His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 130 - Where Did Her Innocence Go?

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Chapter 130 - Where Did Her Innocence Go?

Yao Ling actually wanted to take a bath, but after listening to what Yao Ying said.. she changed her mind. She preferred to buried herself in the quilt then slept, rather than flaunting her n.a.k.e.d body in front of him. She knew what the result would be... Yao Ying would certainly turn into a wolf once again! He promised that it would end for the day and she calculated that it was almost midnight and almost the time to change into the next day, so she would be better to just turn her back on him and tried to sleep.

If he said that it was already a new day and wanted to do more, she couldn\'t refute his logic. Better be safe than sorry later...

"Ling-er... Ling-er..." Yao Ying kept calling her, but she didn\'t answer him and still pretended to be asleep. He sighed and shook his head. Did she think that he was a beast and would attack her again? He grinned then found the answer... oh yeah... he\'s her beast. Who told her to be such an alluring and seductive woman?

"I just want to remind you to wear you dudou and outer robe again... or you prefer me to hug your n.a.k.e.d body?" Yao Ying teased her because he knew that she wasn\'t asleep yet. "If I touch your n.a.k.e.d body especially your lovely b.r.e.a.s.ts once again... I won\'t guarantee what I will do..." He singsonged the last part merrily.

"I\'m up... I\'m up..." Yao Ying said hurriedly and quickly got up. She looked at him, pouting. After that, she looked around and tried to find her clothes. "Where\'s my dudou and outer robe?" She would certainly choke Yao Ying if he dared to ruin her clothing once again!

Yao Ying already took the outer robe that he threw on the floor and found the dudou almost fell out of the bed too. He took the dudou and then he gave her both of her clothes. "See? I\'m a gentleman. I didn\'t tear your robe today." Yao Ying teased her.

Yao Ling saw that her outer robe was still intact and she nodded in satisfaction. After that, she just glared at him and wore her dudou and outer robe quickly. She felt safer after she was fully clothed. "It\'s because you know I will pummel you to death if you wreck my robe again!" Yao Ling harrumphed.

Yao Ying just laughed at her and tried to appease her, "Yes... yes... this husband knows."

Yao Ling rolled her eyes and her sleepiness started to come back once again. "Come on... let\'s sleep," Yao Ling ordered him. She still had a lot of things to do tomorrow and she didn\'t want to entertain him anymore.

"Okay..." Yao Ying happily answered. He also buried himself inside the quilt too and hugged her from behind. Yao Ling was a bit tense --- afraid that he would do something naughty to her, but after knowing he didn\'t do anything to her, she relaxed.

Yao Ying kissed the top of her head and smiled, "Wifey... I will let you go tonight. I should be feeling sad that you only used me, but it\'s fine for today."

"Using you?! How come?" Yao Ling turned to look at him and furrowed her eyebrows in confusion.

"After I gave you orgasm, you cast me away and chose to sleep!" Yao Ying whined like a little kid.

Yao Ling rolled her eyes but smiling to herself. "I\'m not casting you away. I\'m just tired. I promise you I will pay you back," Yao Ling said.

"Okay... then I will hold you on your promise. Next time... it will be my turn!" Yao Ying cheerfully said. \'Ah... he can\'t wait for that day!\' Yao Ying thought to himself and he knew he would get a good night sleep after getting such a good promise.

Yao Ling didn\'t bother to reply to him anymore because she already fell asleep. Yao Ying saw her peacefully sleep and started to feel sleepy too. He closed his eyes and slept while hugging her tightly. It turned out... making his beloved wife happy also made him feel peaceful and happy.

Both of them slept blissfully that night. Both of them realized their own feelings and that... made them feel thankful that they chose to fulfill Jiu Lan\'s last wish by getting married.

They found love because of it.


The next day, they woke up and took the time to prepare themselves for the day. They didn\'t feel any awkwardness despite last night amorous night, but Yao Ling would still blush whenever she remembered the previous day\'s event or when she accidentally made eye contact with Yao Ying.

