His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter -1 - Characters Directory

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Chapter -1 - Characters Directory

Thank you for JustHappy2Read for giving me the advice to make this character directory. A lot of characters can make readers easily confused and I also read some of the readers\' comments about the Concubine. They forgot which Concubine that have which personalities. Ha-ha!

Hope that this character directory will make it easier for readers to remember each character well. At least, if you forget, just open this reference and you will remember the character that you forget.

I will update this along with the appearance of new characters.

Thank you!

Characters :

1. Yao Ling

The female lead of the story. Yao Ling has a peasant background. She used to live with her deceased mother, Ji An. She saved Yao Ying and later got married to him for protection. Currently, she becomes Wang Luo Hai\'s daughter-in-law and becomes part of the \'Wang Family\'. Her real family is currently unknown.

2. Yao Ying

The male lead of the story. Yao Ying was saved by Yao Ling and her deceased mother, Ji An. He lost his memories and got married to Yao Ling – his savior. He becomes Wang Luo Hai\'s stepson and General Lin\'s disciple. His past is currently unknown.

3. Ji An

Yao Ling\'s deceased mother. She wasn\'t Yao Ling\'s real mother. Currently, her background is unknown. She mastered a rare embroidery technique and passed it down to Yao Ling. She was also skilled in medicine which was rare for a woman.

4. Wang Luo Hai

A successful merchant with a noble background. He couldn\'t have children and took the main couple in as his stepchildren. He appreciated their talents on embroidery which was suitable with his line of business.

5. Madam Wang

Wang Luo Hai\'s main wife. She was a tranquil beauty and Wang Luo Hai\'s childhood sweetheart.

6. The Matriarch

Wang Luo Hai\'s mother. The noble background came from her as she was the previous Empress\' sister. She held the highest position in the inner household of \'Wang Fu\'.

7. Concubine Wan

Concubine Wan was the most beautiful of the four women in \'Wang Fu\', thus conceited. She loved to find trouble with the other women and it was quite a headache to deal with her. She came from a brothel.

8. Concubine Xi

Concubine Xi was so quiet, making you didn\'t realize her presence. She didn\'t like to mingle with other people, so no one knew anything about her. No one could read her at all. However, Wang Luo Hai was quite favoring her, so she must have been smart all along.

9. Concubine Lan

Concubine Lan wasn\'t pretty, but clever at sucking up to people. She appeared good in front of other women, but she actually two-faced. She can be said as a white lotus.

10. General Lin (Lin Zheng)

Wang Luo Hai\'s best friend. He was favoring Yao Ying and became his master. He loved his dear wife and had no more woman after her. He had an aloof personality and loved betting with Wang Luo Hai.

11. Lin Jian

General Lin\'s son and Yao Ying\'s best friend. He had a shameless personality and fun to be around with.

12. Xiao Yu

Yao Ling\'s personal maid.

13. Xiu

Yao Ying\'s personal servant.

14. Xiao Liu

Madam Wang\'s personal maid.

15. Liu Li

Concubine Wan\'s personal maid. She came from brothel along with Concubine Wan.

16. Xiao Yang

General Lin\'s servant that scattered the scrolls everywhere.

17. Li Huan

\'Fu Rong\' Shopkeeper.

18. Zhang Mo Mo

The matriarch\'s personal maid that in charge of Yao Ling\'s etiquette lessons.

19. Xiao Qi

General Lin\'s Hidden Guard\'s Leader.

20. Xiao Xia

A cute little girl. She\'s an orphan and raised by Ning jie.

21. Xiao Li

Another orphan who is slightly older than Xiao Xia. This boy falls in love with Xiao Xia.

22. Ning Qing Xue / Ning Jie

A good samaritan who raised several orphans.