His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 106 - The Kids

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Chapter 106 - The Kids

Yao Ling read the description briefly one by one. She needed Xiu and Xiao Yu to judge their weakness and strength objectively, so she could put their talents to great use. Ning jie supposed to be teaching them how to read and write starting this morning.

Right on time, Xiu and Xiao Yu arrived shortly after she finished reading the list.

Yao Ling: "Does Feng already go to the hua lou?"

Xiu: "Yes, Young Mistress. After finishing the tasks in the household, he already went out and did Young Mistress\' orders."

Yao Ling: "Good! After we finished talking about the kids, I want you to personally fetch Ning jie to our household by the pretense that concerning Fu Rong matter. I need to talk to her about the kids and move your family to her house. But of course, you should cleverly find some reasons that won\'t make Fu Rong\'s workers feel suspicious. Remember, Ning jie will only arrive after lunch time. Once the matter is solved, I will need Xiu to take care of Xiao Yu\'s parents and quickly move them. We have to work quickly just in case Feng is able to save Xiao Yu\'s younger brother today. If someone from Liu Li\'s side tries to find trouble to Xiao Yu\'s house, Xiao Yu\'s parents are already gone and safe."

Xiao Yu nodded. "This servant can handle that matter easily. This servant will be creative in finding a reason to justify Ning jie to come into our household."

Yao Ling\'s eyes were twinkling with delight. She didn\'t a subordinate who wasn\'t able to think creatively by herself or himself. She also needed to be clever, smart and could adapt easily to different kinds of situation and outcome. Because just in case she wouldn\'t be able to give an order, her subordinates would be able to work and have a thought of herself or himself.

"Good!" Yao Ling nodded in satisfaction."Xiu, I have no job for you until I finish talking with Ning jie, so just behave like usual and do your job. Just take note of what the other servants and maidservants did. Any news regarding Liu Li as well. I want to know how she behaves today, although I\'m pretty sure her condition is pretty bad and won\'t be able to do anything. But... probably because of this, she will lose control and search her other master."

"Yes, Young Mistress," Xiu answered her politely.

"Now... I want to talk about the kids and their possible jobs. Currently, we have 12 kids --- 7 girls and 5 boys," Yao Ling started to explain. "Xiu, you are actually a hidden guard, so you should probably know how Father trains and divides the jobs of his subordinate, right? I need your insight regarding this matter. Although I have confidence in myself, but your guidance is needed --- just in case, I miss something."

"Yes, Young Mistress. This servant does understand a little bit." Xiu said humbly.

"Very well." After saying that, Yao Ling gave them a brief explanation.

1. Xiao Xia is very clever and good with words. She is currently six and it will be good if she\'s trained and follows Xiao Yu. She can become one of her personal maidservants.

2. Xiao Li ( 9 years old ) has an ordinary face. Yao Ling thinks that he should be able to blend everywhere and suitable as a spy. He can learn many roles and won\'t stand out due to his appearance.

3. Xiao Yang (11 years old -- the oldest of the bunch). Ning jie described him as a responsible person and tactful. Yao Ling is thinking whether he should become a hidden guard who serves as a servant in her courtyard, but Yao Ying already has Xiu and Feng. Or should she put him in Fu Rong to pay attention to the movement inside there?

4. Xiao Er (10 years old) is a kind soul and responsible for the babies. She\'s diligent in doing odd jobs around Ning jie\'s house. Yao Ling wants her to join her first rank maidservant and Xiao Xia can take the identity as her little sister, so they can work together.

5. Xiao Qiao (boy / 7 years old). He\'s actually Xiao Li\'s younger brother and has the same ordinary face. Without a second thought, Yao Ling wants him to become a spy just like Xiao Li who works outside independently. At least, Xiao Xia will be able to control the stubborn Xiao Li and Xiao Li can control and teach his little brother.

Yao Ling read that the rest of the kids\' age ranges were from 6 years old to 9 years old. She couldn\'t put them outside of the household. She already had three personal maidservants if she had Xiao Xia and Xiao Er to join her as her maidservants. She\'s able to choose one more girl to serve her and her choice fell down to Xiao Ai (8 years old). Ning jie described her as a kid who paid attention to little details -- in other words, very thorough. She could help her manage her things.

Yao Ling told Xiu and Xiao Yu about the arrangement for the six kids and wanted to ask about their opinion. Not only that but also the fact that the rest of the kids were too small. She wanted to have someone at the hua lou, but she remembered that even the courtesans were the subjects of the poison too. She didn\'t want to put the kids in too much danger.

"What do you think?" Yao Ling asked Xiu and Xiao Yu seriously.

Xiu pondered over it and said, "I agreed with the arrangement. For Xiao Yang, it will be better if he works at Fu Rong. The person there needs to communicate with a lot of people and maybe one little kid for doing odd jobs. She could take advantage of people\'s unguardedness toward children."

Yao Ling looked over the list and decided to choose Xiao Liu (8 years old) for the job. The description said that the girl was cheerful and had a sweet mouth --- the best candidate for the jobs.

Xiu: "Young Misstress, I will take Xiao Mo (9 years old) as Young Master\'s personal page boy. I can also train him martial arts. It\'s not unusual for a young master to have a young pageboy to bring things for him."

Yao Ling nodded in agreement. "Good idea. How about the rest of the kids?"

Xiu: "Feng can take Xiao Guan (7 years old) and Xiao Qiu (7 years old) and train them as a hidden guard. One can be given to Young Mistress --- Xiao Qiu is a girl and more convenient to become Young Mistress\' hidden guard. The other can be given to Young Master."

Yao Ling: "It\'s a great idea. There are only two kids left --Xiao Xiu and Xiao Lan (both 6 years old). They are too small. I will let Ning jie teach them embroideries, so I can put them at different shops. I heard that Wang Fu has an enemy and I suspect they also work on the same field. So why not training the girls to be useful in this aspect?"

Xiao Yu: "That\'s a good idea, Young Mistress. If it\'s already fixed, I will go to Fu Rong and bring Ning jie back."

Yao Ling nodded and dismissed the two of them. She felt really tired, but she still had to find out something about the poison. Yao Ling decided to check on her beloved husband and he was still sleeping peacefully. She spent the day working diligently. When there was free time, she would research the poison.

When Ning jie came, she gave a brief explanation and Ning jie surprisingly didn\'t make it too difficult for Yao Ling. She agreed with the children\'s arrangement and saw how Yao Ling cleverly put the kids on the job which suitable for them. Ning jie promised Yao Ling that she would teach the children diligently.

Yao Ling didn\'t forget to mention about Xiao Yu\'s family matter and Ning jie readily agreed because they could help her ease her burden. Xiao Yu\'s mother could help taking care of the babies and household jobs. Ning jie could see how Yao Ling didn\'t try to exploit the children based on her own advantage. Each of the children and Ning jie would get the benefit of her arrangement too.

Yao Ling asked Ning jie curiously, "You were kicked out of Qin Fu. How come you still own a residence?"

Ning Jie looked at her and smiled, "Although you heard about the monsters in Qin Fu, there was also a kind soul there -- my grandmother. She managed to keep this house for me and give me the deeds before she passed away. Although it\'s in a bad condition, at least, no one will try to take it from me. It seems like my grandmother also had calculated about this part. Qin Fu indeed let me be and never interfere with my problems."

"Haish! I still can\'t believe someone can be so vicious to his own blood and flesh," Yao Ling said in disbelief.

Ning jie just shrugged it off. "It doesn\'t bother me anymore. At least, now I have you and the kids." Ning jie was indeed very grateful for having Yao Ling as her friend. Without her, the children would waste their life along with her.