His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 100 - What Happened Before Was... (6)

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Chapter 100 - What Happened Before Was... (6)

If Yao Ling knew what inside Liu Li\'s mind was, she wouldn\'t know whether to laugh or cry. She indeed only acted and wanted to put on the act until the end as to not making the matriarch feel suspicious of her too. But well... if it put out a little bit of Liu Li\'s grudge, then it would work out just fine for her.



Liu Li lost the energies to talk, but she still continued slapping herself until her face was swollen. When Yao Ling saw the expression on the matriarch\'s face, she knew that the matriarch didn\'t intend to stop her anytime soon. Yao Ling could also see how the other servants flinched everytime the slap touched Liu Li\'s face. Liu Li really didn\'t dare to fake-slapped herself.

The matriarch wasn\'t stupid. She knew that Liu Li slapped herself because she wanted to avoid heavier punishment such as flogging. The matriarch wanted to see how long she would persist and try to look pitiful.

When Liu Li finally had no energy left, her hands fell beside her and she started to sob. The matriarch asked her, "Are you done?"

Liu Li answered meekly, "This servant doesn\'t have any energy left."

"Good! You\'ve finished your own punishment, but I haven\'t given you my decision. Now, it\'s time for your punishment from me," the matriarch said lazily.

Liu Li\'s eyes widened. She thought by doing this, she would gain the old matriarch\'s pity. But who was the matriarch? She had been living enough to know this petty trick. She had seen various tricks her whole life. How could a mere maidservant try to manipulate her? It might work to Yao Ling because of her naivety, but it wouldn\'t work on her.

The matriarch looked at Zhang Mo Mo and the latter nodded, telling the old matriarch that everything was ready.

"Listen! Liu Li will serve as an example to you all. I will let all of you know about her mistakes. One, she went to a hua lou. If outsiders know that a first rank maidservant of a concubine went to a hua lou, it would ruin this Wang Fu\'s reputation. Two, trying to sow discord by letting Young Mistress know about Young Master\'s whereabouts in the hua lou without confirming anything. Fortunately, the young mistress already knew about it beforehand and Young Master has his own reasons. It means Liu Li was trying to incite a fight between masters. Three, worrying about Young Master. Let me ask you all a question whether Liu Li\'s behavior is correct or not. Young Master is new in this household and maidservants already have the guts to covet what shouldn\'t be coveted. You... let me ask you a question!"

The matriarch pointed at one of the maidservants who worked at Yao Ling\'s outer courtyard. If Yao Ling wasn\'t mistaken, her name is Qiu Ling.

"Do you know Liu Li?"

"This servant knows." Qiu Ling answered the matriarch question quickly, afraid to offend the Old Madam.

"Who does she serve?"

"Concubine Wan."

"Then where are we now?"

"Young Mistress Yao Ling\'s courtyard."

Then, the matriarch turned to Yao Ling. "When you arrived here, has she been here all along?"

Yao Ling nodded. "Yes, Grandmother. It seems like she has been waiting for me here."

The matriarch asked Qiu Ling once again, "What do you think of this?"

Qiu Ling felt like crying. Everyone here wasn\'t supposed to be offended or else she would have a difficult life. Everyone knew that Liu Li was scary when she was angry at someone. Once she put an itchy powder at a maidservant\'s rouge when the latter offended her, and the result? The maidservant was disfigured because she kept scratching herself. However... she knew that she couldn\'t lie.

"Liu Li jie was waiting for Young Mistress to come. I actually asked her about it, because I was sweeping the yard when she arrived. She indeed confirmed that she was waiting for Young Mistress." Qiu Ling admitted.

"A maidservant came her without the knowledge of her own master and she deliberately waited for Young Mistress to tattle about Young Master\'s whereabouts. It implied that she indeed has bad intention toward the new masters. It\'s not a maidservant place to care about this matter and even ask Young Mistress not to blame Young Master. Her intention is very clear!"

The matriarch chose another maidservant from Yao Ling\'s courtyard. "You! Tell me her intention!"