Yao Ling was shy but she already made a decision that she wanted to experience the orgasm again some other time, but she wouldn\'t let Yao Ying know her decision. It would be too embarrassing. She groaned inwardly and berated Yao Ying for making her know such a pleasurable thing exist and turned her into a pervert along with him. Where did her innocence go ah~?

Yao Ying saw the cheerful look at Yao Ling\'s face and grinned to himself. Yao Ling didn\'t even realize that her happiness made Yao Ying understood a bit of her thought. It seemed like his little wife really enjoyed her first orgasm, hence the good mood. He decided to learn more about it from the \'yellow book\'. He should also prepare a gift for Grandmother. Because of her, he would have a great night time activity with his wife.

After breakfast, they greeted the elders. When Yao Ling was telling the matriarch that she would be absent for a few days from the lesson, she readily agreed and said that Wang Luo Hai had already explained the reason to her. The matriarch knew about the real reason, so Yao Ling didn\'t need to say much.

When she accidentally met Madam Wang after paying respect to the matriarch, Yao Ling only explained that there were massive orders at Fu Rong that needed her attention so she couldn\'t stay long. Madam Wang only nodded and told her to go quickly. Although the matriarch told her to get closer to Madam Wang, her hectic schedule didn\'t really allow her to. So her relationship with Madam Wang was still okay, but not best. Yao Ling didn\'t think too much about it, but after finishing the Empress\' robe, she should probably build a better relationship with Madam Wang.

Yao Ying and Yao Ling went to Fu Rong together. Xiu and Xiao Yu always followed them, while Feng was given the task to teach the children at Ning jie\'s house martial arts. When they arrived, they did they work as usual as not to make people suspicious that they received a secret order.

After finishing the usual inspection, they went to the second floor together. Wang Luo Hai, Yao Ying, and Yao Ling had a deep discussion regarding the order. The robe was almost finished and they soon would work on the intricate embroidery pattern. Wang Luo Hai had already received the pattern and also the permission to finish the Empress\' robe. When Yao Ling looked at the pattern, she sighed in relief because it was on the scope of her capabilities. She could do it!

"How about the matter sending it to the palace?" Yao Ying asked curiously. Their background was more of a merchant, so they didn\'t really have a lot of high-skilled guards --- only a few that stayed as hidden guards. If they were the one who sent it to the palace, the same thing as before would truly happen again.

"You don\'t need to worry about that. The organization will certainly arrange the matter. There\'s a probability that the task will fall at Lin Zheng or Lin Jian\'s hands," Wang Luo Hai explained.

Yao Ying and Yao Ling nodded in understanding. They only needed to work on the robe, other matters... they didn\'t need really to care about it. But Lin\'s family was a great choice for becoming the bodyguards, after all... they had a lot of resources for high-skilled martial arts people.

"Father, how many days should I finish this embroidery?" Yao Ling asked cautiously. She hoped it was still under a reasonable frame of time. If she calculated the time, she would need at least a month to make this robe under her usual pace of working.

"The organization had a way to change the date of the party and it will be postponed for two weeks," Wang Luo Hai explained.

"Is it the princes\' work?" Yao Ying asked curiously. He was quite surprised because they were able to change the date in the span of one night. How big was this organization\'s network?

Wang Luo Hai nodded.

Yao Ling asked him curiously, "How did they do that, Father?"

Wang Luo Hai laughed. "It was only a simple matter. A famous monk who could read divination said the actual date of the party would bring calamity to the nation and the party should be postponed to the new auspicious date. The current Emperor is a full-believer of divination because he\'s a religious person. How they managed to convince the Emperor further, I don\'t really know because it must have done by someone in the palace. I only heard the summary."

Yao Ying and Yao Ling looked at each other in awe. The Princes were very smart... no wonder there were a lot of people willing to become their subordinates. They just used a simple method to convince the Emperor.