His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 114 - A New Day

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Chapter 114 - A New Day

The next morning, everything went back to normal. Yao Ying felt a bit better, but Yao Ling forced him to rest and stay at home with her. Xiao Yu was out since early morning and Yao Ling didn\'t want to bring along other servants that she didn\'t trust to Fu Rong, so she preferred to stay at home.

When they were being idle like this, they felt it was really boring. They used to work all the time and somehow, it made them feel at a loss, not knowing what to do. "What are we going to do today?" Yao Ying asked Yao Ling leisurely.

"Well... I also have no idea. I just want you to rest, so I didn\'t plan anything beforehand," Yao Ling answered truthfully.

"I already gave you an impressive idea, but you heartlessly rejected my proposal." Yao Ying pouted childishly.

Yao Ling massaged her aching temple that was caused by her husband. "I\'m not going to do it with you!"

"Why?" Yao Ying whined.

"Don\'t you see the sun outside? It\'s very bright outside! Doing it once with you yesterday in the broad daylight is already reaching my limit! I feel ashamed each time I saw Xiao Yu after that," Yao Ling whisper-yelled in anger.

Yao Ying: "Then... isn\'t now a good chance? Xiao Yu isn\'t here! We have to use this chance to explore more!"

Yao Ling: "That\'s making it worse! No one will guard the door for us. What if other servants hear what we do? The gossip will spread inside the household."

Yao Ying laughed. "Oh... so that\'s the problem? No worries then. We will let Xiu guard the door! It\'s a good idea, right?" When Yao Ying was going to call Xiu over, Yao Ling tugged his sleeve and covered his mouth with one of her hands.

She hissed at him. "Stop it! I don\'t want to embarrass myself in front of other males!"

Yao Ying furrowed his eyebrows, knowing that she had a point. He didn\'t want to let other males listen to her alluring m.o.a.n. No way! He wasn\'t going to share their intimate moment with another person!

"Then... have another maidservant to take Xiao Yu\'s place for the day!" Yao Ying gave Yao Ling another idea.

"No! If one of them are spies, she will certainly tell her master about our activities. It\'s too embarrassing! No matter who her master is... he or she probably lives in this household too! I don\'t want to second-guess myself in front of every member of this family!" Yao Ling explained while laughing at Yao Ying\'s darkened expression.

"Tsk... We will clean up this courtyard soon, so you have no more reason to reject me," Yao Ying said righteously, making Yao Ling laugh out loud.

"I just gave you... that... yesterday. How can you become so pervert after that?!" Yao Ling shook her head in mock-despair. She pretended that it was a casual thing to say, but her blushing face didn\'t escape Yao Ying\'s eyes. He knew that his wife was actually stil feeling shy about it.

"That... that... what?" Yao Ying teased his wife. Yao Ling was still shy talking about intimate matter and it was in contrast with how she behaved when they did it. So cute! "I\'m only a pervert toward you, so you should be happy!" Yao Ying grinned mischievously.

Before they could banter more, Xiu gave an announcement that the matriarch was coming. Yao Ying and Yao Ling quickly stood up and tried to make themselves look more presentable in a short time, after that, they went out of the room to greet the matriarch.

Yao Ling sweetly greeted the matriarch, "Grandmother, it\'s a great honor for us to have your visit. Is there something that Grandmother needs?"

"No... No... I just want to check on both of you. I heard Yao Ying is sick, so I pay a visit." Then she turned to Yao Ying, "Ying-er, are you feeling better?"

"Yes, Grandmother. This grandson is feeling better. Thanks to Ling-er\'s gentle care," Yao Ying charmingly answered, making Yao Ling slightly blush. His praise indeed made her feel happy and proud at the same time.

"Why don\'t Grandmother come in and sit down?" Yao Ling politely asked the matriarch.

The matriarch agreed to Yao Ling\'s offer and she sat down on the main seat inside the couple\'s personal room. "I see that both of you have a great feeling toward each other."

When the couple heard what the matriarch had just said, they looked at each other in confusion. Why is the matriarch suddenly talking about their feelings toward each other? It was kind out of the blue.

