His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 128 - Learning From The 'Yellow Book'

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Chapter 128 - Learning From The \'Yellow Book\'

Yao Ling opened her sleepy eyes and felt how Yao Ying softly touched her back with the tips of his fingers in a sensual way. "What are you doing?" Yao Ling asked in annoyance. She was almost falling asleep blissfully! He woke her up and it made her mood turn sour.

"Just touching my precious wife\'s body," Yao Ying grinned mischievously. He ignored her little tantrum.

"Ying... I\'m tired," Yao Ling whined. "Stop messing around!"

"I\'m not messing around with you!" Yao Ying pouted. "After enjoying my service, you want to sleep soundly, huh? Then... what about me?"

"I\'ll give you a massage too tomorrow," Yao Ling negotiated.

"No... I don\'t want that!" Yao Ying rejected his offer.

"Then, what do you want?" Yao Ling asked exasperatedly.

"I just want to give you pleasure," Yao Ying grinned wolfishly.

Yao Ling frowned. "But... I\'m tired..." She repeated her reasoning once again. Actually, her whole body was better because of the massage, but she was just too shy.

Yao Ying laughed. "Don\'t worry! You don\'t have to do anything!" Yao Ying wiggled his eyebrows, teasing her.

Yao Ling furrowed her eyebrows. She didn\'t believe that she would do nothing for him, at least... he would need her hands to satisfy him. "I don\'t believe you!" Yao Ling bit her lower lips in desperation. \'Tomorrow, she still needs her hands for making the Empress\' robe ah~\' Yao Ling thought to herself.

"I swear. You can just lie down there and do nothing. I will be the one who does all the works!" Yao Ying grinned wickedly. He didn\'t tell Yao Ling that he took a peek at the \'yellow book\' that Grandmother gave them. Yao Ying knew that he didn\'t have the experience in doing intimate things, but Yao Ling was always the one who gave him pleasure. This time, he really wanted to make her feel the same pleasure as him.

The \'yellow book\' taught him so much about the bird and bees. There was a certain part where it described in details how to pleasure a woman -- even the pictures were attached. When he thought about those pictures and then imagined doing those things with Yao Ying, he could feel a surge of need and l.u.s.t came to him in a flash. His little Yao Ying certainly didn\'t feel shy to stand up. How could he not? He was imagining his lovely wife with all of those s.e.xy details.

"I promise! I won\'t let you use your hands. I can pleasure myself, so you don\'t have to worry about that matter. Tonight... I just want to give the same pleasure to you," Yao Ling said truthfully.

"What kind of pleasure?" Yao Ling asked curiously. She could help but feel tempted by his offer.

"Just like how you give mine. So do you want to try it?" Yao Ying asked excitedly. He could see the curiosity on Yao Ling\'s eyes and he should strike the iron is still hot! How could he let go of this chance?

"Where do you learn about it?" Yao Ling asked suspiciously.

"Do you remember the book that Grandmother gave us?"

Yao Ling remembered that book very well! Her face was beet red in embarrassment because she knew the content of that book. She thought she had already hidden it perfectly but it seemed like Yao Ying was able to find it. "From... from that book?"

Yao Ying nodded eagerly. "It\'s a gift from Grandmother. If we don\'t properly use it, won\'t we become unfilial grandchildren? We will hurt her tender feeling," Yao Ying said righteously to justify his own behavior.

"Ahhh... then do you want to see it together with me?" Yao Ying\'s eyes were twinkling with excitement.

Yao Ling laughed bitterly. \'Grandmother ah~ you really corrupt your grandson!\' Yao Ling sighed and answer him, "No need... no need..." She was too shy to read the book together with him.

"So... can we try?" Yao Ying asked for her permission with puppy dog eyes. How could she resist his charm?

She said nothing but slightly nodded. Yao Ling gave him her permission. Yao Ying almost thought that he was dreaming. She agreed?! Agreed?! He looked at Yao Ling in disbelief. He was just thinking that he would seduce her if she didn\'t agree to his request. Contrary to his expectation, she agreed!

When she agreed, he became stiff and forgot about what he should do. After all, he was inexperienced himself. The atmosphere became a bit awkward. Yao Ling was looking down and feeling shy. Yao Ying\'s body was frozen at a loss what to do to get into the mood.

Yao Ling\'s eyes fluttered and she peeked at him, looking at his frozen state. She knew that he was in disbelief and she wanted to laugh out loud because of it. Yao Ying seemed to aware that Yao Ling was looking at him, so he awkwardly scratched the back of his head. He was a bit confused where should he start?

Yao Ling decided to be brave for once. She had a sudden urge to show him her feeling with her body. Yao Ling turned around and sat down. She touched Yao Ying\'s face and caressed it softly. Her sleepiness was gone, but instead... she was in a trance while looking at her husband\'s face. She could see the surprised look on his face, sometimes... having the upper hand was quite pleasant.

"Ying..." She called him softly.

Yao Ying who couldn\'t hold himself anymore decided to jump on her. He kissed her lips without any restraint, while he touched the back of her neck and brought her closer to him. Yao Ying only released her when she was almost fainted due to out of breath. The l.u.s.t had made Yao Ying\'s mind cloudy and his gaze was slightly hazy.

His free hand started moving and roaming on Yao Ling\'s body based on his instinct. He decided to forget about the \'yellow book\' and only focused himself on pleasuring her --- he would only take the book as a reference. After all, experiencing the intimate act together and learning about it together was more exciting.

Yao Ying\'s roaming hand landed on her thigh and he caressed the silky white skin softly. He felt that the fabric of Yao Ling\'s robe was a hindrance and he almost... almost... tear it off once again. Fortunately, he remembered that the fabric had been used for the Empress\' robe. Yao Ying let her go and slowly opened her robe, making Yao Ling shy and feel conscious of her body.

"Beautiful..." That\'s the only thing that Yao Ying could see, after seeing her in her dudou with a blushing cheek. Hearing Yao Ying\'s praise, Yao Ling was happy but also embarrassed, so she tried to cover herself. Yao Ying stopped both of her hands and pried them open. "Don\'t cover yourself! You are so beautiful, Wife!" Yao Ying didn\'t praise because he wanted to curry favor, but that was his true feeling.

Yao Ling looked down and she exposed her slender neck. After knowing that she wouldn\'t cover herself anymore, he let go one of her hands and caressed her neck which made Yao Ling shiver. Yao Ying threw Yao Ling\'s precious robe to the floor and his hand was back to her neck. He touched the edge of her dudou\'s knotted string. He hesitated for a little bit, before asking, "May I?"

Yao Ling shyly nodded and Yao Ying opened her dudou\'s string that tied around her neck with one swift movement. Yao Ling held the dudou, trying not to reveal herself. Yao Ying wasn\'t in a hurry, so he let her be. His hand moved to her back and opened the dudou\'s knot that tied around her back. Yao Ling could feel that the only things that prevented her dudou from falling down were her hands.

Yao Ying smiled and slowly pried open her arms. "Ling-er... just relax," Yao Ying softly whispered to her ears, making her go weak and she let go of her dudou.

The dudou fell down and Yao Ling felt slightly cold, however... her body gradually started to feel hot. Yao Ling quickly shut her eyes --- too embarrassed to see Yao Ying\'s reaction while he was looking at her private parts. Yao Ying kept holding her arms, not giving her a chance to cover herself up.