His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 101 - The Talk (2)

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Chapter 101 - The Talk (2)

Yao Ying was in awe when he heard Yao Ling\'s story. He didn\'t think that what he did would make a great impact like this! It was just a matter of visiting a hua lou! He silently blamed Lin Jian in his heart. If it weren\'t because of him, then these things wouldn\'t have happened.

Yao Ling wanted to laugh at his flabbergasted face, but she didn\'t want to let him off easily. "I already told you my story. Isn\'t it supposed to be your time to explain to me what did you do? Didn\'t you go out to meet with an important customer? How come you met Lin Jian and went to a hua lou?" Yao Ling bombarded Yao Ying with so many questions at once, making Yao Ying laughed bitterly.

Yao Ying was contemplating whether he should pull out the pity card first or the hua lou matter first. If he pulled out the pity card first, by the time he told her about the hua lou matter... Yao Ling probably would get angry once again and he couldn\'t use the pity card once more. Should he feel that he was lucky because he drank poison today? He laughed bitterly inwardly... he was really henpecked by his wife. He even thought drank poison as a blessing in disguise.

It seemed like the pity card should be brought out the last and he could also placate her in some other ways. Yao Ying smirked inwardly. Yao Ling would never know that their intimate contact had turned her beloved husband into a wolf.

Yao Ying told her clearly about the hua lou matter. Yao Ling looked up at him in surprise, "The hua lou belongs to us and the Lins\'s?"

"Yes," Yao Ying answered. "Lin Jian brought me there just to let me know that fact and introduced me to his master and now... he becomes my master too."

"What?" Yao Ling looked at him in confusion. "Does the master a lecherous person?" If not... why would they have to meet at a hua lou?

Yao Ling laughed, "No! He just loves drinking wine." After saying that, Yao Ying went into a deep explanation about what had happened. Yao Ling nodded in understanding, but in the end, still asked, "Did you really do nothing at the hua lou?" Yao Ling\'s heart was full of jealousy. No wife would want her husband to visit a place like that!

Yao Ying helplessly shook his head, "I swear I didn\'t do anything there! I already have such a beautiful wife, why would I find wild grasses outside?" He flattered her. "I only need you."

Which woman didn\'t like being flattered? Yao Ling wasn\'t an exception. Although she was still angry, her lips curled up for a little bit, telling Yao Ying that her mood was slightly better. It made Yao Ying sighed in relief and felt like he just avoided a disaster.

"Ling-er, I need your help. Can you find out about this poison?" Yao Ying pulled out the handkerchief from his sleeves, opened it and let Yao Ling see the poison\'s residue.

Yao Ling looked at him, feeling alarmed. "Poison? What poison? Did something else happen?" She looked at him from head to toe and asked, "Are you injured?"

Yao Ying was happy that she cared. He appeased her softly, "I\'m fine. But I indeed took this poison and drank it." He sighed softly and went to another round of story-telling.

Yao Ling gaped at what she had heard. There were too many questions inside her mind. An organization? Poison? Mei Li gu niang? She wondered if she had gone to another crazy world. She cried, "This is really too much! Do we involve ourselves in some kind of conspiracies?!"

"I have no idea too. I can only follow Father\'s lead, after all, by joining this family... it means that we tie ourselves together with them. Whatever Father chooses to do, it\'s only right if I follow after him."

"That\'s true. Let me check your pulse! I need to make sure that you are really okay." Yao Ling quickly checked his pulse and found out there was nothing wrong with him. However, she didn\'t really know this poison\'s effect and she needed to do some researches. Fortunately, Mother Jiu Lan taught her a little bit of poison as well.

"Did the poison really have no effect on you?"

Yao Ying nodded. "Indeed... I felt nothing at all! That\'s weird! Mei Li gu niang said that only two people that already drank the antidotes from her would be fine."

"It seems by joining this organization, you will be one step closer to find out about your identity," Yao Ling deducted.

Yao Ying tapped Yao Ling\'s nose lightly, "Indeed."

"The poison will only flare up once a month, right? I will try to feel father\'s pulse and see the difference between him and yours." Yao Ling stood up and kept the poison inside one of her drawers. She put it inside her medicine box.

"Okay." Yao Ying answered.

Yao Ying was going to reach out for Yao Ling and hug her when he felt a massive headache once again. He clutched his head tightly... this headache was two times more severe than before. Yao Ying groaned in pain, making Yao Ling felt worried. Yao Ying thought to himself, \'I haven\'t used the pity card, but a headache really comes!\' Yao Ying actually wanted to pretend to get a headache, but his plan was ruined by the real one. Was this called \'karma\'?

"Ying... are you okay?" She frantically went to Yao Ying and massaged his temple with the special technique that Mother Jiu Lan taught her. Her hands moved precisely to the spot where Yao Ying felt the pain and it eased his pain tremendously.

"Thank you, Ling-er. I feel so much better," Yao Ying smiled in relief, however his face was paler than usual.

"Didn\'t you say that the poison has no effect on you?"

"Yes. But after drank the poison, I kept trying to think and remember about the past. It made the headache worse. Somehow I fainted because of the headache..."

"Fainted?!" Yao Ling frowned and berated him, "You need to rest, but you still ran around the whole day." She frowned to herself. Haish! It seemed like she couldn\'t get angry at him. He actually didn\'t do anything wrong and honestly told her everything that happened that day.


"Come on, let\'s go to bed and rest." Yao Ling held Yao Ying\'s arm lovingly and pulled him up, then led him to the bed. "Wait for me here. I\'ll call Xiao Yu to let her prepare peppermint tea to soothe your headache. I also have Mother Jiu Lan\'s recipe of medicinal peppermint oil and I will apply it for you."

Yao Ying murmured his agreement. Although the pain had eased a lot, it still made his sight slightly blurry. When Xiao Yu came with the tea, Yao Ling helped Yao Ying sit up and drink the tea. It indeed made him feel slightly better.

Yao Ling took a little bit of the medicinal peppermint oil and applied it on Yao Ying\'s forehead. Yao Ying found the smell quite pleasing and made him smile. Yao Ling gently massaged his forehead once again, trying to make her husband feel better.

Yao Ying opened his eyes and saw a mark on Yao Ling\'s left hand. It seemed like someone hurt her and the color had turned from white into purplish blue. Yao Ying quickly sat up and held her left hands, asked, "What happened to your hand?"

Yao Ling looked down, feeling embarrassed. "Nothing..."

"This is not nothing! Who dares to bully you?! Tell this husband and I will bully them back!" Yao Ying was in a rage when he knew someone hurt his wife.

Yao Ling: "But..."

Yao Ying: "There\'s no but! Tell me who did this!"

Yao Ling: "But..."

Yao Ying: "No but!"

Yao Ling: "..."

She was speechless and finally decided to yell because he didn\'t give her any chance to explain, "I\'m the one who did this! Are you going to bully me then?" Yao Ling smiled while fluttering her eyelashes and taunting him.

"What?! Why?!" Yao Ying asked in confusion. He didn\'t know that her wife had the tendency to hurt herself.