His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 103 - Run a Fever

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Chapter 103 - Run a Fever

"Ying... Hmmm..." Yao Ling called his name breathlessly. "Stop..."

The man\'s desire and appetite was pretty big, therefore he didn\'t hear what Yao Ling said. Yao Ying was in the state of mind in which he wanted to satiate his own desire. He needed to taste the sweetness of his wife. The feeling of his wife underneath him was far too different from the other women. Yao Ling never wore heavy perfume, instead, she only relied on her original body\'s fragrance.

She emanated a sweet jasmine fragrance which always seemed to be able to calm his mind. When they were close to each other, the smell became more prominent and somehow affected his senses. She somehow always made him feel intoxicated and excited.

Yao Ling was worried about his husband\'s condition. Would he be okay to push himself like this? "Ying..." Although she was trying to be stern, because of the way he nibbled and kissed her neck, it sounded more like a seductive m.o.a.n.

"So... do you like this?" Yao Ying asked in amus.e.m.e.nt. He nibbled and licked her soft spot without a second thought.

Yao Ling could only mutter, "Hmmm..."

This wife of his was really sensitive and responsive to everything he did to her. He looked at the way she gripped the bed sheet tightly with one of her hands, while she tried to muffle the sound of her m.o.a.n by the back of her other hand. She was trying very hard to deny her arousal, every time he touched the soft spot on the nape of her neck. She was the epitome of beauty.

Yao Ling looked at him with her slightly teary eyes and it added an innocent and pure charm to her seductive appearance. Her cloth was already in disarray, revealing her tender neck, shoulder, and a part of her dudou. He really wanted to open it and see what\'s underneath it.

"So, you like it, huh?" Yao Ying couldn\'t stop his predatory look in his face and his eyes were slightly darkened, swirling with deep emotion.

Yao Ling turned her hazy gaze at him and it told him how much she loved it. He couldn\'t make up his mind whether he should take the risk by opening her dudou or not. Before he managed to think more, Yao Ling grasped the edge of his robe and pulled him down.

She put both of her arms behind his neck and linked them, pulling him down for another kiss. They both had a mutual feeling of couldn\'t get enough of each other. However, his lips movement suddenly stopped and Yao Ying was breathing heavily.

Yao Ling was confused. Why did Yao Ying suddenly ceased all movement? Where had his passion gone? Yao Ling\'s mind was clearing up when she realized that Yao Ying\'s breathing was quite abnormal. She hastily calmed herself down from her passion.

When she touched his face, she felt something was amiss. Why did his temperature suddenly rise? It was scorching hot and made her quickly turned him around, then she let him lay back on the bed. Yao Lin felt his pulse and it was quite messy. He was fine just now, why it suddenly change? Her face was etched with worry.

Yao Ling wanted to call Xiao Yu and Xiu in, but she remembered how she and Yao Ying looked. She arranged their clothes neatly and then called both of the servants softly. She didn\'t want to shout or yell in a panic because it would alarm the other servants.

"Xiu... Xiao Yu... quickly come in!"

Xiao Yu was already back and sat in front of their masters\' door. Both of them didn\'t dare to look at each other. They stood up when they heard Young Mistress calling them. Xiao Yu turned to Xiu, "Do they already finish doing it?"

Xiu: "How am I supposed to know?"

Xiao Yu: "Is it supposed to be this fast?"

Xiu: "What do you mean?"

Xiao Yu: "Does Young Master actually not as strong as he looks?"

Xiu looked at him in disbelief. "Are you crazy? We are not going to talk about the Young Master\'s strength and their s.e.x.u.a.l life here!"

Xiao Yu pouted and muttered softly. "But... it\'s really super fast. I pity Young Mistress."

Xiu: "How do you know that much about s*x?"

Xiao Yu looked at him like he was crazy. "Do you know how woman love gossiping? The other maids also talk about their s*x life!"

Xiu knocked her forehead softly. "Stop it! Don\'t talk about s*x life anymore! Probably something happened... Come on! Let\'s go inside! Don\'t make our masters wait for too long!"

