His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 110 - Their Intimate Moment (3)

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Chapter 110 - Their Intimate Moment (3)

Please note: This chapter contains mature part. If you want to skip it, you can directly read after these symbols ***. If you continue reading the mature part, please enjoy! >.<



Yao Ying continued attacking Yao Ling\'s neck by nibbling and licking it in a circle pattern, making the latter started to lose her reasoning as well. They had been intimate for a few times --- even though they didn\'t go all the way, but Yao Ying already found every soft spot on her neck. He put his knowledge to his own advantage. Yao Ying wanted Yao Ling to lose her mind in their passion too because he also wanted Yao Ling to enjoy all of this.

"Ying... Don\'t... It\'s still bright outside. We can\'t..." Yao Ling murmured softly. Even though she was muddleheaded in passion, but the room was still quite bright and she was still conscious of the sound coming from the outside despite their passionate moment. She could hear the talking sounds of her courtyard\'s servants and the rustling sounds of their feet walking past their room. It made her more nervous because she was afraid that their intimate moment was known by others. Although what they did was legal, but still... it was too embarrassing!

Yao Ling was in a panic because of the lack of answer from Yao Ying, so she talked once again, "Ying... hmmm... there are people outside... hmmm..." She m.o.a.ned through her talk because the man didn\'t stop tantalizing her sense.

"Don\'t worry! They won\'t know as long as you stop yourself for m.o.a.ning loudly. Can you do that?" Yao Ying asked smugly.

"But... how... mmmm..." Yao Ling m.o.a.ned once again. Before she could get another word out of her mouth, her naughty husband attacked her senses once again. He nibbled her ears and once in a while, he blew her ears with his hot breath, trying to mess up her mind. When she started to m.o.a.n, he licked her ears softly.

"Ying..." She called his name desperately.

"Don\'t worry! It won\'t take long, Ling-er. Just let yourself go and enjoy the pleasure," Yao Ying answered her with a low hoarse voice. Indeed... he was already aroused to the point of no return and he knew... with a little bit of her touch, she could easily make him c.u.m. "Move your hand..." Yao Ying demanded with a soft voice. He didn\'t want to scare her off with his demand.

Yao Ling started to move her hands up and down. "Like this?" She asked him softly whether she did the right thing or not. She rubbed him through the thin fabric.

Being touched through the fabric, Yao Ying could feel the s.e.x.u.a.l gratification and he groaned in ecstasy. "Yes... yes... just like that." Yao Ying encouraged Yao Ling. He enjoyed the feeling of her hand and it made him feel really good.

Yao Ying held her hand and tried to stop her movement for a little while. "Stand up for a little while," Yao Ying ordered sternly. Yao Ling raised up her butt and before she could fully stand up, Yao Ying held her still.

Yao Ying felt the fabric as a hindrance and he wanted to remove it. He pulled down his pants halfway to his knees in one swoop. He wanted to feel the magic of her hand directly --- flesh to flesh. After that, he adjusted her position and put her on his lap, but she didn\'t sit directly on his hardness. It wasn\'t the right time... yet. Yao Ying put her hand back to his hardness once again. Yao Ling could feel the tender flesh was in contrast with the way it stood up proudly. She felt her hand was being burned by the hot hardness and the feeling of his n.a.k.e.d flesh was different.

Yao Ying once again dipped into her neck, trying to muffle the sound of his m.o.a.n. After all, he knew that their servants were right outside the door. "Move your hand again..." Yao Ying ordered Yao Ling to move her hand once again impatiently. "Don\'t stop... hmm..." He m.o.a.ned to his gritted teeth, trying to lower his passionate voice. His breath was slightly hitched.

Yao Ling obediently followed his lead and moved her hands up and down leisurely. "Put a little bit more pressure with your hand..." Yao Ying taught her how to please him.

Yao Ling did as she was told, but she was surprised by his reaction and quickly let his hardness go. "Ouch... ouch... ouch... Ling-er! That\'s too much pressure!" Yao Ying said exasperatedly. Her pressure hurt his little Yao Ying. "Tone it down... tone it down..." Yao Ying whisper-yelled at her. "You will break my little Yao Ying!"

"Oops... I\'m sorry," Yao Ling said guiltily. The last time she did this, she just moved it up and down under his guidance. That was why when he didn\'t help her... she didn\'t know how much pressure she should apply to her movement. Well... at least, she is learning to do her best for him.

