His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 105 - Woman Trap

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Chapter 105 - Woman Trap

While waiting for Wang Luo Hai to come with Xiu, Yao Ling checked on her sleeping husband. Everything was still okay, but she just needed to make sure that there was no complication. She would feel uneasy if she didn\'t check on him.

Yao Ling needed to ask Wang Luo Hai what they should do. She didn\'t dare to carelessly call a physician unless she wanted the matter of drinking poison would be known to others.

She heard loud heavy footsteps outside of the room and they were getting closer. Wang Luo Hai burst in hurriedly, feeling anxious. He asked, "Is Yao Ying okay?"

Yao Ling gestured to Xiu to go outside and guard the door. She needed to talk alone with Wang Luo Hai. "He\'s getting better, Father. He told me about the poison. Is it because of it?"

Wang Luo Hai shook his head, "It\'s highly unlikely. I saw a lot of people drank the poison, but they never fainted or got sick the next day. Mei Li gu niang said it\'s because of his headache."

"Father, can I feel your pulse? I want to know the difference between yours and Yao Ying\'s." Yao Ling asked politely. After all, they weren\'t of the same blood, so she needed to be cautious when she behaved around Wang Luo Hai.

Wang Luo Hai looked at her in surprise. "Do you also study medicine?"

Yao Ling smiled and nodded, "My mother taught me."

Wang Luo Hai nodded, but he didn\'t ask any more question. He only had a fleeting thought about how Yao Ling was having a lot of amazing talents. Wang Luo Hai gave her his wrist and she felt the pulse. Yao Ling could feel slight disarray on his pulse and she could detect that it\'s probably because of the poison. It wasn\'t supposed to harm him, so unless he didn\'t drink the antidote, then there should be no problem. Mei Li gu niang didn\'t lie about this.

However, when she checked Yao Ying\'s pulse... she didn\'t find the same disarray pulse that Wang Luo Hai had. Did he really immune that poison? But how? So many thoughts were swirling in her mind all at once.

"How is it?" Wang Luo Hai asked.

Yao Ling didn\'t tell him about the way Yao Ying immune to the poison. "My deduction is the same as Mei Li gu niang. Probably because Yao Ying didn\'t get enough rest yesterday."

"Haiya~ it\'s my fault. I shouldn\'t have let him go with that rascal, Lin Jian. I thought they would only drink or eat together. Who knows that he would bring him to the hua lou?" Wang Luo Hai shook his head, thinking about yesterday matter.

"Is it true?" Yao Ling asked softly.

"About what?"

"The hua lou is ours and the Lin\'s?"

Wang Luo Hai smiled. "So, Lin Jian already told Yao Ying?"

"Yes, he is."

"Indeed... We will discuss this matter once Yao Ying is feeling better. I don\'t want to talk about the same things twice. It\'s a hassle."

"Okay, Father." Yao Ling nodded in agreement.

"Yao Ling, I will let someone go to Lin Fu to tell them that Yao Ying needs to rest for a few days and will not go to their morning workout," Wang Luo Hai said.

"Thank you, Father. Ah... I almost forget. Please also let the messenger tell Lin Jian that Yao Ying won\'t be able to meet him," Yao Ling said.

"Meet him? For what?" Wang Luo Hai asked. "Didn\'t they already have too much fun yesterday?"

Yao Ling laughed. "Yesterday, Lin Jian introduced him to Lin Jian\'s master and Yao Ying has become his disciple too. They planned to meet after Yao Ying finishes the morning drill, but it seems... it\'s not going to happen today," Yao Ling explained.

Wang Luo Hai nodded. "Okay. I will let him know. You don\'t have to pay morning greet to your grandmother and mother. I\'ll let them know about this."

Yao Ling curiously asked, "Do they know about the organization?"

"Your grandmother knows, but your mother doesn\'t. I don\'t want to make your mother worried, especially because we need to drink poison. I\'m pretty sure she would make a fuss about it. It\'s better if she doesn\'t know about this matter."

"But... what kind of excuse that Father will give them?" Yao Ling asked.

Wang Luo Hai laughed. "It\'s easy. You just got the flu, right? I\'ll just say that Yao Ying was contracted the flu because of you. Let\'s just say that you kissed him!"

Yao Ling gaped at the shameless old man in front of him. "Father! That will be too embarrassing!"

Wang Luo Hai looked at her and smiled, "Why embarrassing? You are both husband and wife. It\'s legal for you to kiss and make love!"

Yao Ling felt like dying. She didn\'t want to hear someone that she called Father to talk about making love! However, she couldn\'t refute his words, because it was really a good reason. She could only sigh in defeat and finally said, "Then, I will trouble you, Father."

Wang Luo Hai patted Yao Ling\'s shoulder and said, "It\'s okay. Just rest. I will handle Fu Rong\'s matter. If it\'s not urgent, I won\'t let anyone from Fu Rong bother you."

"Thank you, Father."

Wang Luo Hai nodded and after that, he left the room. Yao Ling felt slightly better after knowing that she didn\'t need to go to Zhang Mo Mo\'s lesson. She felt tired because she couldn\'t sleep well the previous night. However, she knew that she needed to plan the lesson for the kids, so they wouldn\'t waste too many times.

Xiao Yu already prepared her breakfast. She ate her fill and then asked Xiao Yu to make congee for Yao Ying. He needed to eat lighter food in order to make him feel better.

"Husband... please wake up. I need you to eat breakfast." Yao Ling tried to wake him up.

Yao Ying opened his eyes and smiled at Yao Ling. "I don\'t feel good. Can I skip breakfast and continue to sleep?" He asked with a hoarse voice.

"That\'s no good. You need to replenish your energy with food and it will make you feel so much better. Trust me!" Yao Ling sternly said. She felt like rolling her eyes. Why did he behave like a whiny little child?

"I know, but I have no appetite."

Yao Ling frowned. She touched his forehead once again and there was no fever. Yao Ling could only resign to use the cute and spoiled tactic, "Can you do it for me, please? Don\'t you say you love me the most?"

Yao Ying: "..."

\'A woman trap! This is really woman trap! If he doesn\'t eat the congee, won\'t it mean that he doesn\'t love her?\' Yao Ying thought to himself. He could only resign to his fate.

"Well... okay!" Yao Ying agreed and when Yao Ying tried to get up, Yao Ling quickly helped him. She blew the congee until it was on the perfect temperature and feed him lovingly. Yao Ying was entranced by his wife and kept looking at her, he didn\'t realize that he finished a bowl of congee in no time.

"Good boy!" Yao Ling said while patting his cheek sweetly.

Yao Ying pouted because she really treated him like a little kid!

Yao Ying: "I\'m not a kid!"

Yao Ling grinned. "As long as you follow my instruction in taking care of your body, then I will treat you as a grown man, okay?"

"Didn\'t I already eat the congee just like what you want?" Yao Ying said indignantly.

Yao Ling roared in laughter because of his childishness. "Yes... yes... now... grown man... please rest and sleep. I will be by your side, okay? If I\'m not here, I probably stay in the outer room. I need to discuss a few things with Xiu and Xiao Yu."

Yao Ying was still sleepy, so he nodded and laid back. "Okay, I\'ll sleep now." He indeed felt tired.

Yao Ling tucked him in the bed and kissed his lips once again. When she felt that Yao Ying was asleep, she went to the outer room and brought out the list of the kids from Ning jie.