Xiao Yu gasped and realized that she had almost forgotten that Young Mistress called her just now. She grabbed Xiu\'s hand and dragged him in. When she realized what she had done, she quickly released her hands shyly. "Sorry."

"It\'s okay... I can lend you my hand everytime you want."

What Xiu said made Xiao Yu red in embarrassment. "Stop it!"

Yao Ling could hear their banter, even though she couldn\'t make out what exactly they were talking about. She called them louder, "Xiu... Xiao Yu!"

When they both heard the slight urgency in their young mistress\' voice, they understood that something really had happened. They quickly came in and greeted their masters.

They saw Young Master was laying on the bed with slightly reddened cheek and heavy breathing. Xiu and Xiao Yu quickly found out that something was definitely amiss.

They asked in unison, "Young Mistress, what happened to Young Master?"

Yao Ling decided to let them know about what Yao Ying had gone through, but only the part where he was poisoned and tried to recall his past. She didn\'t mention about the organization because it was pretty much a secret --- even Wang Luo Hai didn\'t let his closest attendants know. She didn\'t dare to tell Xiu and Xiao Yu regardless of her trust to them.

"Poisoned?!" They couldn\'t believe what they had heard. They were sweating profusely. Xiu was too busy handling Xiao Yu\'s matter and didn\'t follow his young master, then it led to his poisoning. Both of them quickly kneeled down, asking for forgiveness.

Yao Ling was bewildered. "What are you doing? You are not making any mistakes. It\'s just a stroke of bad luck. Come on! Quickly stand up! I need both of your help! I can\'t let anyone know about Young Master\'s condition."

They nodded and prepared themselves to help their young mistress.

"Xiao Yu, help me bring my silver needle case here."

"Xiu, fetch clean water for me. I need to lower his body temperature. Don\'t alarm the other servants!"

Both of them quickly did as they were told. Xiu didn\'t dare to quicken his step just in case someone was watching. He worked efficiently just like his usual pace.

After Yao Ling received the case, she quickly performed acupuncture to Yao Ying. She needed to stabilize his condition first. If it wasn\'t because of the poison, then why is his condition suddenly getting worse? Was it really because he tried to remember his past? However, it seemed like there was nothing wrong with his head. Yao Ling was perplexed.

However, she understood that she had limited skills in medicine. She didn\'t want to alarm Wang Luo Hai, because she was afraid that someone would realize that the poison didn\'t work on Yao Ying. Mei Li gu niang probably didn\'t realize about this matter, because she was only concerning herself in healing Yao Ying\'s headache. Besides, judging from Yao Ying\'s story, the woman was really proud of her poison and she wouldn\'t have thought that it didn\'t work on Yao Ying.

Xiao Yu was helping Yao Ling by wiping her sweat. Young Mistress had been completely immersing herself in treating the young master with a serious expression. She didn\'t even stop to rest and it had been more than one shichen.

Xiu was helping by compressing the young master\'s forehead and he changed it from time to time. It seemed like all of them would have a restless night.

When Yao Ling was finally finished, it took her almost two shichen and she was deadly tired. Xiao Yu saw Yao Ling\'s complexion and it didn\'t look good. She quickly asked, "Young Mistress, are you okay? How is Young Master?"

"He\'s already fine." Yao Ling was in relief and she looked that Yao Ying was finally sleeping peacefully, "You can all go back. I will take care of Young Master."

"But... Young Mistress, you are already tired! Let Xiu serve Young Master. Young Mistress also need to rest!"

Yao Ling just laughed. "I\'m fine. Young Master is sick and I\'m his wife. Naturally, I should be the one who takes care of him. Go! Tomorrow, there are a lot of things to do."

Xiao Yu was actually planning to tell Young Mistress about Liu Li, but looking at Young Mistress\' tired face, she decided to postpone it and tell her about it tomorrow. After all, it wouldn\'t be too late.