His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 136 - Stop Teasing Me Youtiao!

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Chapter 136 - Stop Teasing Me Youtiao!

"Then, why are you become best friend with him, huh?" Yao Ying asked in a fit of anger, because of Lin Jian\'s nonsense. Did he really think of him that way?!

Lin Jian hiccuped for a while, before continued talking but more sincerely than before, "Hmmm... He... he has the same loneliness just like me. I can see it in his eyes... Our loneliness comes from different reason... He\'s because of his blank past, while me... because I will always remember my past and feel guilty for the rest of my life." After saying that, he laughed ironically. "The idiom birds of the same feather flock together is really true! We are drawn to each other because of loneliness. But you know... his life is a bit better than me..."

Yao Ying furrowed his eyebrows and asked, "Better than you? How?" Yao Ying\'s anger started to fade because he knew that although Lin Jian was drunk, he found a hint of jokes when Lin Jian talked about him. Not only that... his previous sentences were correct. Yao Ying was also drawn to him because of that matter. Lin Jian was actually a very perspective person despite his joker appearance. Yao Ying started to think that it was a way for him to mask his real feeling.

"Of course better ah~ Yao Ying already has Yao Ling... In my opinion, he already finds himself a gem. And from their behavior, even a blind man could see that they love each other!" Lin Jian talked cheerily and what he said made the tips of Yao Ying\'s ears became red.

Yao Ying thought to himself, \'Do their feelings that obvious? Does Yao Ling also love him?\' Yao Ying wasn\'t really sure at the last part. He knew that she cared about him, but... love? If she indeed loved him, he would be the happiest man alive! Yao Ying\'s mood became better after listening to Lin Jian.

Yao Ying who felt very happy patted Lin Jian\'s shoulder and said, "Don\'t worry! You will also find your own happiness someday! Who knows? Maybe your true love is actually near you." Yao Ying just wanted to cheer him up.

Lin Jian also seemed to like what Yao Ying just said. The big man giggled once again, making Yao Ying shudder. How can such a masculine man giggling when he was drunk?!

"En~ I will also find my own happiness!" Lin Jian declared. Then, he gripped her cup and made a gesture asking Yao Ying to accompany him to drink wine again, "Toast!"

Yao Ying followed his lead and also yelled, "Toast!" Yao Ying decided to accompany Lin Jian so he could forget his pain for a while. They should just drink without a care!

The two of them kept drinking without restraint until they were fully drunk. Xiu and Lin Jian\'s servant looked at their masters helplessly. Judging from the way they drunk, their masters wouldn\'t be able to walk by themselves. Well... scratch that! They probably couldn\'t even stand up straight, let alone walk... It seemed like they needed to carry them home and it would take a lot of energies. The life of a servant ah~ They felt like crying but no tears could come out...


Yao Ling finally finished the Empress robe and after double-checking everything, they confirmed that everything was done perfectly. Wang Luo Hai praised her and Ning-jie happily, even went as far by giving them holiday and bonus. Yao Ling and Ning-jie happily received their bonuses. Yao Ling could use it for personal use and giving incentives for the servants inside Wang Fu, while Ning -jie would use it to give a better environment and foods for the kids.

But, before doing anything, they would probably need to sleep right away. They were dead tired because of working one week straight without proper rest, even opening their eyes were quite hard to do. Probably after the adrenaline rush was gone, the tiredness hit them pretty hard.

When Yao Ling arrived at Wang Fu, Yao Ying hadn\'t gone home yet. She didn\'t think much about it and decided to take a hot bath for the sake of letting her knotted muscle to relax. Besides, she felt that her body was quite sweaty from today\'s hard work. At this time, Yao Ling was grateful that she had Xiao Yu by her side. If she had to prepare the hot bath on her own, she would probably couldn\'t sleep until midnight.

After finishing her bath, Yao Ling lied down on her bed. Xiao Yu offered to give her a massage which Yao Ling gratefully accepted. Because of the massage, Yao Ling felt so comfortable and she quickly fell into deep sleep. She had no energy left to wait for her husband. Yao Ling was pretty sure that Yao Ying wouldn\'t really mind about this matter, knowing that she worked hard for his sake. Xiao Yu who saw Yao Ling already fell asleep, quietly covered up Yao Ling in a blanket and went out of the room.

Yao Ling was dreaming about a lot of things that she didn\'t really remember --- except her last dream. She saw a lot of desserts and she was chasing them around excitedly. She happily ate them until she felt that something kept bothering her from catching her precious desserts. When she was going to run, she felt her waist was being held tightly. She could only swing her hands in despair because her desserts were flying away and out of her reach. She wanted to cry, but no tears came out.

She could only yell sadly, "My foods..."

Yao Ling felt too annoyed and she looked down, trying to find the culprit who prevented her from eating. Then she saw that she was being held by big youtiao [a long golden-brown deep-fried strip of dough eaten in China]. Yao Ling\'s eyes lit up in happiness... so not all of her foods were running away. Yao Ling happily pulled the youtiao from her waist and without a second thought chomping down excitedly.

"Ouch..." Why did it feel so hard? It was supposed to be soft! Yao Ling felt like this youtiao was trying to tease her, so she quickly held it tightly before it ran away with the other foods. She quickly bit it once again --- harder than before. She scolded the youtiao, "Stop teasing me, Youtiao!"

But the youtiao was pretty strong and it pushed her away, making her feel surprised. Funnily, the surprise felt so real and it made her wake up from her dream. Because of the hectic dreams, she felt her body more tired than before!

After yawning and stretching her body, Yao Ling looked down at her waist. She finally realized why the youtiao suddenly pushed her away. Judging from the bite mark on Yao Ying\'s hand... it seemed like that she mistakenly took Yao Ying\'s hand as the youtiao in her dream. The amazing thing was Yao Ying didn\'t even wake up.

Yao Ling saw that Yao Ying already changed his clothes, but judging from his condition, it seemed like Xiu helped him because he was too drunk to notice anything. He didn\'t even wake up after she bit him that hard. The strong smell of alcohol attacked her nostrils, making her scrunch her face in disgust!

\'Ugh... Did he go to the hua lou again?\' Yao Ling thought to herself. Something must have happened for him to drink until he was in this state. Yao Ling shook her head in annoyance. She tried to get away from him but failed because of his strong grip. She wanted to punch him because he ruined her perfect dream, but she decided to calm herself and back to sleep.

She almost fell asleep when she felt his hand started to roam around slowly. From her waist, his hand started to go up and touched her b.r.e.a.s.t. It stopped there... he was just cupping it without doing anything. Yao Ling thought that it was just an accident. However, reality proved otherwise.

When she started to relax and close her eyes, Yao Ying\'s hand moved once again. It was only a subtle movement, but she was able to feel it. Yao Ling\'s body stiffened, but when he didn\'t move again, Yao Ling decided to let him be --- probably it was just a part of her imagination. Cupping her b.r.e.a.s.t wouldn\'t make a difference as long as he didn\'t move his hand randomly. If he dared to pretend to sleep and take advantage of her, she would bite his hand again and harder than before.

When she was almost fell asleep, she heard Yao Ying mumbling something. She tried to listen to what he said. "Lin Jian... wine... tofu... en... give me the noodle... what? No noodle... but... I\'m hungry..." Yao Ling rolled her eyes, after knowing that Yao Ying was actually talking about food! They really thought alike... even having the same dream --- foods!

After that, Yao Ying mumbled again, "Oh... why is there nothing left?"

Suddenly, Yao Ying\'s hand that cupped Yao Ling\'s b.r.e.a.s.t started to move --- the man dared to knead her b.r.e.a.s.t!