His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 107 - Who is That Woman?

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Chapter 107 - Who is That Woman?

"Ning jie... are you really sure that you agree with the children\'s arrangement?" Yao Ling once again asked --- just wanted to make sure.

"I do. I can see that you already think really hard about this matter. You even find a solution to Xiao Yu\'s problem and my problem all at once by making her family stay at mine!" Ning jie wholeheartedly praised Yao Ling. Yao Ling was only fifteen, but she was able to think ahead carefully and she admired her for that.

"Thank you for receiving Xiao Yu\'s family. It really means a lot to me, after all, Xiao Yu is like a sister to me."

Xiao Yu who stood beside Yao Ling all along couldn\'t help but cry. She was really really touched by her young mistress. She quickly kneeled down and thanked both of her benefactors. Yao Ling and Ning jie smiled and nodded.

"Ling-mei, when do you want the three children who will serve you to start working?" Ning jie asked curiously.

"You don\'t have to be in a hurry. For now, just teach the children carefully. I naturally will tell you when the times come. There will be a good show sooner or later in this household," Yao Ling said mysteriously.

When Ning jie and Xiao Yu curiously asked, Yao Ling didn\'t want to reveal it. "Just watch the show later!" That was the only thing that she said, making Ning jie and Xiao Yu pouted.

Yao Ling remembered something and told Ning jie, "I will ask Feng to teach all the children martial arts. I want them to be able to protect themselves. Just a little self-defense for the kids who won\'t become a hidden guard. But I have to talk to my husband first and arrange it."

Ning jie clapped her hands happily, "That\'s a good idea!"

After the matter was concluded, Ning jie was back to Fu Rong full of smiles. She wanted to do some researches about the poison once again, but she felt that her whole body was deadly tired. She should probably join Yao Ying for a short nap. She told Xiao Yu about it and dismissed Xiao Yu.

"I\'m tired and I will take a nap. You can go to Xiu and tell him to move your parents. Just give him the address! I don\'t want you to go, because I\'m afraid Liu Li\'s master will keep an eye on our movement. Xiu has the ability to shake off his track and lose the spies who tail him if he works alone," Yao Ling gave Xiao Yu an order.

"Okay, Young Mistress." Xiao Yu quickly relayed what she had heard to Xiu. Xiu nodded in agreement to Yao Ling\'s arrangement and obeyed her orders.

Yao Ling went to bed and saw his husband sleep peacefully. She smiled when she saw his gentle face. Yao Ling joined him in the bed and laid her head on top of his chest. She nuzzled her head on his warm embrace, feeling content. She smelt his masculine scent and gradually fell asleep blissfully.

Yao Ying was in deep sleep, but he could feel that Yao Ling nuzzle him. He hugged her tighter and smiled in content. Once again, he fell asleep. Yao Ying found himself in a dark abyss and everything felt so surreal to him. Suddenly, he heard a soft melodious voice talking softly in his ears.

"Don\'t you remember me?" The woman asked while laughing and taunting him seductively.

Yao Ying couldn\'t see her face --- everything was blurry, but somehow the voice was familiar. The crisp sound of the laughter somehow was a dear sound to him. Yao Ying asked the woman with a loud voice, "Who are you?"

He tried to grasp the woman, but she evaded him. When she moved, he could see that tears were flowing down from her eyes. In the state of blurriness, the only things that he was able to see were those tears. It hurt his heart deeply --- he could feel the sudden stab on his heart. Who was this woman? Why did he feel like this?

The previous happy voice turned into a menacing one. "Who am I? Who am I? How could you?! How could you forget about me?!"

The previously delicate woman who wore a pastel color ruqun changed into a demoness who wore a black ruqun. Everything happened so fast without giving Yao Ying a chance to process the whole things. The woman was flying toward him with very fast speed and suddenly she was already in front of him.

The woman\'s blurry face was coming closer to his own face and he could feel her hot breathing -- somehow it omitted a rotten smell that making Yao Ying flinch in disgust. However, he couldn\'t move his body at all and he could only let her get closer to him. He wanted to yell at her but he couldn\'t make out any sounds.

When he felt he was going crazy, he could feel someone slapped his face hard --- but not enough to make him feel any pain or leave a mark. "Yao Ying... Yao Ying..." He faintly heard a wonderful silky voice, calling him. The woman in his dream brought him a familiarity feeling, but the voice that reverberating through his ears just now... brought him a different kind of feeling --- warmth, and tenderness.

Yao Ying suddenly opened his eyes and his gaze was blank, making me Yao Ling jumped in surprise. She was actually sleeping when she felt Yao Ying\'s body was abnormally sweating and his breath was lightly hitched for a few times. Because of it, she woke up and found Yao Ying get paler once again. He kept mumbling something incoherently, making her feel worried. She had a feeling that he was having a nightmare.

Yao Ling had tried to shake his body, but still... he didn\'t wake up. His movement was getting stranger, so she quickly slapped his face and tried to wake him up by force. Fortunately, after a few moments of yelling and slapping, Yao Ying finally opened his eyes.

"Yao Ying, are you okay?" Yao Ling asked with a worried tone.

Yao Ying could feel her anxiousness and he wanted to calm her down by forcing a smile. He wanted to say something but he felt his throat was rather dry. He couldn\'t make any sound, but instead, he was coughing nonstop. Yao Ling quickly brought her a cup of water and let him drink his fill. When he felt his throat was better, he smiled and said, "I\'m fine. I only had a nightmare."

Yao Ling furrowed her eyebrows, making her look cute and adorable. Yao Ying felt like he wanted to pinch her cheek, however, he knew that Yao Ling would definitely not appreciate that gesture. "What kind of nightmare?" Yao Ling asked curiously.

"It was just a woman who turned into a demoness. She was angry that I forgot about her. That\'s all..." Yao Ying explained truthfully without covering up anything. He didn\'t feel this was an important dream.

However, Yao Ling thought it was the opposite. She didn\'t divulge her opinion because she also had her doubt. Based on medical knowledge, there was a probability the nightmare was actually triggered by his headache. In a sense, the nightmare probably had a connection with his forgotten past.

Yao Ling felt a pang in her heart because he dreamed of a woman. She was afraid... really afraid... that it was someone he held dear previously. She couldn\'t help but feel jealous. How could she not? She remembered her own promise and it stabbed her heart with inexplicable feeling. She could only hope that this was indeed only a nightmare and a one-time thing. She started to afraid that one day... Yao Ying would remember his past and leave her all alone.

Her negative thought was stopped by Yao Ying\'s question, "Are you okay?"

Yao Ling nodded and forced herself to smile, "I\'m okay. I\'m just worried about you. Do you feel that you know that woman?"

Yao Ying didn\'t realize the fluctuating feeling inside Yao Ling\'s heart. She was currently full of insecurities and doubts, but she covered her feeling perfectly. She didn\'t really want to make Yao Ying feel worried or even worse --- guilty. If only Yao Ying knew... he would certainly find a way to calm his wife\'s mind. After all, no matter he remembered his past or not, he would forever choose Yao Ling as his lawfully wedded wife.

Fortunately, Yao Ying made a great move after that. He kissed Yao Ling\'s mouth and it took away her negative thought with l.u.s.t. Yao Ling felt slightly calm. \'Yao Ying is here beside her. She\'s not going to let a nightmare ruin her life!\' She thought to herself.