His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 142 - Heart-to-heart Talk

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Chapter 142 - Heart-to-heart Talk

"It seems like the yellow book really gives benefits to the both of you! Have you tried some of the positions?" The matriarch asked curiously. She knew firsthand what kind of drawing inside the book and she really wanted to know whether Yao Ling was so flexible or not.

Yao Ling\'s jaw dropped so wide because of the matriarch\'s question. She opened and closed her mouth for a few times, but she couldn\'t answer her question. "I... I..."

Zhang Mo Mo smiled softly and saved her from the embarrassment by talking to the matriarch, "Old Madam, it seems like Young Mistress is too shy to say anything. Why should you worry about their process? At least, from Young Master\'s present, it means that they are working hard for giving Old Madam a cute and healthy grandchild."

Yao Ling sighed in relief and sent a thankful gaze to Zhang Mo Mo. Did the matriarch seriously want her to tell everything in details? She would rather bury herself inside a hole than telling her! Too embarrassing! She would really scold Yao Ying when she met him later!

"But this old one really wants to listen to their amorous night! So, I can also reminiscence my lovely night with Old Master. Besides... it must have been a fun night! It will take my mind out of the boredom," The matriarch shamelessly said. Why should she feel ashamed? At least, she was only asking... not peeking into their room and watch their night activities live.

Yao Ling closed her eyes and cover her face with both of her hands. "Grandmother!" She groaned while saying that, making the matriarch laugh along with Zhang Mo Mo. "This is so embarrassing!" She muttered to herself, but the matriarch was able to hear her through her laughter. The matriarch was known to be mischievous since childhood, so Zhang Mo Mo didn\'t feel so surprised. However, Yao Ling rarely saw this side of her, so she was quite shocked that the stern matriarch could be so naughty.

The matriarch wiped the tears on the corner of her eyes due to her hearty laugh. Teasing Yao Ling was quite fun because of her shyness. If she kept pestering her to tell about their night activity, Yao Ling probably would faint due to embarrassment. "Okay... okay... I\'m just kidding. At least, I know that both of you are really happy with your marriage. Enjoying s.e.x.u.a.l activity is also a recipe for a happy marriage," the matriarch said seriously.

Yao Ling nodded hesitantly. Was it really?

"I will give you a little bit of advice. Do you know why a man is looking for concubines or going to a brothel? Sometimes the wife is even more beautiful than the concubine, but they choose an ordinary looking woman as a concubine... Why?" The matriarch gave her difficult questions to ponder over.

Back in the village, people rarely had concubines because they didn\'t have a lot to spend on maintaining a large family --- the villagers were mostly poor. Thus, she didn\'t really know the exact answer.

"Why, Grandmother? Please enlighten this granddaughter," Yao Ling said.

"It\'s not simply because of the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, but the main wife also needs to introspect herself and think of a way to hold onto the husband\'s love and attention. I\'m not saying that it\'s all about s.e.x.u.a.l activity -- it\'s just one of the many factors. A man doesn\'t only need physical satisfaction, but also inner satisfaction. Sometimes they need someone to talk to, so you should also learn to be a good listener. I\'m sure you understand what I mean even though I don\'t give you all the details, right?" The matriarch asked whether Yao Ling understood her main point or not.

Yao Ling nodded in understanding. "Thank you for Grandmother\'s teaching. This granddaughter understands."

"Good... you need to learn how to satisfy all of his needs. If one day... someone from his past comes, you have the power to fight back and hold onto him," The matriarch hesitantly added. She wanted the couple to be happy.

Yao Ling nodded with slightly teary eyes. "Thank you for Grandmother\'s concern. Yes... that\'s the fear that keeps bothering my heart." Yao Ling admitted that she was afraid of the woman in Yao Ying\'s past the most --- if there was one.

The matriarch patted Yao Ling\'s head softly. "Don\'t give up without fighting!"

Yao Ling could only nod and didn\'t dare to tell the matriarch about her promise to let go if Yao Ying had a lover in the past. However, remembering this thing... she felt the numbness inside her heart. She wanted to slap her own mouth for making such a promise!