Yao Ling tried to pleasure him by adjusting the pressure and speeds of her hand. When she didn\'t hear him complaining once again, Yao Ling understood that she did the right thing and he seemed to enjoy it. She mentally took note that this was the correct pressure to apply. Whenever she felt the twitch of his hardness, he would bite her neck a little bit harder than usual. After the twitch had passed, he would turn softer by licking or sucking the place that he had just bitten. Somehow, it felt sensual to her and it made her m.o.a.n get a little bit louder. She had to remind herself for a few times that there were people lurking outside of their chamber.

"Do you like it, Ying?" Yao Ling asked softly. She knew that she did it right, but she didn\'t know whether Yao Ying enjoyed it or not. She needed him to tell her, reassuring her that she enjoyed her hand movement.

"Hmmm... I like it a lot... No... not like it, but I love it," Yao Ying answered her with uneven breath. His mind was full of the tingling sensation down there and how he enjoyed the movement of her hands. Up and down. Up and down.

"Rotate it for a little bit," Yao Ying gave a little pointer to let him enjoy her hand more.

Yao Ling tried to cater to his needs. "Like this?" She asked while her hand was slowly rotating his hardness. She didn\'t dare to put too much pressure when she was trying the new technique. Because she didn\'t feel sure about the correct movement, the speed of her hand was changing. Sometimes slowing down, sometimes faster. The various speeds of her hand movement made it more pleasurable to Yao Ying. A little bit sloppy but Yao Ying appreciated her effort.

"Oh, God!!" Yao Ying groaned blissfully. "Yes, that\'s it! You do it right," Yao Ying praised Yao Ling wholeheartedly. "Now...quicker... quicker..." He whisper-yelled at Yao Ling. When Yao Ling gave him a hand job, his hands were both gripping the edge of their bed. Her current hand movement made him almost c.u.m and he tried to hold on as long as he could.

He let go of the edge of the bed. One of his hand gripped her waist a bit tighter, trying to prevent her from moving. His other hand roamed around her body. He touched her n.a.k.e.d back and made a slow circle seductively. Until he felt that it was unbearable, his hand moved into the front of her body. His hand slipped into her dudou and traced her n.a.k.e.d flesh.

Yao Ying did this unconsciously. He was in too much pleasure to understand his own movement. His mind was pretty much in a blur and he did everything based on his basic instinct. Yao Ling could feel his hand moving around inside of her dudou and every part that he touched leave a tingling after taste. Until he finally kneaded one of her b.r.e.a.s.ts, she felt more aroused and she felt that she was drenched down there. She was ashamed of her wanton reaction, but Yao Ying didn\'t give her enough time to think. She was purely feeling the carnal pleasure.

Yao Ying softly pinched her soft bud, making her whole body shudder in pleasure. \'God!\' Yao Ling screamed inwardly. She didn\'t know that it could feel this good. Her sweetness down there was tingling with need and it got wetter. She m.o.a.ned a bit louder, "Hmmmm..." At the last moment, she remembered to bite her own lips --- just to hold back her m.o.a.n.

Yao Ying continued to assault her soft bud by twisting and rolling it softly. Yao Ling didn\'t stop her hand movement on his hardness. They were mutually pleasuring each other. Whenever she felt his hardness twitched, Yao Ying forcefully kneaded her b.r.e.a.s.t. It was a mixture of pleasure and pain.

"Hmmm..." She couldn\'t hold back her m.o.a.n and Yao Ling threw back her head, leaning to Yao Ying\'s shoulder. When he touched her soft bud, she could feel the electric shock to her whole body. God! She loves the pleasurable feeling.

"Ling-er... quicker... move your hand quicker please..." Yao Ying softly m.o.a.ned beside her ears, making her tremble. Even his voice could make her feel aroused. What did he do to her?

Yao Ling obediently did as she was told, even though her hand was already beyond tired and it was almost numb. "Are you almost there?" Yao Ling couldn\'t help but ask. She didn\'t know how long she should do this. She felt like her hand was going to break soon.

"Almost... almost... combine the movement and go faster!" Yao Ying knew that it was time to let go. He understood that Yao Ling started to get tired.

Yao Ling felt happy that he was going to c.u.m soon, otherwise, her hand would be broken! She did as she was told and went quicker without rest. Sometimes she would change the pace for a little bit, but she never stopped. When she did all this, Yao Ying continued playing with her soft bud in excitement. Twisting... rolling... kneading... The next time they enjoyed their intimate moment... he wanted to see the color of her soft buds. He never saw them and it started to make him feel curious.

Yao Ying could feel that he was almost there. He quickly said, "Almost... almost there... don\'t stop!"

