His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 120 - Shi Fu (2)

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Chapter 120 - Shi Fu (2)

Shi Fu and General Lin looked at Yao Ying at the same time. They were surprised by his sudden and unique way of arrival. Yao Ying could see their astonished look in their eyes and he could also see the reflection of his own shocked face. \'Damn you, Lin Jian!\' He cursed Lin Jian inside his mind. He really didn\'t hesitate to sacrifice him!

Shi Fu squinted his eyes and looked at Yao Ying in confusion, "Who are you?" He seemed to see this youngster\'s face somewhere before, but he couldn\'t recall where he had met him before.

At the same time, General Lin also asked him, "What are you doing here, Yao Ying?" He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, but at the same time, he was embarrassed because he was being punished.

Shi Fu seemed to recall something. Yao Ying? Isn\'t it the name of his new disciple? He decided to ask, "Are you Little Wang\'s kid? My new disciple?"

Yao Ying quickly got up, cupped his hands and bowed to Shi Fu, "Yes, Shi Fu. Yao Ying is Shi Fu\'s new disciple. This disciple greets Shi Fu."

General Lin sighed in relief when his Shi Xiong\'s attention was fully given to Yao Ying. It\'s time for him to run away! "Shi Xiong... it seems like you will be busy teaching Yao Ying. So, Shi Di will go back first and Shi Di will try to find the precious wine. Bye!" After saying that, the shameless Lin Zheng quickly got up and without waiting for his Shi Xiong\'s permission, he quickly ran away. He already felt embarrassed enough to be punished in front of his disciple, so there was no need to hesitate. Poof! And the Great General Lin was gone.

Yao Ying, "..."

How could an aloof general like General Lin run away just like that?! It seemed like shamelessness ran in the family? He started to realize Lin Jian\'s way of solving this problem --- sacrificing another person to find a chance to run away. Tsk! He wouldn\'t let him go easily too!

"Shi Fu, this disciple would like to give respect to Shi Fu." After saying that, Yao Ying gave a full kowtow to his new Shi Fu. Yao Ying saw a cup of tea on the table and asked Shi Fu, "Shi Fu, can this disciple present you with a cup of tea as a simple ceremony to affirm our master-disciple relationship?" Yao Ying was confident that everything would go smoothly.

"No... no... I don\'t want tea! I want a jug of wine!" Shi Fu pouted like a little kid.

Yao Ying was speechless, but he knew that he had to fulfill Shi Fu\'s desire. Fortunately, Xiu went to Lin Fu along with him. He hid in the bush along with him and when Yao Ying was being kicked, Xiu also came out and helped him to stand up.

"Xiu... go back to Wang Fu and ask Father for his most precious wine collection!" Yao Ying recalled that Wang Luo Hai preferred tea than wine, so he should be generous enough to share his wine with him.

Yao Ying remembered that Shi Fu wanted to find a precious wine that General Lin couldn\'t even find and he wasn\'t sure whether Wang Luo Hai\'s wine would be on par or better than the wine that Shi Fu wanted, so it should probably be better to distract Shi Fu. "Lin Jian, come here. Shouldn\'t you introduce me to Shi Fu?" Yao Ying decided to call the betrayer and let them face this together!

"Lin Jian? That brat is here too? Why didn\'t he greet me?" Shi Fu asked in displeasure. What kind of disciple is he? Where is his manner? Maybe he should punish him along with his father!

Both Shi Fu and Yao Ying heard Lin Jian cursing in a low voice, then he appeared from behind the thick bush with a soft smile. "Ah... Shi Fu... this disciple greets Shi Fu." He pretended that he wasn\'t the one who cursed just now.

Shi Fu scowled and asked Lin Jian, "Why didn\'t you come out and greet me?!"

Yao Ying laughed to himself. Shi Fu\'s annoyance had been directed at Lin Jian, so he could sigh in relief. He knew that Shi Fu had a weird personality, but without direct communication, he wouldn\'t be able to know how to appease him. That\'s why he needed to see how Lin Jian dealt with the old man.

"Shi Fu, I just want to surprise you!" Lin Jian coaxed the old man while pretending to be heartbroken. "But, Yao Ying ruined it!"