"But... where is my great-grandchild?" The matriarch looked at them seriously and pouted.

Yao Ying and Yao Ling were dumbfounded with the sudden question. Was the matriarch coming all the way here just to ask for great-grandchild? Yao Ling could only answer with a twitching mouth, "We haven\'t been blessed with good news yet. I\'m sorry, Grandmother."

"No worry. No worry. That\'s why I\'m coming here. Grandmother feels really lonely and misses a child\'s laughter, so I\'ve prepared a few things for both of you." The matriarch smiled happily and called Zhang Mo Mo, "Zhang Mo Mo, give Yao Ling the things that I\'ve prepared."

"Yes, Old Madam." Zhang Mo Mo pulled out a present which nicely wrapped with red silk fabric and gave it to Yao Ling.

Yao Ling looked at the present excitedly, "What is this, Grandmother?"

"Open it!" The matriarch smiled softly and urged Yao Ling to open the present.

When Yao Ling opened it, she realized that there were a series of books inside the wrapper. Yao Ling loved to learn new things and she excitedly opened the books. She suspected that the books were about pregnancy and how to take care of little children, but what she didn\'t expect was... it was actually a yellow book! When she opened the first page, it was already showing a position of making love and everything was so vulgar! The drawing gave the perfect details of man and women\'s body part and the position was very... very... crazy.

Her eyes almost bulged out of her sockets and her cheeks were already reddened to the point of looking like a tomato. This... this... what the matriarch meant by giving her these books?! And also... in the broad daylight? In front of the servant too! This is so humiliating!

Yao Ying was confused by Yao Ling\'s reaction. What made her blush cutely like that? He actually sat at the opposite side of Yao Ling, so he couldn\'t see it clearly. He decided to go near her and take a peek from behind her while asking, "Why are you blushing? What kind of book is it?"

Yao Ling didn\'t close it in time, so Yao Ying was still able to see what\'s inside and he made the same reaction as Yao Ling. This... this kind of book... He could be a shameless person when he was with his wife privately, but seeing this kind of thing in the open was a different matter. Yao Ying couldn\'t help but blush along with his wife.

The matriarch who saw their reaction roared in laughter and wiped the tears on her eyes with a handkerchief, "Why are both of you shy? It isn\'t like you never do it, right?"

Yao Ying and Yao Ling: \'Yes... we never do it all the way.\' However, they couldn\'t say it out loud. Not only it\'s embarrassing, but also it\'s the secret between both of them. They also didn\'t want to make the matriarch disappointed because they could see how much she wanted a great-grandchild.

Yao Ling could only cover her face with both of her hands and said, "What are you saying, Grandmother? This really makes me feel embarrassed."

"Our family is a bit open-minded, so talking about bed matter is a usual thing. Besides, these books are always passed down to the younger generation after they got married. I didn\'t give it to you before, because I thought both of you are already married for a little while, so you probably know about this matter. But..." The matriarch trailed off at the last part, but the meaning was clear.

Yao Ying and Yao Ling were speechless. "..."

Yao Ying\'s eyebrows twitched for a little bit. Did she mean that he wasn\'t good enough in bed? He tried to calm himself and vowed to himself that after the promised deadline... he wouldn\'t let Yao Ling get out of the bed and showed them how manly he was. They wanted a great-grandchild, huh? He would give them as many as he could! Yao Ling didn\'t know that the matriarch actually provoked the man\'s temper and the matter of her couldn\'t get out of bed? It would really happen in the future.

Although he was thinking that way, Yao Ying knew that he couldn\'t offend the matriarch. He graciously thanked the matriarch, "Thank you, Grandmother. We will happily learn and try everything inside the book!"

The matriarch was happy because of Yao Ying\'s answer. "Good! I will wait for the good news!" After that, she left in a good mood, but Yao Ying and Yao Ling didn\'t know that it was the beginning of their torture. The matriarch didn\'t stop at giving the yellow books. When the elders tried to interfere with their s.e.x life, it would become embarrassing to the point of the couple were afraid to go home!