit didn\'t know that she was being eyed by the big bad wolf.

Yao Ying kept in his mind that he would eat her tonight, so he calmed himself down. He felt so lucky that this beauty was his wife! When he turned around, he looked at Xiu\'s expression when he looked at Xiao Yu. Judging from his drool, it seemed like he also thought of the same thing toward Xiao Yu. Yao Ying laughed inwardly and he patted Xiu\'s shoulder in pity. At least, Yao Ling is his rightful wife so he could devour her anytime he wanted, but what about Xiu?

He probably needed to take a cold shower to relieve his tension down there. Poor Xiu!

Xiu saw Yao Ying\'s gloating face and laughed bitterly inside his mind. Why did Young Master taunting him? He knew that look. It seemed like Young Master was mocking him because he couldn\'t do anything toward Xiao Yu and also until now... he made no progress because of his own nervousness. Ha...~ he could only sigh in defeat. Xiu wanted to glare back at Yao Ying, but he knew that he couldn\'t, so he just cursed Yao Ying inside his mind.

Servants were loyal to their chosen masters, but it didn\'t mean that they couldn\'t get angry or annoyed at their masters. Of course, they couldn\'t curse openly. Xiu was no different. He could only curse inwardly. Yao Ying knew that Xiu probably cursed him inside his mind, but he didn\'t care about it. It made Yao Ying want to laugh harder at him.

Xiu took a peek at Xiao Yu and accidentally their eyes met, both of them quickly looked away and blushed at the same time. Two people, like each other, but they seemed to be oblivious of the other\'s feelings. Yao Ying and Yao Ling as bystanders could perfectly see their feelings. They could only shake their head because knowing these two people, without another push, their relationship would still take a long time to bloom.

Yao Ying and Yao Ling walked in front, while Xiu and Xiao Yu followed behind them. Yao Ying and Yao Ling could see how they took a peek at each other but didn\'t dare to talk. When Xiu looked at Xiao Yu, the other nervously looked down. When Xiao Yu took a peek at Xiu, the other looked away. They looked so cute, making Yao Ying and Yao Ling want to laugh.

Yao Ling whispered to Yao Ying, "Ying... do we need to do something about them?" Yao Ling glanced at Xiu and Xiao Yu from the corner of her eyes.

Yao Ying rolled his eyes. "Why are you so concerned about them? Let their love blooms on its own." Yao Ying didn\'t really like to meddle with other people\'s business.

Yao Ling whined. "But they are both so slow... When will it bloom? Another thousand years?" Yao Ling exaggerated the last part and she couldn\'t help but giggle.

"You ah~ Why do you suddenly become such a busybody? Even their matter you also want to interfere," Yao Ying softly chided her.

"But they are so suitable to each other, besides... they like each other too! What\'s wrong in pushing them together? It will be fun!" Yao Ling tried to coax Yao Ling to join her in becoming their matchmaker.

Yao Ying helplessly looked at his wife. It seemed like the matriarch\'s personalities already rubbed into her. They were both too idle! "Fine... Fine... but it can wait after we finish the mission, okay?" Yao Ying decided to make a compromise. They had to focus on their mission, so he reminded Yao Ling not to play around. Besides, Xiu and Xiao Yu had plenty of chances to spend time together, because they served the same couple. Probably, this trip could also help them get closer.

Yao Ling pouted but she knew that Yao Ying was right. "Okay," she readily agreed. She wasn\'t in a hurry anyway.

They met Lin Jian halfway to the hua lou. He cheerfully greeted Yao Ying but then his eyes landed on her. Lin Jian looked at Yao Ling in confusion and asked Yao Ying, "Yao Ying, who is this?" Didn\'t Yao Ying say that he wanted to talk about an important thing? He guessed it was about the mission. If it was about the mission, why did he take this flower boy along with him? It was supposed to be a secret mission!

Lin Jian looked at Yao Ying, gasped. "Do you betray Yao Ling with a man?" Lin Jian was half-joking and half-serious. He tried to find out about this flower boy\'s identity.

Yao Ying glared at him and felt like choking the man in front of him. What kind of nonsense that he was talking about?! Did Lin Jian accuse him as a cut-sleeve?

"Do you want me to punch you?" Yao Ying asked while gritting his teeth in annoyance. This guy seriously needed a beating!

On the other hand, Yao Ling was trying to hold back her laughter. She always knew that Lin Jian sometimes had a crazy sense of jokes, however, looking at the angry look on her husband\'s face... she couldn\'t help but want to laugh! Did they usually interact like this? Unlike women, they behaved more openly and also talked honestly what\'s inside their mind. It was refreshing for Yao Ling who had to talk with her brain all the time, instead of sincerity. She always needed to think and arrange her words carefully before talking. It was more tiring.

Yao Ling rarely saw this kind of expressions on his husband\'s face --- a mixture of anger and annoyance. He was usually calm around her --- well, except at night. His l.u.s.ty face was one of the expressions that she would never forget! When she remembered his l.u.s.ty face, she couldn\'t help but blush.

Lin Jian saw that expression and felt bewildered. The flower boy looked at Yao Ying and blushed. He started to believe that both of them had an improper relationship and it made him feel more curious!

"Yao Ying... are you really having an inappropriate relationship with him? Look at the way he\'s blushing!" Lin Jian asked in disbelief. Why did this guy look so feminine? He even blushed like a girl!

Yao Ying wanted to open Lin Jian\'s head and see what\'s inside his stupid brain. "Don\'t you feel that he\'s a little familiar?" Yao Ying didn\'t want to uncover Yao Ling\'s disguise, so he could only subtly ask. How could he accuse him a cut-sleeve in front of his wife?! It was so embarrassing and he could also see the laughter in Yao Ling\'s eyes.

"No... I don\'t think so!" The thought that this man was Yao Ling never crossed Lin Jian\'s mind. After all, their destination was hua lou. A noble lady wouldn\'t want to step her foot into this kind of place. No wonder that thought never crossed Lin Jian\'s mind.

However... when the more he saw this man, the more he felt that somehow she looked familiar. "Wait... wait... are you...?" He trailed off. Looking at the way this man behaved... was this man actually a woman? "Yao Ling?" He asked in bewilderment.

Yao Ling laughed and said, "Greeting to you, Lin Jian gong zi. Indeed... this one is Yao Ling. Finally, you can recognize me!" Yao Ling grinned mischievously.

"Why... why are you looking like this?! Why are you disguising yourself as a man?!" Lin Jian whisper-yelled at Yao Ling. He knew that Yao Ling didn\'t want people to know her real identity and he respected her wish.

Yao Ling felt that Lin Jian\'s reaction somehow was a bit funny. She felt that he was overreacted, even Yao Ying didn\'t act that way. However, she knew that he reacted that way out of concern anyway.

"Because I\'m coming with you," Yao Ling answered leisurely with a smiling face.