His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 111 - The Report (1)

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Chapter 111 - The Report (1)

"Xiao Yu, prepare everything for us." Yao Ling was really famished after their little exercise, besides both of them hadn\'t eaten lunch.

"Yes, Young Mistress." Xiao Yu answered her with a red face, but she didn\'t dare to look at Yao Ling\'s face. Yao Ling could only sigh and let her be. She needed to be thick-skinned when she behaved around her maidservants. After all, she\'s a married woman and this won\'t happen only once.

Yao Ying sat on the seat beside her and she didn\'t dare to look at him too. Xiao Yu\'s shyness seemed to affect her. Besides, she was too lazy to look at his smug face. They enjoyed their snacks and tea silently. Yao Ying didn\'t feel comfortable with the silence, so he asked her, "What did you do in the morning? It seemed like you made a few arrangements."

Yao Ling almost forgot to tell him and she recited everything that she had done. She didn\'t forget to tell him that she arranged his subordinates, Xiu and Feng to do some jobs. "I\'m sorry for not asking your permission first."

"Don\'t worry! You are my wife. You can order them around as you see fit. After all, I know that you do everything for our best interest." Yao Ying directly gave her permission to control and arrange his people.

Yao Ling nodded, feeling satisfied with his answer. He always knew how to make her feel better. In the middle of their tea time, Xiao Yu whispered to Yao Ling that Xiu had come back. She quickly told her to let him in and Xiao Yu was also told to guard the door.

"Young Master, Young Mistress..." Xiu hurriedly came in and gave his respect.

"How is it?"

"Young Mistress truly has good insight. This servant told Xiao Yu\'s parents to bring only important things and get back later for the rest. They did as what this servant told them and this servant quickly sent them to Ning jie\'s house. I didn\'t want the old couple to go back and forth, so I was the only one who went back to their house. The whole place was ransacked by unknown people. It seemed like an attempted robbery, but we know the truth, so..." Xiu explained and trailed off at the last part.

Yao Ying nodded his head. "It seems like they try to kill them."

"Haiyah~ I\'m not sure if the one who did it is Liu Li. She is currently crippled and I\'m sure that her body is still full of wounds. But well... she has her own henchmen for doing the dirty deed." Yao Ling pondered over the matter once again.

"To me, it seems like her other master is the culprit. He or she is probably afraid that Liu Li will tattle on him or her. By killing Xiao Yu\'s family, it may trigger our anger and borrow our hands to deal with Liu Li," Yao Ying told them his speculation.

"Well... that makes perfect sense. We can only know for sure when Liu Li gets better. I\'m waiting for the good show," Yao Ling smiled. Liu Li was quite a character. Judging from her personalities, after she got better, she would definitely do something amusing for them --- whether it would help them or make trouble for them, she didn\'t know for sure.

"Xiu... how about Feng\'s side? Is there any news?" Yao Ling asked, feeling worried about the little kid. She hoped they would be able to rescue the kid, because judging from the way they tried to kill Xiao Yu\'s parents, the next target would be the little boy.

"Still no news," Xiu shook his head and answered. He hadn\'t met his brother, so he didn\'t know anything about his progress too.

"The other side already starts working... We need to save Xiao Yu\'s brother today. Otherwise, the consequences will be bad," Yao Ying analyzed the whole things and Yao Ling knew his conclusion was in line with hers. If they didn\'t save Xiao Yu\'s younger brother today, they were sure that he would be killed.

"Xiu, why don\'t you go and assist Feng? At least, bring back some news about this matter," Yao Ying ordered Xiu. He didn\'t have a good feeling about this. Yao Ying was also feeling worried about Feng\'s safety. After all, they didn\'t know the strength of their enemies.

"Yes, Young Master." Xiu quickly went and did as he was told. Before going out, he tried to calm Xiao Yu by saying that her parents were safe. The only one left to be rescued was her brother and he promised her that he would certainly bring him back safely. Xiao Yu couldn\'t help but feel touched by his care and kindness.

Xiao Yu looked at his fading back, contemplating. Why was he so kind to her? She wasn\'t pretty or talented, well... she was childish and a bit awkward. She didn\'t see any good quality in her, so why Xiu was behaving like this around her? Xiu that she knew was a talented and handsome man. Even the scar on his face didn\'t diminish his outstanding feature. Was there a possibility that he...?

Xiao Yu shook her head, trying to push out unnecessary thought from her mind. Young Mistress had helped her a lot, she should cherish her chance to serve her and be a good maidservant. Other things could wait.

Xiu and Feng were back late at night --- around Hai Shi ( modern timing: 9 pm - 11 pm ). They used their qing gong and used the roof as their way into the courtyard. Xiao Yu had been ordered to wait upon their return in front of the courtyard. Xiao Yu already made sure that no other servants were loitering around the courtyard and let them in. Xiao Yu was a bit worried when looking at Feng\'s disheveled condition, but she had to guard the door --- just in case, there were spies. Until she had another trusted maidservant as a friend, she had to do all of these important jobs by herself. Even though she wanted to know the result, she held herself back and waited patiently.

Yao Ying and Yao Ling were surprised when they looked at Feng\'s condition. "What happened?" Both of them asked at the same time. They worriedly stared at Feng\'s bloody look.

Feng was in a bit of sorry state. There was dried blood on a few parts of his bodies. Yao Ling saw that his wounds weren\'t really deep so she sighed in relief. She quickly took one of the medicines that she always kept for emergency and gave it to Xiu. "Use this medicine to treat Feng\'s wound first. You can give us the report after that."

Feng was touched by Young Mistress\' kindness. After all, some masters didn\'t really care about their subordinates\' wellbeing. The first thing they asked was usually about the mission. How was the mission? Did they accomplish the mission? Did something go wrong? Those kinds of questions. Wang Luo Hai was one of them, but he was kind in his own way. Probably because Young Mistress is a woman, so she is more compassionate to other people.

Feng humbly said, "There\'s no need, Young Mistress. This servant can give Young Master and Young Mistress the full report first. All of these are only superficial wounds, so this servant will be okay."


Yao Ying stopped Yao Ling for saying more. A hidden guard had his own pride and they didn\'t want to show their weakness to their masters. He understood Feng\'s way of thinking. "Ling-er, just let him be. I\'m sure Feng knows his own limit."

Yao Ling swallowed down what she wanted to say and obediently followed Yao Ying\'s order. She nodded and sat beside Yao Ying.

"Now... give us the full report," Yao Ying ordered in a cool voice.

"Yes, Young Master." Both Xiu and Feng answered at the same time. Xiu gave a chance for Feng to tell the whole story.

"This servant went to the hua lou and tried to find out about Xiao Yu\'s little brother\'s whereabouts. It didn\'t take a long time for me to find the room because Xiu already gave me a pointer the position of the room," Feng started his explanation.

"And then?" Yao Ying asked curiously.