His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 132 - Lin Jian's Past (1)

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Chapter 132 - Lin Jian\'s Past (1)

Xiao Yu nodded in agreement. "This girl\'s mind is really a bit twisted, so the way she seeks revenge so soon doesn\'t really surprising." She just wondered how Young Mistress could foresee these things clearly.

Yao Ling smiled. "We can just watch her do it and it will certainly bring us some benefits. Just update me with everything she does so I know that she\'s still under our control. I will even let you personally help her with everything that she needs." The last part was her order to Xiao Yu to assist Liu Li for now.

"Yes, Young Mistress," Xiao Yu answered.

"How is her reaction when you sent her the medicine?" Yao Ling asked curiously. Because of her busy schedule lately, she almost forgot about Liu Li\'s matter and didn\'t ask for Xiao Yu\'s update regarding Liu Li for a few days.

"She becomes warmer and nicer to me, but this servant doesn\'t really sure whether she is truly grateful or not. After all, her personalities aren\'t good, to begin with. There is a probability that she was only faking her gratefulness. Young Mistress, are you sure that you want to use her?" Xiao Yu was a bit worried because she naturally knew how scary and crazy that Liu Li was. This kind of chess piece was actually a double-edged sword.

Yao Ling laughed at her question, but Yao Ling understood that Xiao Yu was just worried about her. "Don\'t worry! I have my own calculation. As long as you are good to her, she will certainly be good to us too." Yao Ling was actually pitying the girl for a little bit. She must have a painful past to become twisted just like this. Once people gave her a little bit of kindness, she would do anything for that person. That\'s why Yao Ling knew, once Liu Li was feeling abandoned, she would certainly seek revenge.

"Just go back and pay more attention to her. Tomorrow... good things will happen in our courtyard," Yao Ling smiled mysteriously and didn\'t say anything more.

Xiao Yu knew that once Young Mistress didn\'t want to say something, no matter what she did to get it out of her... she wouldn\'t budge and tell her anything at all. Xiao Yu could only nod and ask, "Young Mistress, should I go back to Wang Fu or stay here to serve you?" Xiao Yu was a bit worried when she wasn\'t by Young Mistress\' side.

"Just go back. Don\'t worry about my lunch and dinner. I can tell Li Huan to prepare foods for us, so you don\'t have to worry about me. You just need to do your job properly, okay?" Yao Ling said.

Xiao Yu obeyed her order and quickly went back to Wang Fu, while Yao Ling continued doing her embroidery. "Ning-jie... how are the kids\' progress?"

"They are doing really well. It seems like they are really working hard and trying their best to learn everything in a short time. For the martial arts aspect, some of them don\'t really have the talent, but they are still learning diligently," Ning-jie said.

Yao Ling nodded and smiled. "They don\'t have to be outstanding at martial arts skills because I just want them to have a knowledge how to protect themselves --- just in case, they are in dangerous situation. Just prepare them for me, because I will take some of them with me after this."

Ning-jie wanted to ask Yao Ling which kids that she wanted to take along, but swallowed her words down. She decided to trust Yao Ling, so she should just do what Yao Ling told her too. Until now, Yao Ling never did anything that disappointed her. "I will prepare them for you," Ning-jie answered obediently. After that, they continued working in silence and tried to finish the robe as soon as possible, so they could rest and get a good sleep.


Yao Ying went out to find Lin Jian at Lin Fu. The latter was quite surprised by his sudden appearance. "Didn\'t you say that you want to stay by your lovely wife\'s side? Why are you here now?" Lin Jian mocked him and it made Yao Ying frowned in annoyance.

"If she didn\'t tell me to, I wouldn\'t be here!" Yao Ying sighed in defeat.

Lin Jian could only laugh bitterly. "What do you think of me? Your second choice whenever Yao Ling isn\'t available?"

Yao Ying laughed. "You can say that. My wife is always number one. You already good enough for becoming my number two. At least, you have a special place in my heart too!" Yao Ying exaggerated the last part.

Lin Jian rolled his eyes in annoyance. "Who wants to be your number two? Tsk!"