The matriarch tried to lighten up the mood by joking. "Of course, you are not the only one that has to satisfy his needs! He needs to do the same things and appreciate you! Even in the bed, he needs to make you feel a release!"

Yao Ling chuckled at the matriarch\'s attempt to cheer her up and it made her mood slightly better. "Yes, Grandmother. I will make sure to do that!" Yao Ling said confidently with a slightly blushing face.

"Good! This old woman already said what needs to be said. It\'s time for me to go back to my place and rest," The matriarch said.

Yao Ling smiled and saw off the matriarch. She knew the matriarch\'s advice was for her own good, but when someone talked about the possibility of a woman in Yao Ying\'s past. It really hurt her heart! She tried not to think about, but instead, she chose to deal with the maidservant\'s matter.

Yao Ling went to check on Qiu Ling and her condition was pretty bad. The physician said that it would take a long time for her eyes to be fully healed and there might be a little bit problem with her eyes --- however, the physician couldn\'t determine exactly what kind of effect that could happen. Qiu Ling had no choice but to recuperate. Yao Ling could only promise her that she would be received to work on her courtyard again once she was fully healed. Yao Ling gave her money and let her go back to her family for the time being.

After finished dealing with Qiu Ling\'s matter, Yao Ling quickly arranged Xiao Yu to take Xiao Xia, Xiao Er, and Xiao Ai as her first rank maidservants. They would serve her directly while she let the other servants and maidservants stay, but she let them do odd jobs and clean the outer courtyard. She didn\'t hesitate to clear up her courtyard because she already had the matriarch\'s agreement to let her do want she wanted. Madam Wang also didn\'t say much even though she was slightly disappointed with the matriarch\'s decision.

Yao Ling took charge of teaching the girls how to read and write, but they weren\'t able to learn martial arts. However, they were good enough at defending themselves, so Yao Ling felt slightly in relief. The girls were quite clever so they adapted quite fast. Yao Ling prepared slave contracts between her and the girls. Ning-jie and the girls didn\'t mind about it, after all, they already trusted Yao Ling with their life.

Yao Ying went back and forth between Wang Fu, Lin Fu, and Fu Rong just like usual. They went back to their daily life. They had nothing to do until they heard the news about the organization from Wang Luo Hai. Both Yao Ying and Yao Ling were called to the study room. Wang Luo Hai greeted them with a full-of-smile face. It seemed like he had a piece of good news to announce.

"Do you have good news, Father?" Yao Ying asked, feeling curious why Wang Luo Hai looked so happy.

"The Empress really loves the robe! Yao Ling, you really did a great job! She even praised the embroiderer --- which is you and bestow you with a few gifts. I will send them to your courtyard later!" Wang Luo Hai grinned.

Yao Ling smiled happily. "Thank you, Father!" She kept wondering what her gifts were. Then, she had a question in mind, "But... how the gifts still land on me, Father? Didn\'t you say that you will keep me as a secret?"

"The organization is fair about who to punish and who to give a reward. They won\'t take your merit. I\'m still protecting your identity, so the gifts are actually given to me and Yao Ying. But we know who the real deal is, right?" Wang Luo Hai smiled and patted Yao Ling\'s shoulder lovingly.

Yao Ling blushed shyly and once again thanked Wang Luo Hai. She never thought that she would get something from this. "You praise me too much, Father! I was just trying to do my best!" Yao Ling shyly said.

"Haiyah~ You are too humble!" Wang Luo Hai grinned. "It affects positively to Yao Ying and you will get a mission from the organization soon," Wang Luo Hai said excitedly. He was so proud of his stepchildren. They achieved something that none of them could achieve in such a short time.

Yao Ying asked, "What kind of mission, Father?"

"It\'s an important one, so you should do your best to succeed. You will do the mission with Lin Jian, so you don\'t have to be nervous. The mission is about the Han Princess," Wang Luo Hai explained.