Yao Ling moved her hand more excitedly, knowing it was almost finished. Until finally... she heard his lovely m.o.a.n and the fact that she felt his body was spasming under her. His grip on her b.r.e.a.s.t and waist was getting tighter, making her m.o.a.n in pain, but she let him be. He released everything and c.u.mmed to his heart content. The white-colored liquid shot up and landed on Yao Ling\'s hand and a little bit on her back. When Yao Ying felt his c.u.m.m.i.n.g moment had passed, he released his tight grip.

He felt a little bit guilty because he could see her waist was a little bit bluish due to his tight grip. Yao Ling sighed in relief after she finished her duty. She quickly got out off his lap, feeling shy all of a sudden. Her movement made Yao Ying released his roaming hand which stayed on her b.r.e.a.s.t. It was okay if he touched her b.r.e.a.s.t during their passionate moment. After all, she was also a bit muddleheaded. However, after they finished doing it, her mind started to clear up and the shyness was also back to the fullest.

She couldn\'t believe that she could behave wantonly just like that! Yao Ling knew that she was also aroused by the fact that her sweetness down there was still tingling and drenching in wetness. She could even see her wetness on one of Yao Ying\'s thighs where she sat down previously. Yao Ling could only blush in embarrassment.


Yao Ling could feel the stickiness on her hand and quickly wiped it with her tattered robe. She sighed in regret... it seemed like the robe really couldn\'t be saved. She tried to wipe the stickiness on her back, but it was at the part that she couldn\'t reach. She looked at Yao Ying shyly and asked for his help, "Can you help me wipe my back?"

Yao Ying laughed and helped her wipe it clean. He kissed her shoulder softly and said, "Thank you, Wife." Yao Ling just nodded her head, blushing. There was a basin of clean water on the chair beside their bed, Yao Ying used the water and wiping cloth to clean Yao Ling\'s back.

Yao Ying looked at Yao Ling\'s cute expression with contentment. After releasing his load, he felt slightly better and above all, satisfied. Yao Ling turned around and saw his smug expression, she could only helplessly shake her head. She didn\'t dare to look down, because his thing was left in the open. The shameless man didn\'t seem like he wanted to move anytime soon or have the decency to at least cover himself, but instead, he let his thing dangling around.

"Don\'t you feel any shame? Quick clean yourself up and wear your clothing properly! I\'m hungry and you also need to nourish your body," Yao Ling started to nag at Yao Ying. It felt like she started to become shameless when she was around him.

"I\'m just relaxing for a little while," Yao Ying answered leisurely. He seemed to understand her shyness and it made him wanted to tease her more.

"At least go cover... cover... that... that... thing!" Yao Ling pointed at his softness [Well... the hardness has already become soft, that\'s why Yao Ling calls it his softness].

"What? But you like it, right? How can you call my little Yao Ying as that thing? My little Yao Ying will be heartbroken, Love." Yao Ying grinned mischievously at his agitated wife and found that she looked so adorable in this state.

"When... when do I say that I like it?" Yao Ling looked at her husband, feeling flabbergasted because of his sudden shamelessness.

"Your m.o.a.n told me that," Yao Ying laughed out loud.

Yao Ling looked at him, bewildered. Well... she should pay him no mind. She quickly changed her clothes and washed her hands, then she ran away from there. She let Yao Ying change his clothes by himself because she was too shy. That was enough excitement for one day.

Before she went out of the inner room, Yao Ying asked her once again, "Wife... what do you call this?"

Yao Ling looked at Yao Ying who pointed at his member once again. She felt like kicking his gut, but she decided against it. "Little Yao Ying!" She almost yelled, fortunately, she remembered that Xiao Yu was in front of their room. "Are you happy?"

Yao Ying yelled happily, "Happy... very happy... Remember.... never call my baby as that thing ever again!"

Yao Ling could only shake her head in defeat. She could never beat his shamelessness. How come he came up a nickname for his member? So shameless!

After she knew that Yao Ying was already presentable, Yao Ling called Xiao Yu in. Judging from her shy state and her reddened face, it seemed like she heard what had happened inside the room. After all, they weren\'t being quiet, to begin with. They tried to hold back, but once or twice they would lose their head and m.o.a.n in a loud voice.

Yao Ling decided to pretend to be dumb and act clueless about what had just transpired inside their room. Fortunately, Xiao Yu knew her place and she didn\'t mention a thing about it. While Yao Ling was blushing, the satisfied man was grinning shamelessly.