"I\'m not a cut-sleeve, so why should you become my number one?" Yao Ying taunted Lin Jian. After all, he was in a bit of a bad mood and Lin Jian was there for him to tease. He thought for a bit and realized that whenever he was in a bad mood, Lin Jian\'s presence would make him feel a bit better by teasing him. En... That was a friend are for, right? If Lin Jian knew what Yao Ying was thinking about, he probably would vomit blood due to anger. This simple-minded bastard only thought of him as his punching bag to alleviate his bad mood!

"Enough! Enough! I\'m tired of arguing with you," Lin Jian gave up talking to this man. After that, he asked, "Where do you want to go?"

"Didn\'t you say you want to drink wine?" Yao Ying asked while raising one of his eyebrows.

"Hua lou?"

"Sure," Yao Ying agreed. He already had a tacit understanding with Yao Ling that he was allowed to go to the hua lou as he wished because sooner or later he had to take care of Mi Hui. If he didn\'t go there, how could he handle all the Mi Hui matter? As long as he didn\'t succ.u.mb to any temptation, he should be fine. Even a man with a playboy image like Lin Jian was able to preserve his v.i.r.g.i.nity, why couldn\'t he do that? He already had a beautiful wife at home, besides he wasn\'t really that l.u.s.tful --- well... except for Yao Ling. She was his weakness.

Both of them went to the hua lou just like usual, but they didn\'t want to be accompanied by any women. Their purpose was solely for drinking and talking --- not for Mi Hui the courtesan and Mi Hui the organization. They just wanted to relax.

"Yao Ying... are you still feeling curious about the woman in the painting?" Lin Jian suddenly asked, while twirling the cup of wine that he held.

Yao Ying was surprised because Lin Jian was actually taking the initiative to talk to him about that matter. He nodded and admitted, "Yes... I\'m curious, but why? Why do you suddenly want to talk about it?"

Lin Jian smiled. "I need a wine to give me the courage to talk, besides... I really need someone to talk to. It\'s impossible for me to talk about it with my father." Lin Jian sighed, feeling melancholic after thinking about his mother once again.

"Then talk..." Yao Ying said. He knew that Lin Jian just wanted to vent out the things that had been locked deep within his heart. Lin Jian didn\'t need a noisy friend, but he needed a listener. Yao Ying knew he just had to sit there and listen.

Lin Jian was grateful that Yao Ying was able to see his mood and willing to listen. "My real birth mother was only a lowly servant at Lin Fu. She took advantage of my father\'s trust and gave him an aphrodisiac, so she could climb into his bed. In his muddle-headed state, Father did it with her once and the result? She got pregnant with me. My birth mother thought that her scheme worked perfectly. But who is Father? He isn\'t someone that easy to deceive."

Yao Ying shook his head. Sometimes... women used a nasty tactic just for the sake of climbing up the ladder. It was quite scary.

"Father only let her stay inside the house until the end of her pregnancy, but at that time, he didn\'t give her any freedom. She was guarded heavily within the courtyard. After having me, she was being chased out and the woman went crazy because of it. Luckily, my father still loves me despite my birth mother\'s slyness. However, you know my father\'s personality... he is neither hot nor cold. He was just there for me..." Lin Jian explained.

Yao Ying also knew General Lin\'s characters after a few brief interactions. He could see that Lin Jian was grateful because his father accepted him, but he also didn\'t have a warm love while growing up.

Yao Ying asked curiously, "Have you ever blamed your father?"

"What? For chasing that woman away and make her crazy?" Lin Jian asked sarcastically.

"Yes..." Yao Ying nodded. He was a bit curious with what Lin Jian thought about that matter. At that time, he was only a baby and didn\'t have a way to choose his fate. Did he feel happy without his birth mother or not?

"Honestly? No. She was able to do a dirty trick like that, and I believe... if I grew up under her care, she would certainly make my life hell. She would use me as a pawn and a bargaining chip to gain footing in Lin Fu. In a way, I\'m grateful to Father for being decisive and chase her away," Lin Jian said honestly.