\'Damn! Did he just throw the attention back to me?\' Yao Ying scowled. Then he said, "I\'m sorry, Shi Xiong. Shi Di really admires Shi Fu and wants Shi Xiong to introduce me properly to Shi Fu."

Lin Jian glared at Yao Ying. Didn\'t he say that he didn\'t want to call him Shi Xiong? When there was trouble, he was really quick in pulling out the Shi Xiong card! Lin Jian had no choice and he introduced Yao Ying formally to Shi Fu. Yao Ying looked at Shi Fu expectantly, waiting for him to tell what kind of lessons he would receive.

Shi Fu looked at Yao Ying at a glance and noticed something different about him. "Come here," Shi Fu called him to come over and he looked at Yao Ying\'s pale complexion. He felt that there was something wrong with Yao Ying\'s body.

Yao Ying came to him and without waiting for Yao Ying to say something, Shi Fu quickly grabbed Yao Ying\'s hand and he checked on his pulse. "Hmm...there\'s something blocking your brain. Hmm... blood clots? Hmmm..." The old man kept murmuring something, making Yao Ying slightly anxious. After a few moments, Shi Fu released Yao Ying\'s hand and stroke his white beards slowly, thinking.

Even though Shi Fu had the mind of a child and loved to get drunk, but his abilities were all real. Lin Jian could vouch on this aspect. "Do you have memory loss?" Shi Fu asked seriously.

Yao Ying nodded. He hesitantly looked at Lin Jian, asking with his eyes whether he told Shi Fu or not. Lin Jian seemed to understand what he meant and he shook his head --- he didn\'t tell him. It was purely Shi Fu\'s prediction.

"Shi Fu, how do you know?" Yao Ying asked curiously.

"Something is blocking your brain and the result is your memory loss," Shi Fu explained briefly.

Yao Ying asked hopefully, "Can you treat me?"

Shi Fu bluntly told him, "I can\'t, but I can alleviate a bit of your headache. It seems something triggered a headache reaction and it will happen from time to time. I see that you have already received treatment, but it isn\'t enough."

Yao Ying sighed in disappointment but knew that alleviating his headache was already good enough. "Shi Fu, will there be a day for me to remember my past?" Yao Ying asked softly.

"There\'s no guarantee. After all, the matter with the brain is simply a mystery. Maybe one day, you can suddenly wake up and remember your past. But maybe... that day will never come. Life works in a mysterious way." Shi Gu felt pity toward his new disciple, but there was really nothing he could do.

"Let me see your palm!"

Yao Ying quickly gave him his palm. "Hmmm... you are strongly controlled by destiny. There\'s a point in your life when you must surrender your interests for the sake of others. Hmmm... there\'s a break in your lifeline. There would be abrupt changes you will be experiencing in your lifetime -- not only once, but twice. This memory loss is probably one of them. You have one hell of a journey in your life." Shi Fu concluded what he read from Yao Ying\'s palm.

\'Wow... this Shi Fu of his... how many talents that he has?\' Yao Ying listened carefully to what Shi Fu had said about his fate. When he read his palm, Shi Fu seemed like a different person from the childish person previously.

"You have to be careful in making a choice or decision in your life, otherwise you will lose everything," Shi Fu gave him a piece of advice. Yao Ying nodded and cupped his hands, thanking Shi Fu for giving him a pointer.

Shi Fu mumbled softly to himself, "Poor child! You really live a hard life! At least, when you don\'t remember your past, you can leave a peaceful life. I sincerely hope that you don\'t remember your past, however... who can defeat fate?"

Yao Ying and Lin Jian couldn\'t make out what he was saying. Both of them asked together, "What did you say, Shi Fu?"

Shi Fu just smiled mysteriously but didn\'t say anything else.

"Shi Fu, you are really biased. You have a new disciple and you forget the old one! I always ask for you to read my palm, but you never do it for me! But... you read Yao Ying\'s!" Lin Jian whined.

"You have no problem with your life, so what\'s the use of reading yours?! You will always forever be a brat!" Shi Fu laughed at Lin Jian\'s childish behavior. "Besides, my divination always comes in a whim!"

Well... that\'s true! Lin Jian sadly pouted. Shi Fu\'s divine skill could only be triggered by certain unknown events. That\'s why Lin Jian couldn\'t really blame the old man. It seemed like Yao Ying indeed had a complicated past. It made him slightly more curious... who is he, actually?