The maidservant who was being called trembled in fear. It was Qiu Qiu. Qiu Qiu knew Liu Li\'s personalities better than anyone else and it seemed like her coming days would be eventful. She stuttered, "She wants to make Young Mistress angry at Young Master to affect their relationship."

"Why?" The matriarch once again asked.

"She... she probably wants Young Master for herself?" Qiu Qiu could only whisper the answer, but loud enough for everyone to hear. That was what the people had been guessed all along.

"Hmpf! All of you should think clearly before trying to make a stupid move just like this. Even this maidservant understands your thought, Liu Li." The matriarch glared at Liu Li. Her swollen face looked unpleasing to the eyes.

"Zhang Mo Mo... flog her thirty times!"

Everyone gasped in surprise. Thir...thirty times?! For a person to be hit that many times -- especially a woman, that would certainly cripple her for good or worse -- death. Concubine Wan also gaped in astonishment. Even though she was planning to punish her, but she was still her person so she wouldn\'t let her being flogged until she became a cripple; she would punish her with another method. However... the matriarch already opened her mouth and she didn\'t dare to say something for Liu Li, even her position as concubine was at stake due to Liu Li\'s deed!

Yao Ling jumped in surprise. She didn\'t want Liu Li to be dead -- yet. Yao Ling needed her to find out about her real master! "Grandmother... this..."

Before she could plead on Liu Li\'s behalf, the matriarch stopped her. "I know that you want me to be lenient, but in the future... you will thank me. If she is still alive after the beating, then she can stay in this household. But remember! Know your place, Liu Li! However... if she is dead, then you know what to do." The last sentence was directed at Zhang Mo Mo who quickly answered yes.

Two servants quickly dragged Liu Li and one maidservant gagged her mouth. Zhang Mo Mo led them to the punishment bench. Yao Ling was scared shitless. She wanted Liu Li to learn a lesson, but she didn\'t know it would escalate to this point.

The matriarch held her hand and said, "Come with me! Let\'s go inside your room. I don\'t want your eyes to be tainted."

To the matriarch, it was only a simple matter of punishing a servant. However... to Yao Ling, it\'s the first time she sees such brutality. She could only helplessly follow the matriarch. After they arrived inside the room, Yao Ling ordered Xiao Yu to prepare hot tea for the matriarch. Both of them sat down.

The matriarch sighed and asked, "Do you want to say something?"

Yao Ling hesitantly asked, "Is it really neccessary, Grandmother?"

"Child, you are still new in this household. There are so many tricks and treacheries in the inner courtyard, you can\'t be too lenient toward a maidservant like that. I only heard a little bit of your conversation and I already knew about her intention. I suppose... you also know about it, right?"

"Yes, Grandmother."

"I help you set an example for the others, but from now on, you also have to learn to harden your heart a little bit. This isn\'t a simple household. Love and harmony between a noble household like ours aren\'t going to happen. That\'s sad but it\'s actually the truth. Each of concubines has their own want and need. They bound to fight each other and it includes your mother, Madam Wang. Now, you have become a part of this fight. I can\'t always help you, Girl. Do you understand?"

Yao Ling nodded, thanking the matriarch for her kindly reminder. She showed her that she really cared about her and Yao Ying. They talked to each other for a little while. The matriarch went to her courtyard, in fact, only for a little chat. She missed Yao Ling because they could rarely talk. Yao Ling was too busy with her lesson and the matter of Fu Rong.

The matriarch quite satisfied with Yao Ling. She paid attention to her every move and gesture, whether she was sitting, walking, her hands and feet movement, and also every smile and frown. She improved a lot and already emitted a noble aura. Her motions and looks induced a pleasant feeling to the onlookers. She secretly praised Yao Ling in her mind.

When the matriarch left, Yao Ling told Xiao Yu to ask around about Liu Li\'s condition whether she survived the ordeal or not. She told Xiao Yu, "If she survives, give her medicine to show that we care." Xiao Yu nodded and quickly as she was told. Yao Ling ordered other maidservants to prepare their dinner.

She sighed tiredly. Really... she would have to ask Yao Ying what happened to him today. Why did he go to hua lou? Didn\'t she enough for him? She felt the insecurities gnawing inside her mind, making her feel sad. She didn\'t want to lose her husband!